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Ancestry list

Generation 1
Marie LESCHERE (8 September 1764 - 17 March 1765)

Generation 2
Pierre LESCHERE (Calculée : 1723 - 31 May 1798) father of Marie LESCHERE
Marguerite PHILIBERT (Calculée : 1731 - 30 November 1791) mother of Marie LESCHERE

Generation 3
Barthélémy LESCHERE father of Pierre LESCHERE
Barthélémie LESCHERE mother of Pierre LESCHERE
Jean PHILIBERT (autour de 1708) father of Marguerite PHILIBERT
Marie AUVIGNE (autour de 1708) mother of Marguerite PHILIBERT

Generation 4
Antoine LESCHERE father of Barthélémy LESCHERE
Louise BERTHAIRE mother of Barthélémy LESCHERE
Catherin LESCHERE father of Barthélémie LESCHERE
Vivante REVILLET mother of Barthélémie LESCHERE
René PHILIBERT (autour de 1644 - 16 August 1719) father of Jean PHILIBERT
Louise GUILLOUX mother of Jean PHILIBERT
Claude AUVIGNE (autour de 1676) father of Marie AUVIGNE
Lucrèce LABOURIER (autour de 1676) mother of Marie AUVIGNE

Generation 5
Claude LESCHERE father of Catherin LESCHERE
Marie CHARVET mother of Catherin LESCHERE
Jacques PHILIBERT 3240 father of René PHILIBERT
Constance BOURGEOIS 3241 mother of René PHILIBERT
Toussaint GUILLOUX 1274 father of Louise GUILLOUX
Jacqueline GUERIN 1275 mother of Louise GUILLOUX
Michel AUVIGNE father of Claude AUVIGNE
Françoise DENUELLE mother of Claude AUVIGNE
Claude LABOURIER father of Lucrèce LABOURIER
Françoise BOURGEOIS mother of Lucrèce LABOURIER

Total of 25 people / 5 Generation (max=31)


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