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Laizé (France)

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about 1866Birth of Françoise COQUILLAT
November 8 1796Birth of Jacques REVILLON
January 18 1858Death of Philibert RUET
April 24 1861Birth of Marguerite DUSSAUGE
July 21 1864Birth of Antoine BOUCHERIE
September 22 1876Birth of Marie Claudine TROUILLET
December 17 1877Birth of Antoine LUZY
May 17 1885Marriage between Louis LEVIGNE and Jeannette SANGOUARD
December 28 1897Marriage between François LAPALUS and Marie Claudine Antoinette RONGIER
September 5 1898Marriage between Antoine THENON and Joséphine DELAYE
November 21 1900Death of Marguerite CHATENAY
January 17 1933Marriage between Louis Félix DENOGENT and Marie MAZOYER
May 31 1956Death of Marie JAMBON


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