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Viriat (France)

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December 27 1919Marriage between Joseph DULAC and Jeanne JUGNET
December 3 1980Death of Marie CROZIER
November 17 1982Death of Antoine DAILLY
October 26 1984Death of Antoine DUFOUR
December 10 1987Death of Lucien JAMBON
August 5 1990Death of Marie Augustine BACOT
March 13 1991Death of Lucien Claudius GARDETTE
July 4 1992Death of Marie DUMAS
February 13 1993Death of Gabrielle Louise LACHARME
January 11 1996Death of Marie Louise BENAS
July 7 2000Death of Jean JANIN
December 17 2008Death of Joannès Denis MATRAY
August 2 2014Death of Marie Huguette DURAND
May 21 2016Death of Claire GREGAUD
September 5 2016Death of Marie Lucienne Yvonne BRAILLON
May 28 2019Death of Jean Luc CHUZEVILLE
January 29 2021Death of Jean MICHAUDON


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