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Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'Or (France)

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1841Birth of Marguerite GAYET
February 27 1854Death of Philibert BRAILLON
December 11 1854Birth of Louise ROULLET
November 18 1878Birth of Jean Marie LACHARME
September 27 1883Marriage between Jean Claude SANGOUARD and Louise ROULLET
September 21 1888Birth of Marguerite LACHARME
January 5 1895Birth of Marie BOEUF
November 24 1896Birth of Marie GUILLARD
February 9 1905Marriage between Jean Marie LACHARME and Clotilde DOUILLET
March 25 1931Death of Louise ROULLET
September 8 1934Death of Claude Elie LACHARME
August 30 1938Marriage between Louis MICHON and Marthe DARGAUD
April 10 1940Death of Marie Claudine DESPLACES
April 23 1945Death of Marguerite LACHARME
December 26 1945Death of Benoit NESME


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