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Chambost-Allières (France)

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July 5 1729Marriage between Joseph PERRAS and Antoinette GUERRY
January 28 1817Marriage between Guillaume FERRA and Marie VIEILLY
January 26 1819Marriage between Jean BONNETAIN and Marguerite BEDIN
September 7 1833Marriage between Pierre BERROUD and Françoise BONNETAIN
July 16 1835Marriage between Guillaume FERRA and Antoinette SANGOUARD
June 8 1847Marriage between Jean Claude SANGOUARD and Pierrette POLOCE
October 9 1854Marriage between François Victor BONNETIN and Fleury APCHER
June 10 1860Marriage between Claude SANGOUARD and Jeanne Marie DUMAS
November 6 1865Marriage between Jean Claude SANGOUARD and Marie Amélie Perrine POLOCE
November 11 1867Marriage between Pierre Marie TARLET and Marie Philomène DESIGAUD
February 23 1879Marriage between Pierre Eugène CHANRION and Marie Louise Françoise SANGOUARD
January 30 1886Marriage between Gilbert Michel GIRARD and Adèle Joséphine SANGOUARD
January 13 1889Marriage between Claude Marie LESPINASSE and Marie Louise CHARDON
June 20 1896Marriage between François Antoine CHAMBON and Marie Hélène SANGOUARD
April 3 1898Marriage between Thomas Joseph GALLICE and Jeanne BONNETAIN
December 28 1901Marriage between Claude Marie LESPINASSE and Léontine JAMBON
April 8 1918Marriage between Claude Marie CORNELOUP and Lucie DUMORT
September 3 1919Marriage between Jean Pierre DUCHARNE and Claudia CHAMPAGNON
April 29 1920Marriage between Jean Marie GAUTHIER and Marcelle Henriette DUBOST
April 30 1923Marriage between Nicolas CHAPUIS and Marie Antoinette DUMONT
December 9 1933Marriage between Claude Marie CONDEMINE and Louise BILLANDON


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