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Odenas (France)

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1913Birth of Jean CINQUIN
about 1792Birth of Benoite ANDRE
calculated 1850Birth of Jean Claude DUMOULIN
1922Birth of Jean Claude MATRAY
1924Birth of Marcelle MATRAY
1925Birth of Germaine JACQUET
calculated 1828Birth of Laurent LAFOREST
1878Birth of Benoit VIORNERY
1904Birth of Benoite BACOT
1953Death of Louis CHIGNARD
?Death of Jeanne DEPARDON
November 11 1728Marriage between Jean LAFOND and Catherine RONZIERES
January 8 1804Birth of Marie DIDIER
January 15 1812Marriage between Michel SANLAVILLE and Jeanne Marie LARGE
June 8 1817Birth of Jean CINQUIN
October 10 1817Birth of Claudine TRICHARD
February 23 1822Birth of Jean Marie DESPRES
July 12 1823Birth of Antoine CLAITTE
October 31 1825Marriage between Claude Philibert SANGOUARD and Benoite ANDRE
October 11 1827Death of Antoinette JAMBON
January 20 1829Birth of Claude TRICHARD
October 3 1830Birth of Claude VIORNERY
November 5 1830Birth of Antoine LAFOREST
January 2 1836Birth of Claude TRICHARD
August 27 1837Birth of Jean TRICHARD
August 14 1840Birth of Basile Augustin DUPONT
November 17 1842Birth of Philibert DROIN
February 1 1843Birth of Benoit VIORNERY
October 29 1844Birth of Annette JAMBON
October 25 1846Birth of Benoit DESPRES
May 7 1849Death of Claudine TRICHARD
February 11 1856Marriage between Claude Marie BRAILLON and Françoise Marie JAMBON
November 16 1856Birth of Annette AIME DIT GODINET
January 25 1863Birth of Maria SANGOUARD
January 29 1863Birth of François DUTRAIVE
May 10 1864Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
July 10 1864Birth of Joséphine BOURDET
January 1 1865Death of Adèle Célestine DUPUIS
October 9 1868Birth of Philibert RUET
December 21 1868Birth of Pierrette MATHON
January 7 1869Birth of Antonia SANGOUARD
October 27 1872Death of Cécile MONDIERE
August 1 1874Birth of Annette MALFRAY
June 25 1875Birth of Jean ROUX
September 10 1875Birth of Joanny ou Joannès SANGOUARD
March 7 1876Birth of Philippe CHAVEL
December 31 1876Birth of Jeannette GEORGES
June 30 1879Birth of Prosper Marie SANGOUARD
August 9 1879Birth of Albert LANEYRIE
October 20 1880Marriage between Jean BURDIN and Henriette DUTRAIVE
June 9 1881Marriage between Antoine LAISSUS and Joséphine BOURDET
August 18 1882Birth of Claudia SANGOUARD
February 13 1883Birth of Claude SANLAVILLE
October 6 1884Marriage between Antoine Eloi FLOS and Maria SANGOUARD
November 19 1884Birth of Marie BOTTON
March 4 1885Birth of Claude SANLAVILLE
July 17 1886Birth of Gabriel SANLAVILLE
October 30 1886Birth of Jeanne Marie SAPIN
March 27 1888Death of Joseph JAMBON
November 8 1889Marriage between Jean SANGOUARD and Pierrette MATHON
November 29 1889Marriage between Benoit DESPRES and Antonia SANGOUARD
January 26 1893Birth of Eugénie BACOT
November 22 1894Birth of Benoit BERTHELON
March 16 1895Birth of Eugénie SEMAY
October 18 1895Birth of Eugénie GUERIN
April 12 1896Birth of Jules BACOT
December 10 1896Birth of Jean Joseph GUERIN
November 22 1897Birth of Claudine SEMAY
March 30 1898Birth of Elisa BERTHELON
November 17 1898Birth of Marie Philomène GUERIN
December 28 1898Marriage between Marie Joseph METRAT and Marie MATHIEU
May 6 1901Death of Philippine LONGERON
July 30 1901Birth of Jean LAFAY
July 21 1902Birth of Marguerite Antonia GUERIN
November 26 1902Marriage between Louis CHIGNARD and Claudia SANGOUARD
January 23 1903Marriage between Antoine Marie GUERIN and Marie BOTTON
April 28 1904Birth of Claude SANGOUARD
September 26 1904Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
October 22 1904Birth of Jeanne Marie GUERIN
May 3 1905Birth of Benoit GUERIN
July 8 1905Birth of Pierrette SANGOUARD
January 26 1906Birth of Rose BERTHELON
July 17 1906Birth of Claudia BOURGEOIS
October 7 1906Birth of Joséphine FAYARD
October 20 1906Death of Claudine DESPRAS
January 4 1907Birth of Antoinette GUERIN
October 28 1908Death of Pierre Marie Claudius SAVOYE
November 6 1908Birth of Félicie CHAVEL
March 13 1909Birth of Marie Louise FAYARD
May 26 1909Birth of Marcel Jean GUERIN
September 25 1909Marriage between Auguste CHATELET and Marie Claudine DESPERRIER
November 15 1909Marriage between Antoine Marie SANGOUARD and Jeanne Marie SAPIN
May 18 1910Birth of Claudius GUERIN
February 8 1911Birth of Joseph GUERIN
January 31 1912Marriage between Joannès CINQUIN and Marguerite SANGOUARD
November 15 1913Marriage between Claude DEPAY and Eugénie BACOT
August 16 1917Marriage between Benoit CHAINTREUIL and Henriette MATHON
October 11 1917Marriage between Philibert DUCOTE and Eugénie GUERIN
December 6 1919Marriage between Jean Claude MATRAY and Marie BERTHELON
December 6 1919Marriage between Jean Claude MATRAY and Marie BERTHELON
June 22 1921Death of Claudine DELAYE
October 25 1924Marriage between Jean Louis JANIN and Claudia BOURGEOIS
November 8 1924Marriage between Claude Pierre JANISHON and Marie Philomène GUERIN
May 5 1925Death of Claude Marie SANGOUARD
January 30 1926Marriage between François BUFFIN and Jeanne Marie GUERIN
December 4 1926Marriage between Benoit Marius BOURGEOIS and Maria CHAVEL
April 21 1932Marriage between Claude Antoine CANARD and Félicie CHAVEL
January 26 1934Death of Jean SANGOUARD
April 11 1935Death of Benoit DEDUIT
March 30 1937Marriage between Joseph GUERIN and Marie Thérèse POURCHER
January 28 1946Death of Antoine Marie SANGOUARD
February 16 1946Marriage between Antoine Marie VATOUX and Marie SANGOUARD
March 24 1946Death of Antoine CHAMPAGNON
November 2 1947Death of Claudia BOURGEOIS
June 28 1949Death of Marie Philomène GUERIN
August 9 1950Death of Antoine Marie GUERIN
December 14 1950Death of Marie Louise Félicie MELINAND
March 25 1951Death of Marie Augustine POULY
March 25 1957Death of Jean Marie GUERIN
April 5 1965Death of Eugénie GUERIN
November 7 1967Death of Marie Antoinette JACOME
March 29 1981Death of Benoit GUERIN


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