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Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or (France)

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calculated 1753Birth of Antoinette BOULON
1923Birth of Louis ROTIVAL
1927Birth of Jean ROTIVAL
1928Birth of Madeleine ROTIVAL
September 1925Marriage between Marcel DAVALLON and Mélina Eugénie BONAY
January 11 1868Marriage between Pierre BERTHAUD and Etiennette Philiberte DUTRUGE
June 13 1874Birth of Jeanne Marie DUFOUR
December 27 1897Death of Eugénie BERTHET
December 5 1898Birth of Jeanne PIJOT
May 31 1902Birth of Michel SANGOUARD
October 1 1902Death of Pierre BERTHAUD
April 16 1921Marriage between Pierre Marie ROTIVAL and Jeanne PIJOT
August 7 1923Marriage between Jean Claude Marie TRICOCHE and Maria Fleurine MYARD
April 22 1931Birth of Joseph Marie ou Joseph Marius SANGOUARD
January 6 1932Death of Jean Marie Joseph SANGOUARD
January 13 1968Death of Jeanne PIJOT
November 22 1971Death of Pierre Marie ROTIVAL


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