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Sainte-Cécile (France)

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about 1690Birth of Marie DELORME
calculated 1813Birth of Etiennette Claudine DESROCHES
about 1764Birth of Jeanne MAZOYER
about 1831Birth of Jeanne dite Jeannette BOURRAT
calculated 1803Birth of Ursule GRILLET
calculated 1813Birth of Marie MICHON
calculated 1801Birth of Jeanne MATRAY
calculated 1816Birth of Benoit MYARD
about 1810Birth of Jean LAVENIR
1908Birth of Laurence DELORME
?Death of Claude BOURRAT
?Death of Pierre RENAUD
January 26 1677Marriage between Emiland PRUDON and Pierrette VINCENT
December 14 1677Birth of Françoise DESROCHES
March 1 1682Birth of Nicolas COCHET
November 9 1696Birth of Antoinette GRILLET
February 15 1706Marriage between Nicolas COCHET and Jeanne POINT
February 2 1707Birth of Jeanne COCHET
February 24 1713Birth of Catherine DUBOIS
February 12 1725Marriage between Claude LITAUDON and Marie DESROCHES
January 17 1730Marriage between Emiliand PRUDON and Jeanne COCHET
November 21 1732Death of Sébastienne MILLARD
January 25 1736Birth of Claude THOMAS
June 5 1742Marriage between Pierre TARLET and Catherine DUBOIS
April 11 1746Birth of Jacques MARTIN
June 26 1751Death of Benoit THOMAS
February 21 1752Birth of Magdeleine MARTIN
December 15 1755Death of Nicolas COCHET
July 9 1756Birth of Claude JANDIN
February 1 1757Death of Jeanne POINT
November 12 1759Birth of Claudine CHAINTREUIL
July 12 1762Marriage between François DUPASQUIER and Aimée NONNIN
March 7 1769Death of Toussaint DUCROUX
November 22 1770Birth of Jacques AUDIN
July 30 1776Marriage between Pierre DEMOULE and Marie Anne ROLLET
January 27 1777Marriage between Claude THOMAS and Claudine NONIN
October 12 1778Death of Antoinette GRILLET
October 3 1780Death of Aimée NONNIN
December 28 1780Birth of Jean GALLAND
May 4 1785Death of Jacques THOMAS
July 22 1785Birth of Joseph JANDIN
November 15 1785Marriage between Jacques CHARLET and Claudine CHAINTREUIL
May 16 1786Marriage between Claude LAPALUS and Antoinette LAMAIN
September 21 1787Birth of Benoit RENAUD
February 8 1791Marriage between Joseph DUTHION and Jeanne MAZOYER
April 20 1791Birth of Marie MARTIN
February 7 1792Death of Jacques MARTIN
March 21 1795Birth of Benoit THOMAS
February 23 1798Death of Françoise RAFFIN
May 24 1800Death of Louis MARTIN
May 31 1801Birth of Pierre CHEVRIER
June 25 1802Birth of Marie BERNARD
October 8 1804Birth of Marie LAVENIR
March 28 1806Birth of Claude Antoine GALLAND
May 5 1806Death of Nicolas LAVENIR
March 15 1812Birth of Jeanne CHAINTREUIL
May 29 1813Death of Jean LARGE
November 4 1815Birth of Claudine LARDY
March 6 1816Birth of Etienne SANGLARD
August 18 1816Birth of Louis MATRAY
May 10 1818Birth of Nicolas THOMAS
February 9 1819Birth of Françoise SANGLARD
March 15 1820Birth of Elizabeth MAGNIN
February 8 1823Death of Magdeleine DESROCHES
September 2 1823Birth of Jacques MOREAU
October 10 1823Death of Claudine PRETESAC
February 3 1830Birth of Jean Louis THOMAS
August 30 1830Birth of Claude MOREAU
April 12 1831Death of Philibert CHEVRIER
July 3 1831Marriage between Claude Antoine GALLAND and Jeanne Marie BERTHELON
December 24 1832Birth of Jeanne DEMOULE
April 30 1833Death of Nicole MANIERE
July 26 1836Birth of Jean Baptiste MYARD
October 22 1842Birth of Claudine ROLLET
April 27 1843Death of Benoit THOMAS
April 26 1843Death of Benoit THOMAS
August 20 1844Birth of Pierre Marie ROBERJOT
November 21 1844Marriage between Antoine DENOJEAN and Nicole THOMAS
January 3 1845Birth of Reine FELIX
October 16 1846Birth of Jean Marie PERROUSSET
November 8 1854Birth of Françoise ROLLET
April 5 1856Birth of Benoit BAILLE
January 21 1857Death of Pierre PROST
March 28 1858Death of Denise Antoinette LAVENIR
October 30 1858Marriage between Claude MOREAU and Anna LACONDEMINE
March 24 1859Marriage between Jean Baptiste MYARD and Claudine ROLLET
June 26 1860Birth of Claudine BRAILLON
July 14 1860Birth of Antoinette MYARD
February 22 1861Death of Claude Marie DENOJEAN
July 27 1862Birth of Françoise MYARD
July 20 1864Birth of Jean Marie Gabriel GABILLET
August 27 1864Birth of Gabriel ROBERJOT
August 27 1868Birth of Benoit MYARD
December 16 1868Marriage between Jean Baptiste LACOURTABLAISE and Reine FELIX
February 21 1870Birth of Marie Marguerite DESCHIZEAUX
May 19 1870Birth of Claude MONTANGERAND
December 19 1870Death of Marie DELORME
May 22 1871Marriage between Jean Pierre LACONDEMINE and Jeanne Marie BONIN
May 4 1871Death of Louis LACONDEMINE
March 1 1872Birth of Jean BERNAUD
January 28 1873Marriage between Denis TARLET and Jeanne LAMAIN
December 8 1873Death of Jean AULAS
December 27 1873Birth of Claudine TARLET
February 22 1874Birth of Marie MAGNIERE
May 16 1877Birth of Marie RAFFIN
November 29 1877Birth of Jean Louis ROBERJOT
April 17 1878Birth of Colette ROLLET
April 16 1878Birth of Jacques MOREAU
September 30 1878Marriage between Jean Marie JAMBON and Antoinette MYARD
October 5 1878Death of Marie Fanny GOUTORBE
January 16 1879Death of Jeanne Marie PHILIBERT
January 29 1880Birth of Jacques LAGRANGE
April 21 1881Marriage between François CHAPUY and Françoise ROLLET
May 27 1882Death of Sophie BOLIVARD
June 15 1882Marriage between Jean LATOUR and Françoise MYARD
January 4 1884Death of Benoite BRAILLON
February 12 1893Marriage between Jean Marie DUTRONC and Marie TRIBOULET
May 27 1893Birth of Joseph MONTANGERAND
November 17 1893Marriage between Jean Marie VOUILLON and Marie MAGNIERE
November 1 1896Birth of Marie Claudine MONTANGERAND
February 3 1898Marriage between Jean Marie THEVENET and Marie RAFFIN
August 27 1898Birth of Jean Marie MARTIN
September 9 1898Death of Etienne LAISSU
February 23 1900Death of Anna LACONDEMINE
January 27 1901Birth of Antonine LAISSU
April 16 1901Birth of Louise Gabrielle MONTANGERAND
April 28 1904Birth of Jean Stéphane LAISSU
May 31 1907Birth of René LAISSU
January 12 1911Marriage between Claude SANGOY and Jeanne Marie PONCET
October 18 1911Death of Marie BESSON
August 31 1917Marriage between Claude Marie PARDON and Jeanne PROUTY
May 14 1919Marriage between Pierre Nicolas Philippe MICHEL and Marie Thérèse LAISSU
May 26 1922Marriage between Jean Marie MARTIN and Anna LAMBERT
March 17 1923Marriage between Louis Auguste Marcel MAUGAIN and Clotilde CHATELET
April 5 1924Marriage between Claudius LAPALUS and Gabrielle ROBERJOT
January 11 1937Death of Eugène LAISSU
January 5 1941Death of Françoise DELORME
October 11 1952Marriage between Maurice Flavy PAUPE and Pauline Marguerite LESPINASSE
June 20 1955Death of Antonine LAISSU
July 5 1961Death of Marie Augustine PERRAUD
January 2 1965Death of Claudius LAPALUS
September 24 1968Death of Jacques LAGRANGE
April 29 1972Marriage between Raymond NICOLLET and Pauline Marguerite LESPINASSE
November 25 1982Death of Pauline Marguerite LESPINASSE


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