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Chânes (France)

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1892Birth of Louise Joséphine COLLEVRAY
?Birth of Claude DUC
1910Birth of Lucienne VINCENT
1890Birth of Vincent JUILLARD
1894Birth of Jeanne Marie JUILLARD
1908Birth of Marcelle ADOUARD
1909Birth of Paul ADOUARD
1910Birth of André ADOUARD
1905Birth of Jean Marie THEVENET
April 7 1809Birth of Philiberte Marie Madeleine DAVID
September 14 1833Birth of Jean Louis BELLICAUT
October 27 1836Birth of Jeanne Marie PASQUIER
March 15 1838Birth of Louis DESRAYAUD
January 18 1845Birth of Jeanne Marie AUFFRANT
May 14 1852Birth of Marie MANTHOUX
April 30 1856Death of Jean Marie AUFRANC
April 26 1857Birth of Jeanne Marie RAVINET
September 29 1864Death of Philibert DELORME
April 1 1869Death of Marie LARDET
May 7 1870Birth of Jean Louis MARTIN
September 7 1874Birth of Marie Antoinette PELLETIER
July 26 1882Death of Claudine PONCET
November 27 1884Birth of Marie Claudine RAMPON
February 23 1888Birth of Joanny CROZIER
March 7 1890Marriage between Claude JUILLARD and Marie LAPALUS
November 24 1890Marriage between Jacques THEVENET and Anne LEGUICHARD
January 24 1891Birth of Jeanne JUILLARD
June 5 1891Birth of Benoit MARTIN
May 31 1892Birth of Marguerite Augustine BARRAUD
November 21 1892Marriage between Valentin DESCOMBES and Marie THEVENET
July 26 1896Birth of Jean Claude MARTIN
November 1 1896Death of Jeanne Marie Louise LACOURTABLAISE
November 18 1896Marriage between Joanny BRIDAY and Marie Antoinette PELLETIER
July 23 1898Birth of Françoise MOREL
October 10 1898Birth of Jean Baptiste THEVENET
November 3 1898Marriage between Julien DUFOUR and Claudine PASSOT
September 8 1899Birth of Françoise Catherine ADOUARD
October 2 1900Birth of Aline BOUCHACOURT
March 19 1901Birth of François MARTIN
May 10 1901Birth of Julie Joséphine BARRAUD
December 10 1904Marriage between Antoine Joseph MEUNIER and Eugénie CHAGNY
February 20 1907Marriage between Philibert JUILLARD and Marie Claudine RAMPON
December 16 1911Marriage between François Joseph BRUN and Marguerite Augustine BARRAUD
November 15 1917Marriage between Victor Louis SANGOUARD and Françoise Catherine ADOUARD
November 2 1918Birth of Simone SANGOUARD
April 12 1921Marriage between Jean Baptiste THEVENET and Louise Benoite LEMONON
July 9 1921Marriage between Jean Claude Marie JUILLARD and Françoise MOREL
February 10 1923Marriage between Jean Marie DESCHAMPS and Marguerite Augustine BARRAUD
July 25 1923Birth of Odette SANGOUARD
November 17 1923Marriage between Jean Marie BALVAY and Jeanne Marie DAILLY
November 17 1923Marriage between Jean Claude BALVAY and Adrienne AUFFRAND
December 31 1924Marriage between Antoine PARDON and Pierrette JANIN
March 11 1925Death of Marie dite Mariette MOIROUD
October 9 1926Marriage between Jean Claude BALVAY and Marie Rose MERLE
May 29 1929Marriage between Marie Françoise BEREZIAT and Elie Antoine LABROSSE
July 20 1938Death of Claude SANGOUARD
September 28 1960Death of Louise ou Marie Louise LARGE
January 15 1961Death of Antoine ADOUARD
December 19 1962Death of Marie GAUTHIER
March 21 1964Death of Marguerite Augustine BARRAUD
August 19 1973Death of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
August 27 1974Death of Victor Louis SANGOUARD


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