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Saint-Jean-d'Ardières (France)

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?Birth of Pierre SANGOUARD
1859Birth of Jeanne GACHOT
1925Birth of Simone Eugénie BOUVIER
about 1886Birth of Benoit Xavier DURNERIN
about 1880Birth of Emile Benoit PELLETIER
calculated 1772Birth of Claude DEDUIT
about 1907Birth of Yvonne PAQUELET
about 1897Birth of Marie Louise DESCOMBES
about 1889Birth of Antoine CHARRIN
about 1924Birth of Léon Maurice DAMOUR
about 1925Birth of Jean Lucien DAMOUR
2002Marriage between Godefroy LEFEBVRE and Marion CHAFFANJON
January 12 1768Marriage between Pierre SANGOUARD and Antoinette JAMBON
April 22 1770Birth of Antoine SANGOUARD
June 9 1779Marriage between Benoit AUFERT and Antoinette LAISSU
June 9 1779Marriage between Benoit AUFERT and Antoinette LAISSUS
February 5 1801Birth of Jeanne SANGOUARD
February 21 1809Birth of François BERNILLON
February 13 1809Marriage between Philippe BRAILLON and Benoite DEDUIT
February 2 1810Death of Marie BERTHOUD
May 19 1810Birth of Jean JANDARD
September 25 1820Birth of Marie TOUTANT
August 20 1825Death of Jeanne PARDON
February 6 1826Marriage between Pierre PUILLAT and Laurence PERRAUD
May 31 1826Birth of Benoit PUILLAT
April 10 1833Birth of Etienne LANNERY
April 5 1833Birth of Félix GONIN
September 10 1835Death of Philibert JANDARD
December 8 1841Death of Antoinette BOTTON
January 26 1842Marriage between Benoit DAMOUR and Marie CHAGNY
June 17 1842Birth of Claudine CHANAY
January 28 1844Birth of Claude MERLE
September 1 1848Birth of Anne DUPRE
May 18 1853Birth of Catherine Victorine CHAMPAGNON
January 30 1855Birth of Jeanne GOBET
March 2 1856Birth of Joseph GELIN
August 28 1856Death of Marie Antoinette ROLLET
August 21 1857Birth of Jean CHAFFANJON
August 12 1858Birth of Antoine DEMONT
January 23 1859Birth of Antoinette DORY
January 2 1861Birth of Françoise CHARVET
January 10 1865Birth of Marie Louise CHALIGAND
June 14 1865Birth of Madeleine ROBY
December 20 1865Birth of Benoit GAUTHIER
April 6 1867Birth of Marie DEMONT
October 11 1870Birth of Pierre Marie JOUBERT
November 29 1870Birth of Henriette GOBET
January 3 1872Death of Antoine CHARVET
August 29 1872Birth of Antoine CHAVY
November 28 1872Marriage between Jean GEOFFRAY and Claudine CHANAY
December 5 1872Marriage between Pierre DEPARDON and Claudine JAMBON
March 21 1873Birth of Jeanne VINCENT
April 21 1873Birth of Antoine DUSSARDIER
March 21 1875Birth of Jean CHAVY
October 25 1876Birth of Etienne SANGOIRD
November 15 1878Marriage between Joseph GELIN and Madeleine BRAILLON
January 26 1881Birth of Anne DEPARDON
November 10 1881Marriage between Philibert DURY and Françoise IMBERDIS
February 25 1882Marriage between Marie François RUET and Jeanne Marie BACOT
May 18 1882Birth of Jean Baptiste DAMOUR
July 28 1882Death of Benoit DAMOUR
March 25 1883Birth of Pascal Pierre LERISSET
November 8 1883Marriage between Jean CHAFFANJON and Antoinette DORY
January 27 1884Death of Philiberte RUET
September 10 1884Birth of Claude CHAFFANJON
February 11 1886Marriage between Jean POMMIER and Marie Louise CHALIGAND
August 7 1886Birth of Louis MERLE
October 12 1886Birth of Claudine CORNELOUP
December 7 1886Birth of Charles Anthelme DUMONTE
July 11 1888Birth of Joseph BARRAUD
January 22 1892Marriage between Jean Claude BACOT and Marie DEMONT
February 8 1892Death of Antoinette CHAGNY
September 2 1892Birth of Marius BARRAUD
June 22 1894Birth of Jean GAUTHIER
November 29 1894Death of Marie CHAGNY
December 12 1894Birth of Pierre LARGE
February 7 1895Birth of Antoinette DUCROUX
October 31 1895Birth of Lucie SORNAY
February 8 1896Marriage between Joseph DESBATS and Pierrette LAGRANGE
May 3 1896Birth of Marguerite AUBONNET
September 13 1896Birth of Pierrette RUET
February 23 1897Birth of Louis Antoine DUCROT
November 12 1898Marriage between Jacques CHARCOSSET and Marie Louise AUBONNET
December 27 1899Death of Philibert Pierre DORY
August 25 1900Marriage between Jean Marie THEVENET and Célestine GAUDET
September 3 1900Birth of Marie Marcelle AUBONNET
November 20 1900Birth of Jeanne Marie LABARGE
December 19 1900Birth of Jeanne Marie DAILLER
January 24 1901Birth of Jean JUILLARD
January 25 1901Marriage between Jean Claude BERTHELON and Marie LAROCHE
February 14 1902Marriage between Antoine TOURNISSOUX and Marie REBEY
July 11 1902Marriage between Claude LARDET and Françoise CHARVET
July 1 1902Birth of Claudius CLEMENT
September 13 1902Birth of Antoinette DAILLER
November 13 1902Marriage between Félix Albert LARGE and Jeanne VINCENT
November 28 1902Marriage between Jean Marie PASSOT and Jeanne Marie PASSOT
February 12 1903Birth of Joseph LARGE
June 6 1903Birth of Marie Antoinette GAUTHIER
December 2 1903Marriage between Jean Marie DESIGAUD and Anne CHARRIN
March 22 1904Birth of Suzanne CHAINTREUIL
June 25 1904Birth of Raymond CLEMENT
October 28 1904Marriage between Emile Benoit PELLETIER and Marie Pierrette BERTHELON
November 10 1904Marriage between Jean Marie MATRAY and Pierrette BONNERU
November 21 1904Birth of Alexandrine DUTHEL
August 25 1905Death of Marie Benoite JARAVEL
November 8 1905Birth of Louise BARJOT
March 14 1906Marriage between Benoit GAUTHIER and Françoise AUGOYAT
April 8 1906Birth of Antoine DUTHEL
July 26 1906Birth of Julie CLEMENT
March 12 1907Birth of Eugénie MATRAY
April 17 1907Birth of Benoit RAMPON
November 28 1907Marriage between Jean Louis MYARD and Anne DEPARDON
June 3 1908Birth of Georges BARRAUD
July 26 1908Birth of Marie MATRAY
August 10 1908Birth of Joseph RAMPON
March 23 1909Birth of Marius DUTHEL
May 11 1909Birth of Marius Vincent GAUTHIER
August 10 1909Birth of Claudius BARRAUD
September 13 1909Birth of Anne Marie RAMPON
January 11 1910Birth of Pierre MATRAY
March 17 1910Death of Claudius BARRAUD
October 17 1910Birth of Maria DUTHEL
May 28 1911Birth of Jeanne Marie Pauline RAMPON
May 15 1911Birth of Antoine GAUTHIER
September 24 1912Marriage between Jean BALLOFFY and Marie Marguerite Jeanne DESCOMBES
May 3 1919Marriage between Jules Gustave VIAL and Léonie PASSOT
June 19 1919Marriage between Thomas NESME and Clotilde Elvina Ernestine MOIROD
April 4 1921Birth of André DAMOUR
May 5 1921Death of André DAMOUR
March 21 1922Death of Marie Marguerite Léontine SANGOUARD
August 30 1922Birth of Marie Antoinette DAMOUR
November 18 1922Marriage between Jean Marie CARRETTE and Antoinette DUCROUX
November 22 1922Birth of Paulette CHAFFANJON
November 25 1922Marriage between Henri Auguste BOUVIER and Lucie SORNAY
April 1 1923Death of Blaise THEVENET
December 29 1923Marriage between Jean Baptiste Barthélémy DUTHEL and Jenny CHABERT
November 8 1924Marriage between Eugène ROUX and Marguerite AUBONNET
November 14 1925Marriage between Joseph LARGE and Yvonne PAQUELET
April 25 1928Marriage between François DUFOUR and Léontine CARTILLIER
August 18 1930Death of Antoine SANGOUARD
December 28 1938Marriage between Marcel Claude Etienne CHAINTREUIL and Elisabeth GAILLARD
January 7 1939Marriage between Antoine Jean Marie PETITBON and Andréanne Sidonie Marie BELLET
February 18 1941Marriage between Antoine CHARCOSSET and Clémence Marcelle SCHMID
September 26 1944Marriage between Paul Georges Raymond MICHAUX and Claudia CHARCOSSET
April 1 1946Death of Marie Clémentine LACHARME
November 4 1946Death of Etienne JUILLARD
August 23 1947Marriage between Antonio BACCHET and Marie Louise DEPARDON
February 20 1949Death of Jules MELINAND
May 31 1950Death of Marie Hélène DUPERRAY
July 17 1950Death of Marius MATRAY
December 6 1950Death of Marie Joséphine MELINAND
March 31 1952Death of Jean Baptiste DAMOUR
February 27 1953Death of Benoit GONON
May 22 1958Death of Henri GAUTHIER
May 13 1958Death of Joseph BARRAUD
January 22 1962Death of Jeanne Marie LARDET
November 6 1965Marriage between Jean Jacques DESPERRIER and Eliane CHAFFANJON
March 20 1966Death of Antoine Eugène TILLET
July 7 1970Death of Marie Françoise THEVENET
October 7 1973Death of Alice GALLAND
March 19 1975Death of Marie Joséphine POULY
April 24 1982Death of Marcel TRIBOULET


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