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Charentay (France)

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about 1782Birth of Claude BURDIN
calculated 1807Birth of Philibert DEBRUN
1914Birth of Claude PILLARD
about 1877Birth of Marie BERTHILIER
1908Birth of Marie TRIBOULET
about 1843Birth of Benoit DUSSARDIER
1931Death of Joannès CINQUIN
June 26 1783Birth of Philippine LONGERON
September 14 1784Marriage between Jean CHEVALIER and Anne SANTALLIER
September 23 1799Birth of Anne SANGOUARD
October 29 1799Death of Benoit MELINAND
January 21 1800Birth of Jeanne Marie LACOMBE
November 13 1805Birth of Jeanne SANGOUARD
December 24 1805Death of Pierrette BORDEY
January 15 1807Death of Adrianne GAUTHIER
June 8 1811Birth of Claude SANGOUARD
February 22 1813Birth of Jean LARDET
January 3 1814Birth of Philibert SANGOUARD
March 16 1816Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
March 31 1824Birth of Benoite BARRAUD
August 23 1827Birth of Philibert GONIN
October 27 1831Birth of Claude Louis Léon DEBRUN
January 15 1833Birth of Jean Louis SAPIN
July 17 1834Marriage between François BERNILLON and Jeanne SANGOUARD
September 10 1834Marriage between Pierre CHAMARANDE and Jeanne SANGOUARD
November 24 1840Birth of Catherine GUILLERMET
November 18 1843Birth of Marie Françoise SAPIN
November 21 1845Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
September 16 1847Birth of Antoine SANGOUARD
June 23 1849Birth of Louise SANGOUARD
July 10 1849Birth of Marie Françoise SANGOUARD
July 10 1849Death of Louise SANGOUARD
October 28 1849Birth of Marie MARILLET
November 7 1850Birth of Louise SANGOUARD
June 30 1853Birth of Benoit SANGOUARD
November 4 1855Birth of François SANGOUARD
November 23 1857Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
February 6 1858Marriage between François GOBET and Claudine SANGOUARD
January 16 1859Marriage between Jean Louis SAPIN and Catherine GUILLERMET
March 20 1860Birth of François SANGOUARD
March 11 1860Death of Antoinette DEBIZE
October 20 1864Birth of Françoise PERRICHON
January 25 1866Marriage between Claude ANDRILLAT and Marie SANGOUARD
May 26 1866Death of Louis SANGOUARD
December 10 1869Birth of Elisabeth LAGARDETTE
January 7 1870Birth of Antoine SANGOUARD
April 21 1870Birth of Olympiade Marie Michel DEBRUN
September 24 1870Death of Catherine GUILLERMET
June 11 1871Birth of Benoit SANGOUARD
August 6 1871Birth of Pierre MURARD
September 13 1871Death of Benoit SANGOUARD
May 17 1872Death of Marie Françoise THEVENET
June 14 1872Birth of Etienne MOREL
January 16 1873Marriage between Jean Louis SAPIN and Marie MARILLET
May 24 1874Birth of Françoise CINQUIN
December 7 1875Death of Claudine LABROSSE
December 24 1878Marriage between Benoit SANGOUARD and Marie PREAUX
December 26 1878Marriage between Jean TRICHARD and Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
November 10 1879Birth of Antoine SANGOUARD
December 23 1879Birth of Jean JAMBON
December 2 1880Birth of Marie CHAMPAGNON
August 3 1883Birth of Maria CHAMPAGNON
November 3 1886Death of Antoinette SANGOUARD
June 6 1889Marriage between François DUTRAIVE and Elisabeth LAGARDETTE
July 12 1891Birth of Marie Etiennette DUTRAIVE
February 3 1892Birth of Marie LESSIEUX
December 14 1892Birth of Marcel DUTRAIVE
January 4 1893Birth of Claudine SANGOUARD
December 27 1893Marriage between Pierre TRIBOULET and Olympiade Marie Michel DEBRUN
March 28 1894Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
March 28 1894Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
March 15 1894Death of Marcel DUTRAIVE
October 7 1894Death of Olympiade Marie Michel DEBRUN
November 11 1894Birth of Léonie SANLAVILLE
June 24 1896Birth of Joseph Antoine LARGE
December 5 1896Death of Claude Louis Léon DEBRUN
July 17 1897Death of Jean Marie SANGOIRE SANGOUARD
November 28 1897Birth of Joséphine Claudine Jeanne PERRON
April 14 1899Birth of Jules Grégoire LARGE
April 22 1900Death of Michelette Claudine GOBET
November 8 1900Birth of Jean Claude BOTTON
March 7 1901Marriage between Philibert VINCENT and Marie CHAMPAGNON
June 25 1902Birth of Claudine Eugénie LARGE
January 8 1904Marriage between Auguste BUCHET and Mélanie CHAMPAGNON
April 18 1904Death of François SANGOUARD
December 8 1904Marriage between Joanny JAMBON and Maria CHAMPAGNON
April 8 1905Birth of Claude ROCHETTE
March 24 1906Birth of Marius Benoit CHANU
May 31 1906Birth of Philomène BUCHET
June 2 1906Marriage between Antoine REVILLET and Marie Claudine GALLAND
July 2 1907Birth of Marius GALLAND
February 13 1908Birth of Jean Joseph LARGE
February 14 1908Marriage between Pascal Pierre LERISSET and Philomène CHAMPAGNON
March 29 1908Death of Marie Joséphine LARDET
October 5 1908Birth of Claudia JAMBON
December 24 1908Marriage between Grégoire Jean LARGE and Hippolyte LARDET
February 6 1909Marriage between Philibert DUSSARDIER and Marie Joséphine GALLAND
May 21 1909Birth of Pierre Antoine LERISSET
May 3 1909Birth of Léon Eugène CHATELET
September 5 1909Birth of André JOMAIN
July 25 1910Birth of Claude LERISSET
July 10 1910Birth of Louise MARTIN
August 4 1910Birth of Marcelle TRIBOULET
September 16 1910Birth of Anna Elisa GILBERT
September 6 1911Birth of Claudia ROUX
September 6 1911Birth of Joséphine ROUX
August 24 1912Marriage between Charles Eugène GOBET and Marie GALLAND
February 14 1913Birth of Marcelle LARGE
July 12 1913Marriage between Félix JACQUET and Marie LESSIEUX
August 14 1913Birth of Alexandrine MARTIN
December 10 1913Marriage between Antoine Marie JANDARD and Marie Félicie CHATELET
February 14 1914Marriage between Benoit GALLAND and Léonie SANLAVILLE
September 16 1914Birth of Marie Louise GILBERT
November 26 1917Marriage between Michel PASSOT and Elisabeth LAGARDETTE
December 19 1917Marriage between Jean Marie GALLAND and Jenny DUMOULIN
November 22 1919Marriage between Etienne VITRY and Joséphine Claudine Jeanne PERRON
May 8 1920Marriage between Claude VOLAND and Marie Elisabeth PASQUIER
March 31 1921Death of Michel PASSOT
August 24 1921Death of Jean Antoine JOMAIN
April 14 1923Marriage between Claudius DUCROUX and Lucie GALLAND
June 28 1923Marriage between Jean Claude BOTTON and Louise Marie Thérèse APRIN
February 9 1924Marriage between Joseph Antoine LARGE and Joséphine GUILLERMET
January 31 1925Marriage between Pétrus BOUILLARD and Marie Antoinette CHANU
August 14 1930Death of Jean Antoine CHATELET
November 6 1930Marriage between Marius GALLAND and Adrienne DUMOULIN
November 9 1933Marriage between Antoine DUTHEL and Catherine BASSET
November 18 1933Marriage between Marius DUTHEL and Gabrielle BASSET
June 12 1937Marriage between Joannès Joseph MARCHAND and Maria Joséphine COURTOIS
November 26 1949Death of Hippolyte LARDET
February 18 1951Death of Jean Claude MELINAND
November 11 1953Death of Mélanie CHAMPAGNON
March 20 1955Death of Philomène BUCHET
November 25 1956Death of Eugénie DESSAIGNES
February 22 1958Death of Philiberte JONCHIER
October 28 1959Death of Clotilde Françoise PERRACHON
September 27 1961Death of Antonin BRIDAY
July 26 1965Death of Claudius BRIDAY
August 16 1965Death of Francine PETIT
August 28 1972Death of Marius BARRAUD


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