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Cercié (France)

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1929Birth of Maurice SIRIEIX
1796Birth of Jeanne LACOMBE
1881Birth of Antoine FERRAUD
1910Birth of Marius PLASSARD
1926Birth of Marie MATRAY
1924Birth of Jean Pierre MATRAY
1934Birth of Claudius MATRAY
1930Birth of Louis Paul Marcel GUIGNIER
1931Birth of Camille François GUIGNIER
1934Birth of Georges GUIGNIER
1911Birth of Marie GAZE
1920Birth of Jean GAZE
1922Birth of Claude GAZE
about 1911Birth of Eugène CHOMETTON
about 1912Birth of Augustine CHOMETTON
1926Birth of Renée VEDREINE
1928Birth of Paul VEDREINE
?Event for Danièle DESPERRIER
?Event for Jean Jacques DESPERRIER
?Event for David DESPERRIER
?Event for Magali DESPERRIER
1944Marriage between Paul SIRIEIX and Marcelle PHILIBERT
April 28 1797Birth of Benoite LACOMBE
November 15 1800Birth of Marguerite Reine VOLAND
February 26 1802Birth of Jean Marie LAFOND
July 22 1804Birth of Philibert LACOMBE
January 29 1805Death of Magdeleine CHAMPAGNON
February 26 1805Marriage between Claude LACOMBE and Jeanne LAFOND
January 26 1806Birth of Jacques SANGOUARD
October 10 1819Birth of Marie LAPLANCHE
August 1 1821Death of Claude LACOMBE
October 21 1823Birth of Anne BOTTON
September 4 1825Death of Philiberte MATHON
January 22 1826Birth of François GOBET
January 20 1828Death of Pierrette JAMBON
November 25 1828Marriage between Jean Marie JAMBON and Jeanne SANVERS
April 16 1833Marriage between Antoine GUILLOT and Angélique LARDET
November 23 1841Birth of Claude GAILLARDON
January 10 1842Death of Catherine CHAMPAGNON
May 9 1843Death of Jacques DUCOTE
February 25 1845Death of Léonard BOTTON
November 11 1847Birth of Benoite DURAND
July 26 1850Birth of Antoine BRAILLON
August 12 1850Birth of Pierrette FEYGNIER
February 15 1859Death of Christophe DURIS
March 28 1860Marriage between Claude COLLEVRAY and Anne BOTTON
May 25 1861Death of Françoise ROLLET
September 23 1864Birth of Pierrette LAGRANGE
March 19 1865Birth of Marie CHEVALIER
August 27 1865Birth of Césarine CINQUIN
January 5 1867Birth of Joseph CHAROBERT
September 28 1868Marriage between Louis Antoine TEILLERE and Pierrette FEYGNIER
February 5 1870Marriage between François CHAGNY and Marie Françoise LAPALUS
May 18 1876Birth of François SANTAILLER
November 12 1876Birth of Antoinette BARRAUD
November 22 1876Marriage between Jean Marie BERTHELON and Marie Joséphine TOCANIER
February 7 1883Birth of Claude Camille CHANRION
September 14 1883Death of Jean Marie CHUZEVILLE
November 30 1889Marriage between Claude François DESPERRIER and Césarine CINQUIN
August 24 1890Birth of Marie Marguerite FERRAUD
June 27 1891Birth of Jean Louis POMMIER
November 3 1892Marriage between Pierre REBEY and Antoinette LACHARNAY
February 27 1896Birth of Marie CHIGNARD
February 6 1896Birth of Marie Louise Antoinette POMMIER
March 4 1896Birth of Claude Eugéne CHAGNY
December 24 1896Marriage between Jean Baptiste DUTHEL and Antoinette BARRAUD
October 31 1897Birth of Claude Marie DUTHEL
February 18 1898Marriage between Claude Marie AUGAGNEUR and Antoinette CHAGNY
December 17 1899Birth of Jean Baptiste Barthélémy DUTHEL
March 20 1901Birth of Jean Marie DUTHEL
June 18 1901Birth of Marie BRAILLON
June 19 1901Birth of Claudine BRAILLON
November 9 1902Birth of Claude VEDREINE
December 19 1902Marriage between Aimé TRICHARD and Marie CHATELET
October 26 1903Birth of Louis Etienne LABARGE
July 11 1904Birth of Jeanne BRAILLON
August 28 1904Birth of Françoise BATY
January 28 1905Birth of Jean JAMBON
January 24 1906Birth of Marius VÉRÉ
June 22 1906Birth of Louis SIRIEIX
July 28 1907Death of Françoise CINQUIN
March 14 1908Birth of Jean SIRIEIX
October 7 1908Birth of Péroline FERRAUD
April 22 1909Birth of Jean Georges BALVAY
December 29 1909Marriage between Pierre PASSOT and Marie Marguerite FERRAUD
January 24 1910Birth of Léon SIRIEIX
April 25 1911Marriage between Albert LANEYRIE and Marie LAISSU
September 11 1912Birth of Claude CHARCOSSET
October 18 1913Birth of Marie Louise SIRIEIX
October 21 1913Birth of Marie Louise Aimée LAISSUS
October 28 1913Event for Marie Louise SIRIEIX
October 29 1915Birth of Marcelle SIRIEIX
September 6 1917Marriage between Jean Louis POMMIER and Jeanne MELINON
December 14 1919Birth of Paul SIRIEIX
October 16 1921Birth of Yvonne LAFOND
October 16 1921Birth of Blanche LAFOND
May 20 1922Marriage between Léon Benoit FONTENILLE and Jeanne Marie LABARGE
April 18 1925Marriage between Claude VEDREINE and Françoise BATY
January 28 1928Marriage between Etienne GONON and Marguerite DESCOMBES
November 8 1930Marriage between Claude GOBET and Marie PLASSARD
December 22 1932Marriage between Jean Claude CINQUIN and Jeanne FERRAUD
January 14 1933Marriage between Claude SANGOUARD and Pierrette RUET
October 14 1933Marriage between Gabriel MICHON and Antoinette GOYAT
February 22 1941Marriage between Jean Marie CLEMENT and Marie Louise Aimée LAISSUS
February 22 1941Marriage between Jean Marie CLEMENT and Marie Louise Aimée LAISSUS
February 12 1941Marriage between Jean Benoit DESPERRIER and Marie Louise SIRIEIX
May 8 1944Birth of Jean Jacques DESPERRIER
January 8 1946Death of Jean Louis JUILLARD
June 16 1949Death of Anaïs SOMBARDIER
June 1 1949Death of Jeanne Marie PASSOT
March 20 1950Death of Marie Eugénie JAMBON
November 25 1951Death of Jean Marie PASSOT
January 4 1952Death of Jean Louis POMMIER
September 3 1953Death of Jean Claude BELICARD
October 24 1955Death of Félix JACQUET
February 11 1960Death of Joséphine TEILLERE
March 21 1963Death of Bénédicte LACHARME
November 20 1963Death of Marie Félicie TRICHARD
July 11 1966Death of Claude VEDREINE
August 9 1966Death of Marie Claudia FAYARD
September 27 1966Death of Jean Marie CLEMENT
June 29 1968Marriage between Robert SANGOUARD 1 and Danièle DESPERRIER
January 21 1969Death of Julie TRIBOULET
November 22 1970Event for Emmanuelle Paule SANGOUARD
June 7 1982Death of Marius BACOT
October 13 1983Death of Louis SIRIEIX
April 10 2000Death of Jean Benoit DESPERRIER
December 29 2004Burial of Marie Louise SIRIEIX


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