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Lyon 4eme (France)

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1899Birth of Hélène BONNETAIN
February 11 1847Death of Pierre LARGE
April 16 1853Death of Jeanne DESCOURS
July 30 1863Death of Philibert SANGOUARD
June 18 1864Marriage between François SEIGNIER and Antoinette BERTHAUD
October 9 1864Birth of Claude Marie BESSON
October 28 1865Marriage between Philippe Jacques PRADE and Pierrette LITAUDON
March 16 1866Birth of Marie Augustine Eugénie PLASSARD
March 18 1868Death of Alexandre Victor PLASSARD
June 7 1868Birth of Benoit Emile PRAT
February 2 1870Death of Jules Joseph BOTTERON
December 29 1871Death of Marie TERRIER
August 1 1872Marriage between Jean VOGEL and Antoinette DUCLOS
October 26 1872Marriage between Pierre BERTHAUD and Jeanne Marie VOLLAND
June 1 1876Marriage between Claude Marie THEVENIN and Benoite Marie MEHU
June 5 1877Birth of Françoise dite Fanny LAFFAY
May 16 1878Death of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
November 12 1881Birth of Antonia Claudia OLIVE
October 28 1883Birth of Henri Gabriel VIDALAT
July 22 1884Death of Joseph Marie OLIVE
June 4 1885Birth of Pierre Frédéric VERNET
January 16 1886Birth of Rosalie VOGEL
August 21 1886Marriage between Amédée Jean ACCOYER and Jeanne LYANT
September 23 1886Marriage between Jean Pierre ARGENTA and Marie Augustine Eugénie PLASSARD
January 30 1888Death of Anne GUITTAT
November 29 1888Birth of Emile Marius WAGNIERES
November 18 1890Death of Jean Claude Benoit SANGOUARD
April 10 1891Birth of Hélène Marie Joséphine VANEL
August 27 1891Birth of Claudius NAUD
March 7 1892Death of Louise MAYOUX
July 12 1892Marriage between Benoit Emile SANGOUARD and Marie VERICEL
August 10 1892Marriage between Pierre Marie JAMBON and Charlotte Joséphine GUILLOT
January 3 1893Death of Claudine GOBET
February 7 1898Marriage between Anatole AUDIN and Marie DAUGY
July 6 1898Death of Pierrette LITAUDON
October 25 1898Death of Michelle Anthelmette TRANCHANT
November 24 1898Marriage between Etienne Marie POY and Marie Louise DAUGY
April 7 1899Death of Antoinette BERTHAUD
December 14 1901Marriage between Jean CHARVET and Antonia Claudia OLIVE
February 21 1902Death of Françoise CHATELET
February 15 1903Birth of Amédée MARIAT
April 8 1903Birth of Jean Claude AUFRAND
December 6 1904Death of François Noël LAPALUS
March 23 1905Marriage between Emmanuel Charles DIOT and Anne Marie Joséphine JANAIN
December 1 1906Marriage between Amédée Jean ACCOYER and Marie Françoise Joséphine LAPALUS
October 12 1907Marriage between François Joseph SANGOUARD and Marie BOURDIER
March 31 1908Death of Jean VOGEL
October 30 1909Marriage between Claude MONTEL and Pauline JONCHIER
April 12 1910Marriage between Jean Louis RUET and Rosalie VOGEL
May 10 1910Marriage between Marie Auguste Gérard DUMOULIN and Hélène Marie Joséphine VANEL
June 2 1910Marriage between François Claude CAVALIER and Marie Augustine Eugénie PLASSARD
February 4 1913Birth of Lucie CHANUT
March 27 1913Marriage between Etienne Marie VIAL and Marie SAIGNEMARTIN
July 24 1913Marriage between Etienne CARRAS and Joséphine Benoite CHAINTREUIL
April 14 1914Marriage between Claudius Jean GIRERD POTIN and Claudine Françoise VOUILLON
May 8 1916Marriage between Marcel Charles HERREN and Marie Louise DEPARDON
April 30 1918Marriage between François THIELY and Marguerite Jeanne CHARVET
June 1 1918Marriage between Emile Marius WAGNIERES and Francine Louise DESPERRIER
December 20 1918Death of Jeanne BOURGEOIS
October 16 1919Marriage between Claudius NAUD and Marie Philiberte JANIN
February 17 1920Marriage between Auguste Aimé CHAMPEMONT and Marie Alice DESPERRIER
May 8 1920Marriage between Irénée VERMOREL and Julie Antonia FARJAT
August 2 1921Marriage between Ludovic Joseph SANGOUARD and Blanche Victorine TERRAILLON
September 24 1921Marriage between Paul Louis COCOGNE and Marie Benoite LITHAUD
January 28 1922Death of Marie SANGOUARD
April 15 1922Death of Marie Marguerite SANGOUARD
July 24 1924Marriage between Louis THEVENET and Joséphine Françoise SAGE
August 30 1924Marriage between Antoine CHAGNY and Anne Jeanne COLAS
May 2 1925Death of Jeanne Joséphine SANGOUARD
August 28 1925Death of Marie TARLET
February 18 1928Marriage between Pierre CHANUT and Henriette Rosalie GONIN
April 14 1928Marriage between François BOULET and Marie Françoise CLEMENT
February 11 1930Marriage between Francis ALLAINE and Marie GONON
June 10 1933Marriage between Lucien Claudius GARDETTE and Marie Augustine BACOT
January 11 1934Marriage between François Marius CARTERON and Marie Laurentine JANDEAU
February 17 1934Marriage between Marcel SANGOUARD and Marie Antoinette BROCARD
July 12 1934Marriage between Jean Claude BONNETAIN and Marie Ernestine Argentine GAUTHRONET
February 12 1935Marriage between Paul Louis ROMARY and Jeanne Henriette AUFRANT
February 2 1935Birth of Christiane SANGOUARD
May 15 1939Marriage between Adrien Georges LECLERE and Louise Humbertine BESSON
October 18 1939Marriage between Jean Marius RISOUL and Marguerite SANGOUARD
December 23 1939Marriage between Paul Francisque GRANDJEAN and Odette PHILIPPE
March 7 1940Birth of Bernard BUFFIN
October 28 1941Death of Marie Louise DESCAILLOT
March 21 1942Marriage between Alphonse Pierre DECORNE and Marguerite GAUDET
May 9 1942Marriage between Alfred Adrien LOUVEL and Maria BERGERON
February 5 1943Birth of Jean François SANGOUARD
June 25 1945Death of Jeanne Anna SANGOUARD
December 15 1945Death of Claudine MATRAY
December 20 1945Marriage between Philibert DELOR and Antoinette Françoise THILLET
February 28 1947Death of Marie Joséphine MEUNIER
June 5 1947Death of Jean Marie MICHEL
December 27 1947Marriage between Julien Ernest CALLET and Marie BERTHELON
April 20 1948Death of François Emilien SORET
December 7 1949Death of Philibert RAT
December 10 1949Death of Mélanie GIRAUD
December 26 1949Death of Gottlieb FINGER
August 25 1950Death of Marie Benoite LARGE
August 4 1950Death of Marguerite CINQUIN
September 13 1950Birth of Denise Raymonde JILET
May 5 1951Death of Jeanne Marie DUCRUIX
October 21 1951Death of Claudius PERRIN
April 20 1954Marriage between Pierre Antoine BESSON and Marie Antoinette COMBALOT
May 31 1954Death of Pierre Marie ROBY
September 24 1954Death of Marie Philomène LAISSUS
November 17 1956Death of Pierre LARDET
February 18 1957Birth of Patricia NGUYEN
December 9 1957Death of Claude Marie ROUX
February 1 1958Death of Jeanne Mélanie TROMPIER
March 16 1958Death of Marguerite Laurentine JUILLARD
June 26 1958Death of Joséphine AUFRAND
November 1 1958Marriage between Robert Raymond HENRY and Eugénie Florentine DESPERRIER
October 14 1959Death of Antoine CHAGNY
March 8 1960Death of Philibert DURAND
July 29 1960Death of Joseph Louis DARGAUD
April 28 1961Death of Louis THEVENET
April 14 1961Birth of Bernadette GUILLAUD
September 11 1962Death of Eugénie Florentine DESPERRIER
March 30 1963Death of Marie Louise DELORME
August 12 1963Death of Antoine SANGOIRE
February 4 1964Birth of Véronique FAVRE
November 5 1964Death of Marie Françoise CLEMENT
June 10 1965Birth of Didier FAVRE
June 17 1966Death of Marie Louise BLETON
November 22 1966Death of Marthe Louise DESCOMBES
May 31 1968Death of Jean Claude CINQUIN
October 21 1968Death of Marie Claudine GRANDJEAN
December 2 1970Death of Marie Claudine SANGOUARD
June 24 1971Death of Marcel TOURNISSOUX
June 21 1972Death of Jean Claude LACHARME
November 21 1972Death of Léa GAUTHIER
September 19 1973Death of Marius François ROTIVAL
September 4 1973Death of Maria JAMBON
August 30 1974Death of Marie Antonia BARRAUD
October 24 1975Birth of Patricia CAILLIER
September 21 1977Death of Pierre Marie Joseph PERRAUD
October 2 1977Birth of Blandine CAILLIER
June 10 1978Marriage between Pierre DENIS and Christiane BLANCHARD
January 31 1980Death of Marius POUDIERE
October 1 1982Death of Joseph JOLIVET
January 21 1983Birth of Stéphanie CAILLIER
November 7 1983Death of Blanche Victorine TERRAILLON
April 23 1986Death of Jean Louis ROCHETTE
October 16 1987Birth of Christophe THOMAS
December 6 1990Birth of Ludivine THOMAS
March 1 1995Birth of Océane GUILLEMIN
April 3 1996Death of Auguste SANGOUARD
December 10 1996Birth of Maëlys GUILLEMIN


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