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Chasselas (France)

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about 1774Birth of Jean TOUTANT
about 1743Birth of Denise TARDY
about 1781Birth of Marie GRANDJEAN FOUCHY
calculated 1759Birth of Jeanne Marie CHAMBARD
1926Birth of Eléonore POYET
1866Birth of Marguerite MARION
1922Birth of Francis COMBEPINE
1925Birth of Louis Benoit Marcel COMBEPINE
1929Birth of Marcel Lucien COMBEPINE
1914Birth of Jeanne Marie ADOUARD
1914Birth of Hortense ALLARY
1911Birth of Denis Antoine LUZY
1922Birth of André DEGUEURSE
1925Birth of Yvonne DEGUEURSE
1920Birth of Louise COMBEPINE
about 1815Birth of Benoite GATIN
1907Birth of Etienne LESPINASSE
calculated 1803Birth of Pierre DESRAYAUD
about 1800Birth of Jacques GATIN
1909Birth of Joannès GELIN
1904Birth of Georgette LARDET
1905Birth of Georges LARDET
1904Birth of Amélie MICHON
1908Birth of Henri MICHON
1910Birth of Simonne MICHON
1904Birth of Marie Victorine TRICHARD
1900Birth of Marie PASSOT
1902Birth of Philippe PASSOT
1904Birth of Jeanne PASSOT
1906Birth of Marie Claudine PASSOT
1907Birth of Jeanne LUZY
1901Birth of Benoit SAVOIE
1908Birth of Marie Louise SAVOIE
June 16 1733Marriage between Laurent MARTINOT and Marguerite PERRIER
February 12 1737Marriage between Charles PERRIER and Jeanne JOLY
January 27 1739Marriage between Jacques BOUCHACOURT and Benoite TARDY
March 28 1748Death of Marguerite FORESTIER
April 10 1748Death of Benoit FORESTIER
February 17 1749Marriage between Benoit DUPONT and Marie CHARMOND
February 17 1749Marriage between Benoit BALVAY and Catherine ROLLET
November 10 1762Event for Hugues BERNARD
November 24 1762Marriage between Guillaume DELORME and Claudine BERGERON
November 13 1764Marriage between Benoit GRANDJEAN and Vincelette MOREAU
September 25 1766Birth of Claudine GRANDJEAN
April 30 1769Death of Vincelette MOREAU
July 23 1781Birth of Joseph Ambroise PERRIER
February 10 1789Marriage between Antoine METRAS and Claudine GRANDJEAN
November 21 1790Birth of Benoit GATIN
April 22 1808Birth of Jean LANERY
February 27 1810Birth of Claude SANGOUARD
August 10 1816Birth of Brice GATIN
March 10 1818Death of Marie ROLLET
December 21 1818Birth of Marianne ROBIN
December 22 1818Birth of Antoinette GATIN
April 26 1826Birth of Pierrette DESRAYAUD
July 23 1827Birth of Jean BOIS
December 4 1833Birth of Marie JANOT
May 10 1834Birth of Joseph GUILLARD
February 2 1839Birth of Louis GUILLARD
April 30 1840Death of Philiberte FONTAINE
March 5 1845Birth of Joseph LANEYRIE
January 2 1847Birth of Antoinette GUILLARD
November 15 1865Birth of Louis SAVOIE
August 17 1868Birth of Claude Marie SAVOIE
June 28 1870Birth of Pierre CHARVET
January 24 1871Death of Antoine BALVAY
July 31 1876Birth of Louise SAVOIE
August 20 1878Death of Annette SANTE
May 13 1879Birth of Jean Marie ADOUARD
December 18 1882Birth of Benoite SAVOIE
February 8 1883Birth of François LACHARME
August 26 1883Birth of Jean Pierre SIRE
December 27 1890Death of Jean SAVOYE SAVOIE
May 13 1891Death of Marguerite DUCROUX
February 27 1893Death of Claude LAROCHETTE
August 14 1895Death of Claudine BALANDRAS
May 6 1896Death of Jean Marie FUSIL
November 10 1896Birth of Francine MICHON
January 7 1897Marriage between Claude VINCENT and Louise SAVOIE
July 14 1897Birth of Joseph DUFETRE
July 4 1897Death of Jean Pierre BENAS
October 18 1897Death of Jeanne Pierrette Rosalie PRADET
October 22 1897Death of Antoine LAROCHETTE
November 8 1897Marriage between Jean Louis THEVENET and Joséphine LANEYRIE
February 5 1898Marriage between Benoit SPAY and Eugénie Claudine LAROCHETTE
June 12 1898Birth of François Alexandre MICHON
March 28 1899Death of Elisabeth JUILLARD
November 25 1899Marriage between Jean TRICHARD and Marie Claudine CHARVET
June 7 1900Death of Mélanie THEILLERE
December 6 1901Birth of Pierre Marcel CHARVET
July 9 1903Birth of Jeanne DUFETRE
October 26 1903Birth of Joseph SAVOIE
November 23 1905Marriage between Jean Louis DAILLY and Marie LAVAL
March 20 1909Birth of Claude LUZY
February 6 1911Marriage between Aimé DUBOST and Claudine DAILLY
July 29 1911Birth of Jean Louis SAVOIE
September 7 1912Birth of Francine Yvonne LUZY
February 27 1914Birth of Maria Albertine LUZY
August 31 1916Birth of Joséphine Marcelle LUZY
March 15 1918Birth of Marie Louise LUZY
July 24 1920Marriage between François CHAMPAGNON and Francine MICHON
July 24 1920Marriage between François CHAMPAGNON and Francine MICHON
July 12 1920Birth of Jean Marie François LUZY
December 30 1920Marriage between Louis DEGUEURSE and Hélène DUBOST
March 1 1922Birth of Alexandrine Benoite LUZY
June 4 1923Birth of Georgette Marie Claudine LUZY
October 17 1924Birth of Jean Louis POYET
March 10 1925Birth of Marcelle Elise SIRE
March 18 1956Death of Philippe BOULET
May 11 1960Death of Marie Louise LARGE
December 19 1966Death of Jean Louis Claude DUFETRE
May 1 1967Death of Marie Joséphine LARGE


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