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Leynes (France)

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1920Birth of Marie Claudette SANGOUARD
1921Birth of Louise Suzanne SANGOUARD
about 1786Birth of Marie RETY
calculated 1745Birth of Pierre RETY
calculated 1771Birth of Marie BELLARD
1928Birth of Paulette POYET
1929Birth of Claude Marie POYET
1931Birth of Raymond POYET
1932Birth of Yvonne POYET
1933Birth of René Louis POYET
1921Birth of Gabriel LAGUETTE
1923Birth of Joannès LAGUETTE
1930Birth of Lucienne LAGUETTE
1914Birth of Francine LACHARME
1849Birth of Jean Pierre GEOFFRE
1913Birth of Adèle BOUCHACOURT
1910Birth of Jean Marie COMBEPINE
1913Birth of Marie Rose COMBEPINE
1917Birth of Henriette COMBEPINE
1894Birth of Marie Louise JUSSEAU
calculated 1713Birth of Benoit GUERIN
calculated 1803Birth of Magdeleine PERRACHON
1911Birth of Marie Léontine BOUCHACOURT
1892Birth of Marie Antoinette THEVENET
1893Birth of Philiberte DAILLY
calculated 1795Birth of Jeanne Marie RAT
1903Birth of Marie DUFOUR
1905Birth of Francisque DUFOUR
1908Birth of Jeanne DUFOUR
1909Birth of Claudius DUFOUR
1904Birth of Jeanne Marie LACHARME
1903Birth of Ferdinand THEVENET
1907Birth of Jeanne COMBEPINE
1903Birth of Marie Antoinette BOULET
1907Birth of Barthélémy BOULET
1908Birth of Jean François LAROCHETTE
1899Birth of Marie CLAIRET
?Death of Jeanne Marie Thérèse LAPLACE
?Death of Anne THEVENET
?Death of Benoit BALVET
November 23 1762Marriage between Philibert SANGOUARD and Agathe COLVRAY
November 23 1762Marriage between Jean LAROCHETTE and Marie MARGERAND
August 1 1774Birth of Pierre RETY
December 8 1780Birth of Julien PERRIER
March 14 1785Birth of Jean Baptiste RETY
September 5 1789Birth of Jean Pierre SPAY
July 18 1791Birth of Jean Etienne PASQUIER
April 19 1793Birth of Jeanne PEROUSSET
September 12 1793Birth of Pierre GAUTHIER
February 12 1796Birth of Anne TOURNIER
July 18 1796Birth of Marie BACHELARD
April 26 1802Birth of Anne BACCOT
January 13 1804Birth of Philiberte BACCOT
April 2 1804Death of Julien PERRIER
February 24 1805Marriage between Jean Baptiste SANGOUARD and Anne JACQUET
October 16 1805Birth of Benoit LACOURTABLAISE
October 6 1806Birth of Pierre RAT
July 25 1807Birth of Antoine DUFOUR
July 1 1807Death of Antoine GAUTHIER
October 23 1807Birth of Benoit SANGOUARD
November 8 1808Birth of Jeanne PLUMET
March 15 1813Marriage between Jean Pierre SPAY and Anne TOURNIER
January 30 1814Death of Henriette GUERIN
May 14 1815Birth of Marie COMBIER
November 29 1815Marriage between Antoine LEMONON and Marie BACHELARD
February 20 1817Birth of Claude LAROCHETTE
May 17 1820Birth of Pierre BRUN
July 28 1825Birth of Vincent SPAY
October 15 1826Death of Jean Pierre SPAY
February 17 1827Marriage between Jean DUPONT and Jeanne PLUMET
September 5 1833Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
November 2 1835Birth of Catherine LAMAIN
September 30 1836Birth of Anne SANGOUARD
October 1 1836Death of Anne SANGOUARD
October 24 1837Birth of Jean Baptiste SANGOUARD
November 18 1838Marriage between Antoine AUDAIN and Marie COMBIER
March 18 1839Death of Benoit SANGOUARD
April 4 1839Birth of Claude TOUTANT
May 16 1839Birth of Jean Louis CHAMPEAUX
March 29 1840Death of Jean Baptiste SANGOUARD
July 27 1841Birth of Jean Marie LAROCHETTE
April 8 1844Birth of Jeanne Marie SANTE
May 7 1844Death of Marie THOMAS
December 19 1847Death of Marie MONTMARTIN
January 7 1848Birth of Benoit LAPLACE
January 2 1848Birth of Marie SANTE
March 17 1848Death of Anne TOURNIER
November 9 1848Death of Marie SANTE
March 26 1849Birth of Joseph MARTIN
October 15 1849Birth of Marie Françoise BACHELARD
July 20 1850Birth of Anne DAMET
November 29 1850Birth of Jean Pierre JUSSEAU
October 10 1852Death of Jean DAMET
August 27 1853Marriage between Vincent SPAY and Françoise PLUMET
March 23 1854Death of Etiennette DUFOUR
April 10 1854Birth of Jacques GUERIN
October 28 1855Birth of Marie Claudine GAUTHIER
February 7 1857Birth of Philippe MARTIN
January 13 1859Birth of Claude Benoit MARTIN
March 28 1860Birth of Annette CHARVET
November 19 1863Marriage between Jean Marie LAROCHETTE and Jeanne Marie SANTE
December 9 1864Birth of François POCHON
April 21 1866Death of Claude AUGOYAT
May 10 1866Death of Jean JUILLARD
February 17 1867Death of Françoise PLUMET
November 16 1868Birth of Claude MORIN
March 11 1869Marriage between Jean DELORME and Marie REVILLON
August 30 1869Marriage between Vincent SPAY and Catherine SANGOUARD
March 29 1871Death of Marie VINCENT
June 4 1871Death of Pierre THEVENET
August 1 1871Death of Marie Anne SAUNIER
April 2 1872Birth of Marie Marguerite JAMBON
July 9 1873Birth of Jacques PASSOT
January 10 1875Birth of Jean Marie DELORME
March 17 1875Birth of Claudine JANIN
April 21 1875Birth of Jeanne Marie Claudine BARDIN
May 21 1875Birth of Joséphine LANEYRIE
May 13 1875Marriage between Jean Marie DAILLIER and Marie Françoise BACHELARD
December 22 1875Marriage between Jean Pierre JUSSEAU and Mariette CHAGNY
March 15 1876Death of Marie Françoise DEBORDE
July 25 1876Death of Jean Marie LAROCHETTE
May 13 1877Birth of Marie VINCENT
July 11 1877Marriage between Jean Jacques DUPOUX and Jeanne Marie SANTE
October 8 1878Death of Marie Claudine BOUILLARD
January 1 1879Birth of Jean François LACHARME
February 26 1879Birth of Catherine BRIDET
February 3 1879Marriage between Joseph MARTIN and Annette CHAGNY
September 21 1879Death of Vincent SPAY
April 10 1880Birth of Marie Célestine SEVE
May 3 1880Birth of Claudine BRAILLON
August 25 1880Birth of Marie DARGAUD
December 9 1880Birth of Claudius FAILLANT
February 17 1882Marriage between Antoine LAFOND and Annette CHARVET
May 1 1882Death of Jeanne Marie SANTE
January 14 1886Birth of Jeanne Marie DUPOUX
May 22 1886Death of Marie Louise AUGOYAT
November 17 1886Marriage between Benoit Jean Marie PECHARD and Benoite PARDON
February 28 1889Birth of Jeanne Marie PECHARD
September 19 1889Birth of Maria DUPOUX
October 13 1890Birth of Marie Louise CARLE
August 5 1891Birth of Claude MARTIN
November 5 1891Birth of Julie BOULET
April 13 1893Birth of Jean BOULET
September 8 1893Death of Huguette GONON
December 14 1893Marriage between Claude MORIN and Philiberte Marie DAILLY
March 31 1894Birth of Claudius BOUILLARD
May 28 1894Birth of Julie DUPOUX
June 11 1894Birth of Philippe BOULET
April 7 1895Death of Etienne BRAILLON
July 8 1895Birth of Joseph PECHARD
July 1 1895Birth of Jeanne BOULET
July 21 1896Birth of Marie BLANCHARD
March 31 1897Death of Claude CHARVET
November 26 1897Marriage between Antoine GONON and Marie VINCENT
February 16 1898Death of Marie Etiennette SANGOUARD
September 8 1898Birth of Jean Pierre CORNELOUP
November 24 1898Marriage between Pierre TERRIER and Marie DARGAUD
June 8 1899Marriage between François BRAILLON and Jeanne Marie CHEVROT
October 21 1899Marriage between Jacques PASSOT and Mariette PHILIBERT
November 15 1899Marriage between Philibert Jean JANOT and Catherine BRIDET
February 6 1900Marriage between Julien Vincent ESCOFFIER and Marie Louise BLETON
March 15 1900Birth of Louis CORNELOUP
March 4 1900Birth of Antoine BOUILLARD
June 6 1900Birth of Philippe Marie BENAS
December 30 1901Birth of Maria GONON
February 22 1902Death of Catherine SANGOUARD
May 13 1902Birth of Maria CORNELOUP
November 27 1902Marriage between Jean Louis DAILLY and Benoite SAVOIE
October 15 1903Death of François COMBEPINE
October 29 1903Marriage between Jean Marie LARDET and Claudine Eugénie GOYARD
February 3 1907Marriage between Jean Marie ADOUARD and Françoise FORESTIER
December 17 1908Marriage between Jean Baptiste Victor LACONDEMINE and Marie Antonia Stella dite Maria LAROCHETTE
July 22 1909Marriage between Joseph JUILLARD and Jeanne Félicie GREPET
March 20 1911Marriage between Jean BALVAY and Françoise LESPINASSE
November 29 1912Marriage between Louis Michel CHARNAY and Marie Louise CARLE
November 8 1919Marriage between Louis CROT and Marie BLANCHARD
August 19 1920Birth of André DUPONT
November 6 1920Marriage between Antoine VERNUS and Marguerite SANGOUARD
December 27 1920Marriage between Pierre Marie Joseph GAUTHIER and Jeanne BOULET
May 9 1921Marriage between Auguste GAUTHIER and Julie BOULET
January 17 1923Birth of Jeanne DUPONT
May 5 1923Marriage between Henri VINCENT and Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
February 22 1924Birth of Jean Antoine SANGOUARD
November 22 1924Marriage between Aimé Félix GAILLARD and Marie Jeanne Antoinette SANGOUARD
August 9 1926Birth of Maurice DUPONT
September 17 1926Marriage between Claude Marie GUILLOUX and Jeanne CHATINEL
February 23 1930Death of Antoinette MELINAND
May 28 1932Marriage between Pierre LAROCHETTE and Anne Marie MARTIN
September 27 1937Marriage between Claudius CHAINTREUIL and Amélie GILOUX
October 7 1942Death of Marie Antoinette JUILLARD
April 22 1944Marriage between Benoit VAILLY and Marie CHAINTREUIL
March 16 1949Death of Françoise MAHUET
July 19 1950Death of Jean Claude MORIN
December 26 1950Death of Pierre Marie LAGUETTE
February 10 1953Death of Antoine GONON
August 10 1955Death of Marie Fanie BACOT
May 22 1956Death of Anna DAUMAS
January 5 1957Death of Jacques PASSOT
February 17 1962Death of Philomène SANGOUARD
March 27 1970Death of Benoite SAVOIE
July 7 1974Death of Marie Etiennette GONON
August 18 1974Death of Marie Claudine LARDET
August 24 1977Death of Françoise CHAMPAGNON
August 5 1982Death of Marie Louise BRIDAY
July 30 2005Marriage between Christophe TOURNISSOUX and Béatrice SANGOUARD


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