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Prissé (France)

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calculated 1768Birth of Madeleine VERCHERE
about 1798Birth of Madeleine LOMBARD
1913Birth of Jean MATRAY
1914Birth of Emile BRAILLON
1908Birth of Louis LAPALUS
about 1852Birth of Madeleine MICHELON
1904Birth of Antonia DUCROT
about 1865Birth of Claude MARION
December 1805Marriage between Jean LACHAISE and Marie DESPLACES
September 14 1706Marriage between Nicolas BOUILLARD and Anne BOUCHACOURT
April 30 1759Birth of Antoinette DESNOYER
December 5 1768Birth of Jeanne LITAUD
November 27 1781Marriage between Pierre GACHOT and Antoinette DESNOYER
March 31 1786Death of Pierre LITAUD
September 25 1787Birth of Claude PHILIPPE
November 20 1792Marriage between Joseph SEVELINGE and Madeleine CHEVRIER
January 19 1793Birth of Claudine PICCAND
January 31 1797Marriage between Joseph SEVELINGE and Anne LENOIR
February 21 1798Birth of François MONTANGERAND
May 1 1800Birth of Jean LUQUET
November 10 1801Birth of Jean DENOJEAN
April 4 1802Death of Antoinette DESREAUX
March 16 1803Death of Antoine DENOJEAN
March 28 1807Death of Marie DESNOYER
September 11 1808Birth of Etiennette JOLY
June 13 1813Birth of Jeanne BERANGER
October 1 1821Birth of Thomas REVILLON
August 18 1823Birth of Jeanne REVILLON
May 4 1824Birth of Jean BOUILLARD
May 8 1832Birth of François GIRAUD
September 9 1832Birth of Benoit Claude BOUILLARD
April 5 1838Death of Benoite LARDET
December 21 1838Birth of Jean DARANCY
June 1 1841Birth of Claude BLANC
November 9 1842Birth of Jean GARNIER
July 20 1843Birth of Jean Marie LAFONTAINE
April 4 1845Birth of François BLANC
June 3 1849Birth of Jean Denis DESRAYAUD
December 11 1850Birth of Marie GUICHARD
December 28 1855Birth of François SIRE
November 3 1858Birth of Vincent DESHAIRES
September 3 1861Death of Philibert Marie ROLLET
July 1 1863Birth of François SEVE
February 27 1864Birth of Jeanne DARANCY
February 15 1864Death of Claude LARDET
February 5 1866Birth of Marie Françoise CORNIN
September 9 1869Marriage between Jean Denis DESRAYAUD and Joséphine CORNELOUP
September 12 1870Birth of Amable Henri Francis DUBIEF
August 17 1874Birth of Auguste DENOJEAN
October 13 1876Birth of Philibert VESSIGAUD
February 27 1885Birth of Johany GELIN
July 3 1889Death of Benoite CHARVET
February 22 1891Birth of Claudine DULAURENT
July 6 1892Birth of Philibert DAILLY
March 26 1898Death of Jean Marie BONNETAIN
July 5 1898Death of Louis Etienne LESCHELLIER
November 27 1898Death of Antoine BERTHAUD
February 10 1899Death of Pierre VESSIGAUD
July 6 1900Death of Claudine BACOT
April 23 1901Birth of Cladie BACOT
November 10 1906Marriage between Jacques DUPASQUIER and Fanny Jeanne FORT
October 27 1910Marriage between Philibert DESBATS and Marie THEVENET
November 12 1910Marriage between Claude DUMAS and Claudine DULAURENT
April 28 1919Marriage between Jean BOUCHACOURT and Jeanne DARANCY
May 24 1919Marriage between Jean Marie LONGIN and Marie Joséphine COMBIER
September 26 1919Marriage between Adrien Henri BELIN and Marie Antoinette CHARMONT
September 6 1919Marriage between Jean VILLEMIN and Stéphanie COMBIER
December 22 1919Marriage between Joanny SEIGNEURET and Jeanne DUFOUR
August 12 1921Marriage between Antoine DENOJEAN and Marie PATISSIER
October 10 1921Birth of Roger DENOJEAN
January 10 1927Birth of Jane BONIN
August 3 1929Marriage between Louis VAI and Marcelle DELAYE
March 11 1930Marriage between Joseph JAMBON and Jeanne Marie ACHAINTRE
June 17 1933Death of François SIRE
October 20 1934Marriage between Jean Pierre JUILLARD and Francine DROUET
November 24 1934Marriage between Antoine GUERIN and Jeanne Marie Hermance LAPIERRE
December 7 1935Marriage between Charles MONERY and Julienne JAMBON
March 14 1942Death of Pierre Marie PATISSIER
June 1 1949Death of Eugène MAHUET
April 18 1960Death of Célina MATRAY
February 19 1963Death of Antoine DENOJEAN
March 29 1963Death of Marie BOTTON
December 5 1977Death of Claude DUMAS
February 22 1997Death of Paul AUDET
November 16 1997Death of Andrée Lucienne PERRIN


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