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Autun (France)

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about 1838Birth of Thérèse LUVERT
January 3 1833Birth of Rosalie ARMELIN
January 30 1834Birth of René DUVERRIER
October 15 1844Birth of Thimotée COURTEUIL
November 4 1844Birth of Lazare Pierre Etienne LAVIROTTE
February 4 1851Birth of Claude François JOLIVOT
October 14 1887Marriage between Jean Marie DELHOMME and Marie DELHOMME
December 27 1897Marriage between Antoine LUQUET and Marie GUITARD
March 16 1899Birth of Berthe Jeanne Marguerite dite Marguerite GONNOT
March 14 1901Death of Claude POULY
September 19 1901Birth of Roger Frédéric GONNOT
March 20 1907Death of Jean Michel NOLY
December 18 1911Birth of René SIMON
November 12 1912Marriage between Benjamin Joseph GUYOT and Anne Marie Julie PICHARD
February 4 1940Death of Clément Etienne DURANTON
May 10 1959Death of Jean Louis RUET
November 8 1965Death of Pierre LABROSSE
April 25 1978Death of Jean Baptiste BELLE


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