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Saint-Léger-sous-la-Bussière (France)

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about 1700Birth of Jean LAFAY 430
about 1722Birth of Louise BERTHOUD
calculated 1730Birth of Vincelette GEORGES
1906Birth of Francis Claudius TERRIER
about 1771Birth of Henri JAFFRE
about 1773Birth of Marie AUGOYAT
about 1804Birth of Marie LAROCHETTE
about 1806Birth of Jean Baptiste LAROCHETTE
about 1650Birth of Claude DESROCHES
about 1610Birth of Claudine DESROCHES
about 1774Birth of Marie BONNETAIN
1909Birth of Germaine Claudia CHEMARIN
about 1754Birth of Antoinette TARLET
about 1723Birth of Claude TARLET
about 1707Birth of Louis CHASSAGNE
about 1655Birth of Aymé MAZILLE
1732Birth of Philibert TARLET
1700Birth of Catherine BOURGEOIS
1688Birth of Louis LESCHERE
calculated 1764Birth of Léger BERTHOUD
calculated 1749Birth of Jean DARGAUD
1760Birth of Claudine GEORGES
about 1752Birth of Marie Anne DUPASQUIER
about 1807Birth of Marie LAROCHETTE
1920Birth of Lucien Marcel DARGAUD
1923Birth of Marius Benoit DARGAUD
about 1717Birth of Jean CHAINTREUIL
1744Birth of Louis CHAINTREUIL
about 1784Birth of Jean Claude CHAINTREUIL
calculated 1771Birth of Jeanne Magdeleine DUSSAUGE
about 1706Birth of Louis DESROCHES
about 1722Birth of Antoine TARLET
about 1751Birth of Jeanne TARLET
about 1708Birth of Henri TARLET
about 1710Birth of Philibert TARLET
about 1716Birth of Georges TARLET
about 1725Birth of Marie JOLIVET
about 1718Birth of Gabrielle TARLET
calculated 1762Birth of Pierre PHILIBERT
1767Birth of Jacques LACONDEMINE
1831Birth of François CHARVET
1839Birth of Claude CHARVET
about 1803Birth of Jeanne Marie PHILIBERT
1834Birth of Marie-Rosalie LACONDEMINE
calculated 1781Birth of Vincent SANGOIR
April 1662Birth of Louys DES ROCHES
May 1788Birth of Pierre DESROCHES
1829Birth of Benoit DESROCHES
calculated 1826Birth of Jean Marie DESROCHES
1689Birth of Claude CHAINTREUIL
about 1697Birth of Pierrette DESPLACES
about 1698Birth of Benoit DESPLACES
about 1793Birth of Louis LAROCHETTE
about 1680Birth of Claude MAZILLE
about 1655Birth of Michel NAVAIZARD
about 1720Birth of Antoinette CHAINTREUIL
1716Birth of Jeanne COLEVRAY
1828Birth of Gabriel ROUX
1818Birth of Jean PRETESAC
1740Birth of Nicole TARLET
1733Birth of Marie MUZARD
about 1830Birth of Antoinette DESROCHES
1922Birth of Maurice LAFFAY
1923Birth of Emilienne LAFFAY
1852Birth of Pierre CHAINTREUIL
1798Birth of Antoinette TARLET
1800Birth of Françoise TARLET
1633Birth of Benoit MAGNIN
1741Birth of Jeanne TARLET
1744Birth of Claude TARLET
about 1747Birth of Marie TARLET
1748Birth of Jacques TARLET
about 1751Birth of Marie TARLET
about 1775Birth of Antoinette GUILLOUX
about 1665Birth of Michelette CHAINTREUIL
1810Birth of Jean LAURENT
calculated 1770Birth of Laurent TOUTANT
calculated 1779Birth of Benoit BOURGEOIS
calculated 1766Birth of Catherine ROLLIER
about 1843Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
1799Birth of Joseph SANGOUARD
1877Birth of Anne BONNETAIN
about 1769Birth of Jeanne ou Marie Marceline CORNIER
about 1854Birth of Jeanne DUMOULIN
March 1812Birth of Jeanne Marie MAGNIN
calculated 1762Birth of Jean ROTIVEL
about 1769Birth of Vincent DUCROT
about 1815Birth of Annette BACCOT
about 1796Birth of Marie LAROCHETTE
about 1802Birth of Philiberte THEVENET
calculated 1740Birth of Georges CINQUIN
about 1738Birth of Benoit BOUILLET
about 1754Birth of Claudine CHERVET
about 1752Birth of François NAVAIZARD
about 1749Birth of Marie Anne BURTIN
calculated 1808Birth of Magdeleine BERTHOUD
calculated 1751Birth of Benoite DESROCHES
calculated 1767Birth of Marceline DARGAUD
calculated 1755Birth of Marie MAGNIN
calculated 1761Birth of Marie Anne PROTERY
calculated 1760Birth of Marceline DUCROUX
calculated 1756Birth of Marguerite DARGAUD
calculated 1753Birth of Jeanne NAVAIZARD
about 1777Birth of Marie LAVENIR
calculated 1782Birth of Louis TARLET
calculated 1753Birth of Benoite BERTHOUD
calculated 1795Birth of Jean Marie CORNIER
calculated 1765Birth of Marie MONCHANAY
about 1829Birth of Philibert LAVENIR
about 1851Birth of Etienne MONTANGERAND
about 1784Birth of Jeanne Marie NAVAIZARD
about 1833Birth of Madeleine THEVENET
about 1830Birth of Louis BENAS
calculated 1767Birth of Etienne CINQUIN
about 1826Birth of Jeanne CINQUIN
about 1826Birth of Victoire BENAS
about 1878Birth of Marie Antoinette COLLONGES
calculated 1841Birth of Jean Marie DUFOUR
April 1808Birth of Philibert PHILIBERT
about 1806Birth of Antoinette MATRAY
calculated 1803Birth of Jacques LAFFAY
calculated 1791Birth of Benoite LAROCHETTE
calculated 1770Birth of Vincelette DESROCHES
about 1806Birth of Marie AUGOYAT
calculated 1767Birth of Henriette PAQUELET
calculated 1771Birth of Philiberte BOUILLET
1812Birth of Pierre LAPIERRE
calculated 1791Birth of Antoinette PICOLET
calculated 1777Birth of Benoite BONNETAIN
about 1794Birth of Etiennette LAFFAY
about 1761Birth of Philibert NAVAIZARD
about 1764Birth of Louise JAFFRE
1782Birth of Jeanne Marie CINQUIN
about 1801Birth of Brigitte LARDY
about 1770Birth of Jean JAFFRE
?Birth of Anne PHILIBERT
calculated 1752Birth of Benoite PROTERY
calculated 1742Birth of Jean PRADET
calculated 1754Birth of Benoite BONNETAIN
about 1735Birth of Claire LARDY
about 1781Birth of Françoise AUGOYAT
about 1779Birth of Pierrette BERTHOUD
calculated 1779Birth of Benoite PROTERY
about 1820Birth of Louis MAGNIN
about 1769Birth of Denise AUGOYAT
about 1795Birth of Françoise BENAS
calculated 1756Birth of Emery VIVIER
?Birth of Marie Anne JANIN
about 1754Birth of Marie THEVENET
about 1764Birth of Benoit TRIBOLET
about 1841Birth of Marie Antoinette VOUILLON
about 1833Birth of Claude LAPIERRE
about 1839Birth of Claudine VALENTIN
about 1774Birth of Jacques DELHOMME
about 1768Birth of Joséphète ou Josette DUSSAUGE
about 1758Birth of Jacques BERTHOUD
calculated 1789Birth of Claudine LAPIERRE
about 1798Birth of Jacques DELHOMME
about 1816Birth of Antoine DEROCHE
about 1817Birth of Pierrette VALENTIN
about 1814Birth of Jean Marie VALENTIN
about 1809Birth of Jean Marie PHILIBERT
about 1833Birth of Louis AUDIN
about 1855Birth of Marie BERTHOUD
about 1804Birth of Jean TARLET
about 1804Birth of Claude DESROCHES
about 1796Birth of Marie DESROCHE
about 1751Birth of Antoinette CINQUIN
calculated 1801Birth of Marie TRIBOLLET
calculated 1787Birth of Claude GEORGES
calculated 1769Birth of Jacques CONDEMINE
calculated 1786Birth of Benoite GENTY
calculated 1788Birth of Jean BENAS
calculated 1736Birth of Marguerite DUPAQUIER
about 1753Birth of Marie BRUN
calculated 1877Birth of Marie Claudine JAFFRE
calculated 1851Birth of Claude PRETESAC
calculated 1823Birth of Jean MAGNIN
calculated 1851Birth of Jean DARGAUD
calculated 1874Birth of Louise MALATIER
calculated 1814Birth of Jeanne Marie MAGNIN
calculated 1826Birth of Jean CORNIER
calculated 1819Birth of Jean Baptiste PHILIBERT
calculated 1766Birth of Benoite BRAILLON
calculated 1803Birth of Claudine BERTHOUD
calculated 1821Birth of Claude Marie PHILIBERT
calculated 1805Birth of Pierre PHILIBERT
calculated 1826Birth of Pierre BERTHOUD
calculated 1817Birth of Jean Marie LAPIERRE
calculated 1783Birth of Marie BENAS
calculated 1806Birth of Jeanne Marie NAVAIZARD
calculated 1770Birth of Catherine BERTHOUD
calculated 1789Birth of Marceline TARLET
calculated 1759Birth of Charles Vincent CHERVET
calculated 1793Birth of Benoite THEVENET
calculated 1738Birth of Antoinette AUGOYAT
calculated 1756Birth of Henriette CHAINTREUIL
calculated 1718Birth of Jean SAPALY
calculated 1746Birth of Magdelaine SAPALY
calculated 1745Birth of Claire DELORME
calculated 1743Birth of Benoite JAFFRE
calculated 1776Birth of Marie DELORME
calculated 1790Birth of Marie DROIN
calculated 1819Birth of Benoite BOUCAUD
calculated 1748Birth of Philibert BENAS
calculated 1716Birth of Marie CHERVET
calculated 1734Birth of Claudine DEDIEU
calculated 1752Birth of Nicole ou Colette SEVELINGE
about 1856Birth of Jean Marie BAIZET
1874Birth of Charles ROUX
1921Birth of Emile TERRIER
1924Birth of Joanny TERRIER
1929Birth of Henri TERRIER
1876Birth of Claude METRAT
1881Birth of Laurent DELORME
1870Birth of Vincent CONDEMINE
1894Birth of Marie Claudine JAFFRE
1896Birth of Marie Louise JAFFRE
1904Birth of Auguste JAFFRE
1905Birth of Emilie JAFFRE
1908Birth of Claudia BESSON
1904Birth of Louise CHAINTREUIL
1904Birth of Jeanne BRAILLON
1906Birth of Louise Yvonne BRAILLON
1903Birth of Léon BRAILLON
1909Birth of André BRAILLON
1911Birth of Marcelle Marie BRAILLON
1924Birth of Maurice RAY
1916Birth of Marcelle Olga PERRET
1908Birth of Antonin GRIZARD
1921Birth of Marguerite Marie Hélène DARGAUD
1892Birth of Jean Baptiste Marius DELHOMME
1918Birth of Francine NOLY
about 1797Birth of Jeanne Marie RENAUD
1912Birth of Louis RAQUIN
1905Birth of Emile BATIME
calculated 1740Birth of Marie SEVELINGE
about 1751Birth of Benoite BERTHOUD
calculated 1755Birth of Antoinette LAFOND
1886Birth of Jeanne Marie GRIZARD
about 1759Birth of Claire GUILLOUX
calculated 1800Birth of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
calculated 1800Birth of Jean Pierre CORNIER
calculated 1779Birth of Jean DESROCHES
calculated 1782Birth of Jean BRAILLON
1921Birth of Alexandre BERGERON
1927Birth of Marcel BERGERON
1934Birth of Odette BERGERON
1925Birth of Alice PHILIBERT
1920Birth of Eugène Benoit DELHOMME
1927Birth of Charles Aimé DELHOMME
1919Birth of Joannès DELAYE
1932Birth of Jean Benoit CINQUIN
1933Birth of Germaine CINQUIN
1919Birth of Eugénie LAPALUS
1920Birth of Lucienne DESPRES
1918Birth of Joanny DELHOMME
1920Birth of Marius DELHOMME
1925Birth of Claudius DELHOMME
1929Birth of Alice DELHOMME
1917Birth of Marie DARGAUD
1903Birth of Jean Marie JAFFRE
1931Birth of Odette JAFFRE
1939Birth of Julien JAFFRE
1935Birth of André JAFFRE
1915Birth of Anne Marie DESCOMBES
1919Birth of Isabelle DESCOMBES
1911Birth of Jean CHAINTREUIL
1920Birth of Madeleine CHAINTREUIL
1909Birth of Augustine DELAYE
1928Birth of Denise JAFFRE
1930Birth of Marcel André JAFFRE
1931Birth of Renée JAFFRE
1933Birth of Jean JAFFRE
1935Birth of Germaine JAFFRE
1929Birth of Simone DEPARIS
1932Birth of Andrée DEPARIS
1934Birth of Lucien DEPARIS
1910Birth of Marius PASSOT
1935Birth of Maurice PASSOT
1915Birth of Pierre Marie THOMAS
1918Birth of Francine THOMAS
1928Birth of Thérèse THOMAS
1910Birth of René COMBIER
1922Birth of Jean RAFFIN
1931Birth of Joannès RAFFIN
1916Birth of Jeanne Germaine THOMAS
1926Birth of Yvonne Andrée THOMAS
1919Birth of Raymonde LATOUR
1900Birth of Claude Benoit BACOT
1895Birth of Francine BACOT
1897Birth of Jean BACOT
1905Birth of Rose BACOT
1903Birth of Marie Claudia BACOT
1899Birth of Jean Lucien BACOT
1907Birth of Jeanne Marcelle BACOT
1906Birth of Alfred BERTHOUD
1909Birth of Angeline BERTHOUD
1908Birth of Marie DELAYE
1935Birth of Maurice BERTHOUD
1922Birth of Andrée LIODENOT
1923Birth of Odette LIODENOT
1924Birth of André AUFRAND
1925Birth of Marcel AUFRAND
1929Birth of René AUFRAND
1909Birth of Marguerite JAFFRE
1906Birth of Ernest AUGOYAT
1914Birth of Zoé DELAYE
1935Birth of Paul AUGOYAT
1907Birth of Marius JAMBON
1908Birth of Philibert COLLONGE
1915Birth of Marius BONNETAIN
1929Birth of Lucien MARTIN
1922Birth of Marie MICHAUD
1921Birth of Yvonne PARDON
1923Birth of Roger PARDON
1926Birth of Antoine PARDON
1911Birth of Maria Laurence QUIRA
1916Birth of Florian QUIRA
1907Birth of Joanny DESROCHES
1922Birth of Jean LATOUR
1926Birth of Irénée LATOUR
1906Birth of Jean Marie BESSON
1934Birth of Alexandre Jean DENOGENT
1924Birth of Marie Louise SARRAZIN
1926Birth of Marcelle SARRAZIN
1928Birth of Marthe SARRAZIN
1929Birth of Suzanne SARRAZIN
1883Birth of Pierre Louis LAFFAY
calculated 1878Birth of Antoine JANIN
calculated 1880Birth of Marie Claudine JANIN
calculated 1882Birth of Marie Joséphine BONNETAIN
calculated 1882Birth of Marie Antoinette AULAS
calculated 1857Birth of Jean Marie RUET
February 1884Birth of Marie Léonie CHARVET
?Birth of Etienne MATRAY
calculated 1851Birth of Jean Claude DESCAILLOT
calculated 1816Birth of Marie Françoise DUCROT
calculated 1853Birth of Marie Françoise DUCROT
calculated 1816Birth of Louis CINQUIN
calculated 1849Birth of Louis DUFOUR
calculated 1757Birth of Benoite BENAT
about 1738Birth of Philiberte PHILIBERT
about 1762Birth of Benoit THEVENET
1917Birth of Marie Odile LAPALUS
calculated 1783Birth of Jeanne CHERVET
calculated 1815Birth of Claudine BALVAY
1912Birth of Jeanne Marcelle MARTINOT
about 1786Birth of Jean Marie TARDY
calculated 1864Birth of Eulalie THORAND
calculated 1873Birth of Marie Louise CINQUIN
1929Birth of Michel de MALGLAIVE
about 1920Birth of Fernande CORBIERE
calculated 1803Birth of Marie BACOT
about 1774Birth of Catherine BERTHOUD
about 1795Birth of Philibert LACONDEMINE
about 1808Birth of Anne DESROCHES
calculated 1897Birth of Jeanne Marie GELIN
calculated 1780Birth of Jacques PERRET
calculated 1760Birth of Jeanne PETIT
calculated 1826Birth of Marie RUET
calculated 1808Birth of Angélique RUET
about 1815Birth of Jean RUET
about 1805Birth of Pierre François RUET
calculated 1857Birth of Claudine RUET
about 1807Birth of Jean AULAS
about 1804Birth of Françoise AUGOYAT
about 1796Birth of Pierre ROLLIER
calculated 1792Birth of Philiberte SEVELINGE
calculated 1830Birth of Philippe BESSON
calculated 1831Birth of Marie BOUCAUD
about 1797Birth of Jacques CHEMARIN
calculated 1796Birth of Marguerite CINQUIN
calculated 1808Birth of Jeanne Marie DESPRES
calculated 1837Birth of Joséphine LAFFAY
calculated 1790Birth of Marie Madeleine MAZOYER
about 1792Birth of Jeanne Marie TARLET
about 1813Birth of Joseph FAILLANT
?Birth of Claude RAFFIN
calculated 1778Birth of Marie DESROCHES
about 1879Birth of Antoine Marie BARRAUD
calculated 1866Birth of François MAHUET
about 1855Birth of Jean Marie DESROCHES
1895Birth of Claudius MALATIER
1898Birth of Gabriel MALATIER
1913Birth of Germaine BRAILLON
1863Birth of Claude PARDON
calculated 1828Birth of Etienne CHAINTREUIL
calculated 1841Birth of Jeanne Marie BONNETAIN
calculated 1838Birth of Claudine CHAINTREUIL
1907Birth of Marie Marthe LAFFAY
May 1897Birth of Jean Louis MALATIER
January 1897Birth of Joseph Marius BELPOMME
July 1898Birth of Eugénie DELHOMME
about January 1898Birth of Charles Antonin LAPALUS
about 1897Birth of Claudia CHAVANNE
calculated 1827Birth of Jean Marie CORNIER
about April 1899Birth of Philibert Eugène LAROCHETTE
calculated 1887Birth of Jeanne Marie VALLET
April 1900Birth of Jean Baptiste BRIDET
May 1900Birth of François CHAVANNE
calculated 1897Birth of Joanny LAPALUS
about April 1900Birth of Jean Marie VOUILLON
calculated 1882Birth of Marie Claudine DESCHIZEAUX
1904Birth of Francine COMBIER
1904Birth of Jeanne Alice JAFFRE
1927Birth of Renée VINCENT
1929Birth of Marthe VINCENT
1927Birth of Marcel VIVIER
1880Birth of Marie Joséphine CHARVET
1906Birth of Joseph Marie VALENTIN
1910Birth of Marcelle DELHOMME
?Death of Claudine GAUTHIER
March 1733Death of Gabrielle JANDARD
1744Death of Louis CHAINTREUIL
1793Death of Marie TERRIER
1759Death of Marie JOLIVET
September 1734Death of Jeanne LACONDEMINE
?Death of Michel NAVAIZARD
1781Death of Benoit TARLET
1710Death of Philiberte MAGNIN
September 1803Death of Joseph SANGOUARD
?Death of Claudine TRICHARD
about 1811Death of Claudine VALENTIN
?Death of Suzanne JUILLARD
?Death of Jean BRAILLON
?Marriage between Louis DESROCHES and Philiberte LAPIERRE
?Marriage between Joannès DUCROT and Irma Claude DARGAUD
about 1715Marriage between Jean DESROCHES and Barthélémie LAPALUS
February 20 1654Event for Louis MAGNIN 874
November 12 1656Marriage between Claude DUPASQUIER and Pierrette PRETESAC
November 25 1657Birth of Angèle MUZARD
December 20 1657Birth of Antoinette DUVERNAY
September 18 1659Birth of Catherine DES ROCHES
January 26 1672Marriage between Denis LAVENIR and Philiberte CHAMPELY
June 5 1673Marriage between Benoist SANGLARD and Reyne DESROCHE
May 12 1674Birth of Catherine SANGLARD
June 19 1674Marriage between Pierre SANGLARD and Dimanche BRAILLON
August 23 1675Event for Claire SANGLARD
March 26 1676Event for Dimanche SANGLARD
September 18 1676Death of Benoit MAGNIN
February 18 1677Birth of Jeanne DUPASQUIER
December 19 1677Birth of Antoine DESROCHES
February 22 1678Birth of Magdeleine LAVENIR
January 9 1679Marriage between Mathieu MAGNIN and Benoite TARLET
March 11 1679Birth of Claude SANGLARD
June 12 1679Marriage between Florent MICHON and Philiberte MAGNIN
May 4 1681Death of Claudine ROLIER ROULLIER
May 8 1681Marriage between Claude MAGNIN and Barbe DESPLACE
October 28 1683Birth of Antoinette ou Etiennette NAVAIZARD
September 12 1684Marriage between René CHAINTREUIL 292 and Philiberte LAVENIR 293
February 22 1685Marriage between Pierre Hilaire DELAFAY 926 and Marie Françoise LARDY 927
April 30 1685Marriage between Simon NAVAIZARD and Philiberte DESROCHES
June 25 1685Marriage between Philibert MARTIN and Antoinette LAVENIR
July 31 1685Marriage between André PRETESAC and Jacqueline FOUILLOUX
January 24 1686Birth of Denis CHAINTREUIL 146
December 7 1686Birth of Benoite LAFAY 463
January 7 1687Marriage between Benoit MUZARD and Marthe Marie MAGNIN
June 4 1687Birth of Jeanne AUFRANC
November 25 1687Birth of Jeanne PRESTESAC
December 29 1687Birth of Marie PRETESAC
February 25 1688Marriage between Jean DELAFAY and Michelette PLATET
February 25 1688Marriage between Pierre PAQUIER and Benoite DELAFAY
February 7 1688Birth of Philippine dite Philippa MICHON
March 6 1688Birth of Louis MUZARD
February 25 1691Marriage between Benoit DELAFAY 860 and Claudine NAVAIZARD 861
September 9 1691Death of Claude ROUX 864
August 17 1693Marriage between Nicolas CHAUDY and Claudine FERRE
October 28 1693Marriage between Honoré FAILLANT and Jeanne LAVENIR
November 15 1693Marriage between Louis THOMAS and Pierrette DUPASQUIER
April 13 1694Birth of Benoit NAVAIZARD
May 12 1694Death of André PRETESAC
July 22 1694Death of Barthélémy DES ROCHES
July 25 1694Death of Benoit PRETESAC
January 19 1695Marriage between Jean GUILLEMIN and Jeanne CHASSAGNE
February 16 1695Birth of Antoinette FAILLANT
November 29 1695Birth of Philibert DESROCHES
June 5 1696Marriage between Charles THEVENET and Michelette PRECLOUX
November 12 1696Birth of Benoite MAGNIN
June 27 1697Death of Michelette PRECLOUX
November 28 1697Birth of Nicolas CORNIER
January 2 1699Birth of Benoit THOMAS
January 7 1699Birth of Pierre THEVENET
March 30 1699Birth of Nicole DESPLACES
August 1 1700Birth of Thomas MUZARD
January 25 1701Death of Benoite PASSOT
February 8 1701Marriage between Claude GEORGES and Jeanne DELAVAL
April 4 1701Marriage between Charles THEVENET and Françoise DUCROT
May 12 1701Marriage between Charles TARLET and Philippine dite Philippa MICHON
September 7 1701Birth of Louis BOURGEOIS
November 22 1701Marriage between Claude SANGLARD and Catherine DUPASQUIER
September 24 1702Death of Claude MAGNIN
November 3 1702Birth of Antoine GEORGES
January 2 1703Birth of François THEVENET
June 26 1703Marriage between Humbert CHAMPELY and Marie PRETESAC
June 19 1703Marriage between Philibert LARDY and Claudine dite Claudia DESBOIS
June 12 1703Marriage between Benoit CHAINTREUIL and Julienne BOURGEOIS
March 4 1704Death of Florent MICHON
April 7 1704Marriage between Julien SAULNIER and Antoinette LAVENIR
June 9 1706Marriage between Charles GUILLEMIN and Claudine PLASSARD
October 23 1706Death of Jeanne LAVENIR
November 3 1706Birth of Benoite BRIAN
January 4 1707Birth of Nicole TARLET
July 4 1707Marriage between Benoit DUPASQUIER and Marguerite DESPLACES
October 23 1707Birth of Antoinette DUPASQUIER
February 23 1708Birth of Antoinette DESPRES
February 7 1708Marriage between Denis DELATOUR and Jeanne DUPASQUIER
February 7 1708Marriage between Denis DELATOUR and Jeanne DUPASQUIER
March 10 1709Birth of Jean GUILLEMIN
November 21 1709Birth of Vincent LATOUR
May 3 1710Death of Nicole MARTIN
October 13 1710Birth of Nicolas DUPASQUIER
October 25 1710Marriage between Philibert DESROCHES and Gabrielle JANDARD
November 17 1710Marriage between Benoit BENAS and Julienne BOURGEOIS
January 8 1711Death of Pierre DUPASQUIER
June 30 1711Birth of Benoit GUILLEMIN
August 25 1711Birth of Claudine BENAS
April 12 1712Marriage between Louis LESCHERE and Jeanne PRESTESAC
May 10 1712Birth of Vincelette GEORGES
May 18 1713Death of Louys DES ROCHES
December 8 1713Death of Pierrette PRETESAC
January 24 1714Birth of Catherine DELATOUR
February 12 1714Marriage between Claude MAGNIN and Antoinette FAILLANT
May 15 1714Marriage between Jacques JANIN and Emilianne THOMAS
July 13 1714Birth of Benoite LESCHERE
October 20 1714Birth of Jeanne TARLET
October 28 1714Birth of Benoit MAZILLE
February 13 1715Death of Etienne LAVAL
June 18 1715Marriage between Pierre Noël MOREL and Marie LAVAL
June 19 1715Marriage between Claude MOREL and Claudine FAVIER
January 14 1716Marriage between Louis MUZARD and Benoite MAGNIN
April 19 1716Birth of Nicole LESCHERE
April 12 1716Birth of Antoinette JANIN
March 17 1718Birth of Joseph LATOUR
April 22 1718Birth of Benoit BERTHOUD
June 10 1718Birth of Benoit MAZILLE
March 1 1719Birth of Claude DESBOIS
June 30 1719Birth of Jeanne MAZILLE
June 6 1719Marriage between Raimond CHERVET and Jeanne AUFRANC
July 22 1719Birth of Angèle ou Angélique JANIN
January 21 1720Marriage between Crépin MAZILLE and Laurence MATHIEU
January 21 1720Marriage between Raymond GEORGES and Etiennette dite Claudine DESPLACES
January 17 1720Marriage between Antoine GEORGES and Nicole DESPLACES
March 27 1720Birth of Gabrielle TARLET
March 12 1720Birth of Jean DUSSAUGE
March 8 1720Death of Aymé MAZILLE
August 20 1720Birth of Hippolyte BERTHOUD
August 7 1720Event for Denis DELATOUR
September 12 1720Birth of Philibert MAZILLE
January 28 1721Marriage between Claude DUPASQUIER and Claire CHAUDY
February 18 1721Marriage between Louis CHERVET and Antoinette COURTOIS
March 1 1721Birth of Jean GEORGES
October 12 1721Birth of Jean LATOUR
December 8 1721Birth of François MAZILLE
March 26 1722Birth of Marie LESCHERE
March 21 1722Marriage between Michel BERTHOUD and Claudine BALVAY
March 19 1723Death of Jeanne DUPASQUIER
March 13 1723Marriage between Thomas MUZARD and Catherine DUPASQUIER
April 25 1723Birth of Jean DESROCHES
April 29 1723Birth of Claude GEORGES
June 26 1723Birth of Benoit JANIN
September 14 1723Marriage between Benoit MAZILLE and Suzanne DESROCHES
September 5 1723Birth of Jean TARLET
December 27 1723Birth of Benoite MUZARD
March 29 1724Birth of Benoit MAZILLE
March 11 1724Birth of Marie CHAINTREUIL
December 10 1724Birth of Claude GEORGES
January 30 1726Death of Charles TARLET
February 11 1726Birth of Honoré CHAINTREUIL
February 11 1726Death of Honoré CHAINTREUIL
March 17 1726Birth of Philiberte MAZILLE
April 18 1726Birth of Honoré MAGNIN
April 10 1726Birth of Etienne TARLET
May 27 1726Death of Catherine GAUTHIER
September 3 1726Birth of Louis GEORGES
November 19 1726Marriage between Philibert DENOJEAN and Angèle COURTOIS
November 26 1726Marriage between Simon DESREAUX and Jeanne GEORGES
November 26 1726Marriage between Antoine DESCHAGNY and Antoinette DUSSAUGE
December 20 1726Birth of Marie TARLET
February 25 1727Marriage between Philibert LITAUD and Thomasse BLANCHARD
February 25 1727Marriage between Georges LACONDEMINE and Michelette BRIAN
February 25 1727Marriage between Philibert MELINAND and Marguerite BONNETAIN
February 18 1727Marriage between Jean LAFAY 430 and Jeanne DUPASQUIER
February 18 1727Marriage between Benoit NAVAIZARD and Antoinette DESPRES
February 18 1727Marriage between Laurent JANAN and Antoinette DUPASQUIER
February 18 1727Marriage between Louis CHASSAGNE and Etiennette DUFOUR
February 11 1727Marriage between François PRETESAC and Magdeleine MOREL
February 18 1727Marriage between Benoit DESPLACES and Claudine LAFAY
March 5 1727Birth of Louis CHERVET
July 5 1727Birth of Jeanne GEORGES
August 10 1727Birth of Louise LACONDEMINE
August 10 1727Birth of Antoine LACONDEMINE
December 18 1727Marriage between Jacques MONTAGNY and Nicole TARLET
March 2 1728Birth of Claude CHAINTREUIL
April 27 1728Marriage between Louis SANGOUARD and Claudine GRANDJEAN
June 18 1728Death of Jeanne AUFRANC
August 6 1728Birth of Marie ou Marianne LACONDAMINE
November 3 1728Death of Catherine LAMAIN 853
January 31 1729Birth of Benoit NAVAIZARD
March 2 1729Death of Etiennette dite Claudine DESPLACES
May 31 1729Marriage between Jacques PREAUD and Marie DUCROST
August 16 1729Marriage between Joseph SANGLARD and Marie SANVERT
September 23 1729Birth of Raymond DUSSAUGE
October 18 1729Birth of Claudine TARLET
October 24 1729Birth of Etienne DESROCHES
November 1 1729Death of Philiberte LAVENIR 293
January 30 1730Death of Jeanne DUPASQUIER
January 24 1730Marriage between Raymond GEORGES and Anne LAPALUS
January 17 1730Marriage between Antoine CHAMBOUDOUX and Philippine dite Philippa MICHON
January 6 1730Birth of Jean LACONDAMINE
February 8 1730Birth of Jeanne Marie BONNETAIN
May 26 1730Birth of Etiennette SANGOUARD
June 24 1730Birth of Marie MAGNIN
July 18 1730Death of Claude MAGNIN
September 8 1730Birth of Marie MUZARD
October 6 1730Death of Philiberte DESROCHES
November 21 1730Marriage between Antoine THEVENET and Philiberte DESROCHES
January 7 1731Birth of Marceline MUZARD
February 5 1731Marriage between Benoit NAVAIZARD and Marie LAMAIN
February 5 1731Marriage between Jean RAMAGE and Huguette MAZILLE
August 21 1731Marriage between Denis GUILLOUX and Jeanne CERCLIER
August 21 1731Marriage between Pierre VIOLET and Jeanne BERTHOUD
August 4 1731Death of Benoit MUZARD
August 4 1731Death of ? PRETESAC
September 13 1731Birth of Georges LACONDEMINE
October 18 1731Birth of Marie Anne MAZILLE
October 19 1731Birth of Isabeau ou Isabelle ou Elisabeth MAZILLE
January 20 1732Death of Benoit NAVAIZARD
January 16 1732Death of Jean GEORGES
February 26 1732Marriage between Joseph PRECLOUX and Estiennette DESROCHES
February 12 1732Marriage between Benoit BERTHELOT and Claudine LABROSSE
March 8 1732Birth of Benoit DESCOTTES
April 6 1732Birth of Louis NAVAIZARD
June 11 1732Birth of Marie BERTHOUD
June 16 1732Birth of Marceline CHERVET
July 1 1732Birth of Marthe CHAINTREUIL 73
August 28 1732Birth of Marguerite DESROCHES
October 9 1732Death of Jean PRETESAC
January 24 1733Birth of Pierrette SANGOUARD
January 20 1733Marriage between Vincent DESPRES and Claudine LESCHERE
January 14 1733Birth of Joseph MAZILLE
February 24 1733Birth of Jean GEORGES
February 17 1733Marriage between François AUGOYAT and Marie LAMAIN
February 10 1733Marriage between Antoine CINQUIN and Etiennette BRIAN
February 10 1733Marriage between Jean GUILLEMIN and Vincelette GEORGES
February 17 1733Marriage between François THOMAS and Jeanne MICHON
April 14 1733Marriage between Benoit AUFRANT and Louise LAVENIR
April 7 1733Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
May 7 1733Death of Philibert DESROCHES
June 2 1733Marriage between Claude LAVENIR and Philiberte DESROCHES
June 9 1733Marriage between Philibert AUGOYAT and Antoinette FAILLANT
July 16 1733Death of Pierrette SANGOUARD
September 10 1733Birth of Claude LAFAY
October 20 1733Marriage between Jacques ODET and Claudine CHAMPELY
February 20 1734Death of Denis CHAINTREUIL 146
February 23 1734Marriage between Vincent PASSOT and Marie DESPRES
February 10 1734Marriage between Charles AUCAIGNE and Marceline VERNAY
March 14 1734Birth of Claudine MUZARD
April 12 1734Birth of Claude CORNIER
April 2 1734Birth of Nicolas LAVENIR
July 27 1734Birth of Jeanne LACONDEMINE
November 16 1734Marriage between Philibert DESROCHES and Benoite LESCHERE
November 23 1734Marriage between Antoine ou François CORNIER and Aimée CHAINTREUIL
November 23 1734Marriage between Claude DESMONCEAUX 236 and Marie CHERVET 237
February 21 1735Marriage between Jean CHAINTREUIL and Claudine BEAUFILS
February 15 1735Marriage between Etienne VERNUS and Marthe FAILLANT
April 28 1735Birth of François JANIN
May 7 1735Birth of Antoinette MAZILLE
July 5 1735Marriage between Pierre JANDIN and Jeanne MAGNIN
August 1 1735Birth of Marie Anne MAGNIN 213
September 19 1735Death of Jacques LESCHERE
October 17 1735Birth of Jean LAFAY
November 9 1735Birth of Claudine LACONDEMINE
November 21 1735Birth of Léger DESROCHES
January 18 1736Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
January 17 1736Marriage between Jean VIOLET and Benoite GAUTIER
February 13 1736Marriage between Michel LITAUD and Claudine BENAS
March 4 1736Birth of Jean MAZILLE
September 25 1736Marriage between Jean BARRAUD and Anne TRIBOULET
January 22 1737Birth of Jean NAVAIZARD
January 15 1737Marriage between Benoist GAUTHIER and Claire LARDY
January 8 1737Marriage between Jean LARDY and Pierrette DESPLACES
February 18 1737Birth of Jeanne CORNIER
February 12 1737Marriage between Jean CHAINTREUIL and Jeanne COLEVRAY
February 12 1737Marriage between Antoine BENAS and Nicole LONGIN
February 5 1737Marriage between Pierre BONNETAIN and Benoite DESROCHES
February 5 1737Marriage between Henry TRIBOULET and Catherine TARLET
June 13 1737Marriage between Jacques ROLLET and Barbe DESPLACES 147
July 25 1737Birth of Jean Marie CINQUIN
July 16 1737Birth of Léger GEORGES
July 11 1737Birth of Claude LACONDEMINE
September 30 1737Death of Claude LACONDEMINE
September 10 1737Birth of Jean LAFAY
September 18 1737Death of Claudine DESMOLIERES
October 23 1737Death of Claudine LACONDEMINE
November 26 1737Marriage between Jacques CHARNAY and Françoise DESROCHES
January 7 1738Death of Julienne BOURGEOIS
February 14 1738Death of Jean LAFAY
February 18 1738Marriage between Jean MATHIEU and Claudine CHENIZE
March 17 1738Birth of Vincent DESROCHES
June 28 1738Birth of Claudine CHAINTREUIL
June 14 1738Death of Claude GEORGES
June 6 1738Death of Mathieu THEVENET
August 5 1738Marriage between Jean MATHIEU and Philiberte BALLY
September 21 1738Birth of Claudine LACONDEMINE
September 21 1738Birth of Anne dite Jeanne LACONDAMINE
September 3 1738Death of François SANGOUARD
October 1 1738Marriage between Louis BOURGEOIS and Claudine SANGOUARD
November 10 1738Marriage between Jean MAGNIN and Jeanne GUERIN
December 2 1738Birth of Claude LAFAY
December 7 1738Birth of Pierre LAFAY
December 18 1738Marriage between Benoit GUILLEMIN and Madeleine DENOJEAN
December 24 1738Birth of Philibert BENAS
December 28 1738Death of Philibert BENAS
January 27 1739Marriage between Jean SEVELINGE and Vincelette LAPIERRE
March 30 1739Death of Jeanne DELAVAL
April 21 1739Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
May 27 1739Death of Honoré FAILLANT
May 4 1739Death of Jean SANGOUARD
June 14 1739Birth of Philibert MAZILLE
August 25 1739Death of Benoit BENAS
October 5 1739Death of Claudine DUPAQUIER
January 25 1740Death of Claudine LAFAY
January 12 1740Marriage between Philibert MAZILLE and Antoinette CHAINTREUIL
February 29 1740Marriage between Nicolas BENAS and Angelle CHERVET
February 22 1740Marriage between Emery BRUN and Marceline BONNETAIN
February 12 1740Death of Jean CHAINTREUIL
February 8 1740Birth of Jean CHAINTREUIL
March 1 1740Marriage between Nicolas DUPASQUIER and Benoite MUZARD
March 1 1740Marriage between Pierre DESROCHES and Elisabeth GAUTHIER
April 18 1740Birth of François SANGOUARD
May 18 1740Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
June 18 1740Birth of Claudine DESROCHES
November 10 1740Death of Claire DESBOIS
January 10 1741Marriage between Philippe DUBOIS and Claire MAGNIN
March 21 1741Birth of Marie MAGNIN
April 19 1741Birth of Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
April 11 1741Marriage between Benoit DARGAUD and Claire MUZARD
April 2 1741Birth of Marceline CHAINTREUIL
May 16 1741Marriage between Philibert BRAILLON and Louise BERTHOUD
June 8 1741Death of Benoit NAVAIZARD
November 7 1741Marriage between Jean LAFOND and Jeanne TARLET
November 28 1741Birth of Charles LAFAY
November 28 1741Marriage between Claude DESBOIS and Jeanne BRIAN
November 30 1741Birth of Jean DESROCHES
December 17 1741Death of Barbe DESPLACES 147
January 14 1742Birth of Marie ou Claudine CORTAY
March 30 1742Death of Jean BERTHOUD
March 20 1742Birth of Jean BERTHOUD
March 18 1742Death of Jeanne PRESTESAC
May 18 1742Birth of Jeanne SANGOUARD
June 26 1742Marriage between Georges TARLET and Marie JOLIVET
November 27 1742Marriage between Joseph BONNETAIN and Pierrette CHAINTREUIL
November 27 1742Marriage between Pierre VIOLET and Claudine DESROCHES
December 15 1742Birth of Marie DESBOIS
December 29 1742Death of Jean DELAFAY
January 22 1743Marriage between Henry JAFFRE and Claudine DESPLACES
February 17 1743Birth of Benoite SANGOUARD
February 19 1743Marriage between Jean PRETESAC and Marie DUPASQUIER
February 5 1743Marriage between Antoine BENAS and Jeanne GRANDJEAN
March 29 1743Birth of Raymond CHAINTREUIL
March 29 1743Death of Raymond CHAINTREUIL
April 14 1743Death of Louise BONNETAIN
May 29 1743Death of Louise BERTHOUD
June 18 1743Marriage between Philibert DENOJEAN and Pierrette DESCOMBES
June 18 1743Marriage between Pierre BARRAT and Benoiste DENOJEAN
September 1 1743Death of Antoine DESROCHES
October 1 1743Marriage between Louis BOURGEOIS and Françoise CHERVET
November 12 1743Marriage between Claude GEORGES and Jeanne DESROCHES
November 26 1743Marriage between Philibert BRAILLON and Claudine CHAINTREUIL
January 17 1744Marriage between Jean DUSSAUGE and Jeanne JANIN
January 14 1744Marriage between Joseph BENAS and Gabrielle MAZILLE
January 12 1744Marriage between Pierre BERTHOUD and Nicole LESCHERE
January 14 1744Marriage between Claude DEDIEU and Hippolyte BERTHOUD
February 11 1744Marriage between Jean TOUTANT and Marie LAFAY
February 4 1744Marriage between Claude GAUTHIER and Antoinette DUCROUX
March 20 1744Death of Claudine PLASSARD
March 17 1744Birth of Jean GUILLEMIN
March 3 1744Death of Marguerite MORAT
April 6 1744Birth of Claire PRETESAC
April 8 1744Death of Jean DESPLACE 294
June 19 1744Birth of Jacques LAFAY
September 22 1744Marriage between Jean SAPALY and Claudine GEORGES
October 24 1744Birth of Benoite DESROCHES
October 28 1744Birth of Jacqueline DESROCHES
November 29 1744Birth of Georges DESBOIS
December 14 1744Birth of Philiberte GEORGES
January 26 1745Marriage between Humbert MARTIN and Pierrette PRETESAC
January 12 1745Marriage between Jacques LAPIERRE and Claudine TRIBOULET
January 19 1745Marriage between Antoine DESROCHES and Marie AULAS
February 23 1745Marriage between Jean GUILLEMIN and Antoinette DALLIER
February 16 1745Marriage between Claude PRACLOUX and Jeanne JAFFRE
February 8 1745Birth of Claire CORNIER
February 9 1745Marriage between Jean TARLET and Marie PRADET
July 30 1745Death of Jeanne JAFFRE
September 10 1745Birth of Marceline SANGOUARD
September 8 1745Death of Claudine NAVAIZARD 861
October 19 1745Marriage between Benoit DESPLACES and Marguerite CHAINTREUIL
November 2 1745Birth of Angèle ou Angélique BENAS
December 31 1745Death of Jeanne CHAGNY 443
January 25 1746Marriage between Jean LATOUR and Denise COLEVRAY
February 20 1746Death of Nicolas DELAFAY
February 22 1746Marriage between Jean SANGOUARD and Jeanne LAPIERRE
February 15 1746Marriage between Denis LAMAIN and Jeanne GARNIER
March 14 1746Death of Jean SANGOUARD
April 29 1746Birth of Catherine SANGOUARD
May 26 1746Birth of Louis GEORGES
May 8 1746Death of Catherine SANGOUARD
August 17 1746Death of Justine DUCROUX
September 22 1746Birth of Jean DESBOIS
October 9 1746Death of Jean DESBOIS
October 27 1746Marriage between Claude CHASSAGNE and Elisabeth GAUTHIER
November 15 1746Marriage between Antoine DESROCHES and Jacqueline GENTIL
February 19 1747Birth of Marie DUPASQUIER
February 7 1747Marriage between Louis DUFOUR and Catherine MUZARD
April 17 1747Birth of Jacques LAFAY
May 25 1747Death of Jacques LAFAY
July 12 1747Birth of Pierre DESROCHES
August 19 1747Death of Louis GEORGES
October 1 1747Death of Benoit MAZILLE
November 8 1747Birth of Marie Denise AUCAIGNE
November 10 1747Death of Georges DESBOIS
November 27 1747Birth of Claire DESBOIS
December 13 1747Birth of Jean CHAINTREUIL
December 18 1747Birth of Antoine GEORGES
January 31 1748Marriage between Philibert BONNETAIN and Marie AULAS
April 30 1748Marriage between Jean Baptiste DESVARENNES and Claudine BRIAND
May 10 1748Birth of Marie BONNETAIN
July 10 1748Birth of Jean Baptiste PRETESAC
August 29 1748Birth of Marie LAFAY 215
October 14 1748Birth of Philibert SANGOUARD
November 29 1748Birth of François LATOUR
December 7 1748Death of Thomas MUZARD
February 4 1749Marriage between Antoine MARTIN and Emélie ou Emilienne MAGNIN
April 29 1749Marriage between Jean CHARLET and Marie Marceline ODET
September 30 1749Birth of Marie DESROCHES
November 18 1749Marriage between Benoit TARLET and Marie DUPASQUIER
November 25 1749Marriage between Claude TARLET and Marie Anne MAZILLE
December 24 1749Birth of Magdeleine BERTHOUD
January 27 1750Marriage between François PROTHERY and Claire DUPASQUIER
February 17 1750Birth of Marie Marcelline DESBOIS
February 3 1750Marriage between Etienne DESROCHES and Marie LESCHERE
February 3 1750Marriage between Jean DESROCHES and Claudine CORSIN
March 29 1750Birth of Claudine LATOUR
March 17 1750Birth of Marie GEORGES
April 25 1750Death of Marceline VERNAY
May 13 1750Death of Etiennette DUFOUR
August 15 1750Birth of Marie DESVARENNES
September 5 1750Birth of Georges BENAS
January 26 1751Marriage between Georges BERTHOUD and Marceline THEVENET
January 15 1751Birth of Jean GUILLEMIN
January 8 1751Birth of Jean BONNETAIN
February 22 1751Marriage between Jean CHERVET and Marie MUZARD
February 22 1751Marriage between Louis CHERVET and Marceline MUZARD
February 17 1751Marriage between Louis GEORGES and Marceline CHERVET
February 16 1751Marriage between Jean DESPLACES and Philiberte FAVRAY
February 9 1751Marriage between Claude GEORGES and Marie LARDY
February 9 1751Marriage between Jean LARDY and Jeanne GEORGES
March 18 1751Birth of Louis TARLET
May 22 1751Birth of Antoinette LAFAY
May 9 1751Death of Jean PRETESAC
November 16 1751Death of Claude LAFAY
December 19 1751Birth of Jacques GEORGES
December 20 1751Birth of Benoit DESROCHES
February 17 1752Birth of Marie CHAINTREUIL
February 19 1752Death of Marie CHAINTREUIL
February 5 1752Birth of Anne DESBOIS
February 8 1752Marriage between Philibert BRAILLON and Marie Anne BRIDAY
February 8 1752Marriage between Claude DESROCHES and Claudine LABOURIER
May 8 1752Birth of Antoine GUILLEMIN
August 18 1752Birth of Jacques BERTHOUD
September 23 1752Birth of Jean Chrisostome LACONDEMINE
October 6 1752Death of Jean Chrisostome LACONDEMINE
October 12 1752Birth of Marceline GEORGES
October 27 1752Death of Jeanne GUERIN
November 30 1752Birth of Denis LATOUR
January 31 1753Marriage between Philibert BERTHOUD and Marie BRUN
January 23 1753Birth of Benoite BENAS
January 23 1753Marriage between Claude SANGOUARD and Isabeau ou Isabelle ou Elisabeth MAZILLE
January 10 1753Death of Jean Chrisostome LACONDAMINE
February 20 1753Death of Louis MUZARD
February 20 1753Marriage between Benoit DESROCHES and Claudine TRIBOULET
February 27 1753Marriage between Claude BONNETAIN and Claudine GEORGES
February 20 1753Marriage between Benoist LAVIGNE and Marie TRIBOULET
February 14 1753Death of Jeanne GAUTHIER 431
February 14 1753Event for Joseph DESMONCEAUX
February 13 1753Marriage between ? CHATELET and Angelle THENET
March 12 1753Birth of Jean MAGNIN
March 12 1753Death of Jeanne TARLET
March 6 1753Marriage between Jean LAPALUS and Antoinette AUGOYAT
April 30 1753Death of Louis MAGNIN 852
April 11 1753Death of Anne MUZARD
April 11 1753Death of Claudine dite Claudia DESBOIS
May 24 1753Birth of Claude DESROCHES
May 20 1753Death of Jean DESMONCEAUX
May 4 1753Birth of Jean DESVARENNES
May 3 1753Birth of Benoit DESPLACES
June 30 1753Birth of Claude CHERVET
June 5 1753Marriage between Jean LAFOND and Jeanne TRIBOULET
July 3 1753Marriage between Benoit JAFFRE and Claire LARDY
July 3 1753Marriage between Jean JAFFRE and Philiberte DUFOUX
September 18 1753Marriage between Jean LORON and Marie ou Catherine GAUTHIER
October 4 1753Marriage between Claude BRIDET and Marguerite THEVENET
October 16 1753Marriage between Pierre DUFOUR and Catherine PARRADE
October 23 1753Marriage between Claude MARTIN and Jacqueline GENTIL
October 25 1753Birth of Jean LACONDEMINE
November 20 1753Marriage between Claude GALAND and Jeanne COLEVRAY
February 24 1754Marriage between Louis PRETESAC and Marie MUZARD
March 8 1754Birth of Georges THEVENET
April 28 1754Birth of Jean DESROCHES
May 23 1754Birth of Claude CHAINTREUIL
June 4 1754Death of Claude CHAINTREUIL
August 31 1754Birth of Antoinette DESBOIS
August 31 1754Marriage between Jean SANGLARD and Antoinette GARNIER
September 12 1754Death of Antoinette DESBOIS
October 15 1754Marriage between Jean Baptiste THEVENET and Marie DESPERRIER
December 5 1754Birth of Raimond DUSSAUGE
December 22 1754Birth of Léger BERTHOUD
January 24 1755Birth of Marguerite BRUN
February 10 1755Marriage between Jacques GIRARD and Jeanne CHUZEVILLE
February 1 1755Death of Philippine dite Philippa MICHON
February 4 1755Death of Philibert AUGOYAT
February 8 1755Death of Magdeleine BERTHOUD
April 14 1755Death of Marie LARDY
May 27 1755Marriage between Claude GEORGES and Marie BERTHOUD
May 3 1755Birth of Jean Marie BERTHOUD
July 20 1755Birth of François LAFAY
August 19 1755Marriage between Jacques BOUCHACOURT and Jeanne BURTIN
September 10 1755Death of Marie LATOUR
October 28 1755Birth of Georges LACONDEMINE
November 4 1755Marriage between Claude DESROCHES and Marguerite MAHUET
November 25 1755Marriage between Antoine LEFERT and Marie MAGNIN
January 9 1756Birth of Françoise BONNETAIN
February 24 1756Marriage between Claude CHAINTREUIL and Antoinette AUGOYAT
February 24 1756Marriage between Pierre POULY and Jeanne LAPIERRE
February 10 1756Marriage between François TRIBOLET and Claudine DUPASQUIER
February 9 1756Death of Jacqueline LACONDEMINE
February 3 1756Marriage between Jean LACONDAMINE and Anne BOUQUAIN
March 25 1756Birth of Georges CHAINTREUIL
March 2 1756Death of Laurence MATHIEU
March 2 1756Marriage between Claude DUTRUGE and Marie DESCOTTES
May 6 1756Birth of Michel GEORGES
June 3 1756Birth of Pierre DESROCHES
July 10 1756Marriage between Claude THEVENET and Michelle ou Michelette FAVRAY
July 5 1756Marriage between Nicolas LAVENIR and Marie ou Marianne LACONDAMINE
December 10 1756Death of Claude DESMONCEAUX 236
December 30 1756Death of Benoit BERTHOUD
January 8 1757Marriage between Jacques AUGOYAT and Anne dite Jeanne LACONDAMINE
February 1 1757Marriage between Benoit NAVAIZARD and Claudine MUZARD
February 1 1757Marriage between Hugues DESVARENNES and Jacqueline TREILLEFORT
February 8 1757Marriage between Benoit LEFERT and Benoite MAGNIN
February 8 1757Marriage between François LAPALUS and Claire AUGOYAT
March 17 1757Birth of Marie TOZET
March 4 1757Birth of Marie Marcelline LACONDEMINE
March 4 1757Birth of Joseph LACONDEMINE
May 24 1757Marriage between Jean DUCROT and Etiennette THEVENET
May 24 1757Marriage between Antoine THEVENET and Marguerite PERRET
May 13 1757Birth of Jean LAFAY
May 2 1757Birth of Etiennette DESBOIS
May 2 1757Event for Marie Anne MAGNIN
June 2 1757Birth of Jean PROTHERY
August 14 1757Birth of Antoinette LAFAY
August 7 1757Death of Magdeleine MOREL
October 25 1757Marriage between Jean PRETESAC and Marie DUPASQUIER
November 2 1757Birth of Philibert BERTHOUD
January 31 1758Marriage between Denis MILLARD and Jeanne CORNIER
March 27 1758Birth of Jean GEORGES
March 13 1758Birth of Louis CHAINTREUIL
May 10 1758Birth of Antoinette NAVAIZARD
June 30 1758Birth of Jean Marie ou Méry LAPIERRE
July 23 1758Birth of Claude TARLET
July 12 1758Birth of Georges CONDEMINE
October 19 1758Birth of Marceline CHERVET
October 19 1758Marriage between Jean LAFAY and Marguerite BRUN
October 24 1758Marriage between Louis SANGOUARD and Claudine BRUN
October 30 1758Birth of Georges AUGOYAT
December 29 1758Birth of Jacques LACONDEMINE
February 20 1759Marriage between Joseph DELORME and Claire ODET
February 19 1759Death of Hugues DESVARENNES
June 24 1759Birth of Anne LACONDEMINE
June 26 1759Marriage between François BACOT and Philiberte LACROIX
June 26 1759Marriage between Jean Marie CHAGNY and Marie AULAS
August 24 1759Birth of Claude LAFAY
August 27 1759Death of Claude LAFAY
September 5 1759Death of Benoit BRUN
October 9 1759Death of Jean LACONDEMINE
October 18 1759Death of Anne LACONDEMINE
November 2 1759Birth of Jean Baptiste TARLET
November 4 1759Death of Jeanne BRIAN
November 10 1759Death of Jean DUSSAUGE
November 27 1759Marriage between Claude THEVENET and Jeanne FOUILLOUX
February 12 1760Marriage between Pierre DELAYE and Catherine DUSSAUGE
February 5 1760Marriage between Jean BLETON and Marie SEVELINGE
February 5 1760Marriage between Pierre PEGON and Pierrette AUCAIGNE
March 29 1760Death of Marie Anne DESVARENNES
May 25 1760Birth of Joseph LAFAY
May 15 1760Birth of Claude BERTHOUD
June 25 1760Marriage between Jean BRUN 110 and Jacqueline VIOLET
June 25 1760Marriage between Clément BRUN 220 and Claudine DESROCHES
July 28 1760Birth of Claude DESROCHES
September 26 1760Birth of Philibert LORON
October 17 1760Birth of Antoine PRETESAC
November 3 1760Birth of Benoit LACONDEMINE
November 24 1760Birth of Honoré AUGOYAT
November 28 1760Marriage between Etienne BERTHOUD and Vincelette GEORGES
December 17 1760Birth of Philibert CORNIER
January 27 1761Marriage between Jean LAFFAY and Joséphine PHILIBERT
January 27 1761Marriage between Jean PHILIBERT and Jacqueline TREILLEFORT
January 27 1761Marriage between André PHILIBERT and Antoinette LAFAY
January 27 1761Marriage between François MYARD and Nicole TARLET
January 27 1761Marriage between Humbert MONCHANAY and Marguerite CHERVET
February 1 1761Birth of Pierre LAFAY
February 3 1761Marriage between Jean SAPALY and Marguerite DESCOTTES
February 3 1761Marriage between Philibert BURTIN and Marie DUPASQUIER
February 3 1761Marriage between Claude LAPIERRE and Marie LESCHERE
March 22 1761Birth of Benoit THEVENET
April 21 1761Marriage between Antoine MAZILLE and Marthe JUILLET
May 5 1761Marriage between François ROUX and Marie GUILLEMIN
June 18 1761Death of Jacques MONTAGNY
July 30 1761Birth of Denis LAROCHETTE
July 8 1761Birth of Claude TARLET
August 30 1761Birth of Marie Anne MAGNIN
October 5 1761Death of Antoine GEORGES
October 15 1761Birth of Emilienne LACONDEMINE
November 24 1761Marriage between Antoine LAPALUS and Marie GIRARD
November 27 1761Birth of Jeanne LAFAY
January 26 1762Death of Jean CHERVET
January 16 1762Death of Georges TARLET
February 16 1762Marriage between Henry GUILLOUX 212 and Marie Anne MAGNIN 213
February 16 1762Marriage between Claude PHILIBERT and Etiennette BONNETAIN
March 5 1762Birth of Marceline CHERVET
April 19 1762Death of Angèle CHATELET
May 22 1762Birth of Jean AUGOYAT
May 10 1762Death of Antoinette FAILLANT
August 30 1762Birth of Antoinette LACONDEMINE
August 30 1762Birth of Antoinette LACONDEMINE
August 6 1762Death of Marie Anne MAZILLE
September 15 1762Death of Suzanne DESROCHES
November 10 1762Death of Benoite BRIAN
November 13 1762Death of Jean GUILLEMIN
January 26 1763Birth of Anne BERTHOUD
January 18 1763Marriage between Claude LAPALUS and Angèle ou Angélique BENAS
February 24 1763Death of Jean GUILLEMIN
February 15 1763Marriage between Antoine CHAMBOUDOUX and Benoite CHATELLET
February 15 1763Marriage between Benoit MARTIN and Marie MAGNIN
February 8 1763Marriage between Léger BERTHOUD and Jeanne SEVELINGE
February 1 1763Marriage between Jean LAFAY and Félice GUILLOUX
February 8 1763Marriage between Louis DUSSAUGE and Marie ou Claudine CORTAY
February 1 1763Marriage between Benoit DESCOTTES and Marie MUZARD
February 8 1763Marriage between Philibert PERRIN and Jeanne BARRAUD
February 8 1763Marriage between Claude LARDET and Elisabeth GEORGES
March 20 1763Birth of Joseph LAFAY
April 26 1763Marriage between Jean CONDEMINE and Marie DESCOTTES
April 12 1763Birth of Marie BONNETAIN
May 21 1763Birth of Marie Marcelline LACONDEMINE
June 23 1763Birth of Jean LAFFAY
July 15 1763Birth of Catherine TARLET
October 4 1763Marriage between Joseph SIVIGNON and Antoinette GALLAND
December 11 1763Death of Jeanne LAFAY
December 22 1763Birth of Jacques LACONDEMINE
January 31 1764Death of Etienne TARLET
January 31 1764Marriage between François TARLET and Antoinette DESPLACES
January 24 1764Marriage between Claude CHAINTREUIL and Antoinette MAZILLE
January 16 1764Birth of Pierrette DUSSAUGE
January 3 1764Death of Marie THEVENET
February 8 1764Death of Philibert TARLET
March 30 1764Death of Joseph LACONDEMINE
March 18 1764Birth of Marie BERTHOUD
March 17 1764Birth of Jacqueline DESROCHES
March 4 1764Death of Louis CHERVET
March 6 1764Marriage between Pierre LAFAY and Claire CORNIER
May 13 1764Death of Jean LAFOND
May 15 1764Marriage between Jacques SANGOUARD SANGOIR and Philiberte DESROCHES
June 30 1764Birth of Jean NAVAIZARD
June 19 1764Birth of Henriette CHAINTREUIL
June 3 1764Death of Claudine BALVAY
September 27 1764Death of Charles LAFAY
October 22 1764Birth of Benoit CONDEMINE
November 15 1764Birth of Antoine MAGNIN
November 20 1764Marriage between Jacques DELHOMME and Marguerite DESROCHES
December 14 1764Death of François PRETESAC
January 24 1765Birth of André LAFAY
January 29 1765Marriage between Joseph TRIBOLLET and Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
February 12 1765Marriage between François BALVAY and Marie TARLET
February 12 1765Marriage between Honoré TRIBOULET and Philiberte CHAINTREUIL
February 5 1765Marriage between Louis MARTIN and Jeanne TRIBOULET
April 30 1765Marriage between Jean LACONDEMINE and Marceline MUZARD
April 29 1765Marriage between Jean MARTRAY and Marguerite MUZARD
May 24 1765Birth of Jeanne BERTHOUD
May 21 1765Marriage between Jean DUSSAUGE and Marie AUGROS
May 18 1765Birth of Jean GUILLOUX 106
May 10 1765Birth of Jeanne BERTHOUX
July 23 1765Marriage between Antoine CHAMBOUDOUX and Jeanne DELORME
August 18 1765Birth of François AUGOYAT
August 18 1765Birth of Claudine AUGOYAT
August 18 1765Death of François AUGOYAT
October 5 1765Birth of Jeanne SANGOIR
October 5 1765Death of Jeanne SANGOIR
October 8 1765Marriage between Claude TARLET and Jeanne JANIN
October 12 1765Birth of Anne DESCOTTES
October 31 1765Birth of Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
November 2 1765Death of Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
November 18 1765Birth of Anne LAFAY
November 18 1765Death of Anne LAFAY
December 19 1765Death of Raimond CHERVET
December 25 1765Death of Jacques LAFAY
January 13 1766Birth of Claude DUSSAUGE
February 10 1766Marriage between Philibert LAROCHETTE and Antoinette GIRARD
March 25 1766Death of Benoite MAGNIN
April 20 1766Birth of Jeanne CORNIER
May 31 1766Death of Anne dite Jeanne LACONDAMINE
May 27 1766Marriage between Philibert MORIN and Philiberte MAZILLE
June 24 1766Death of Nicole TARLET
June 10 1766Marriage between Jacques AUGOYAT and Philiberte PHILIBERT
October 1 1766Birth of Jeanne GEORGE
November 11 1766Birth of Benoit GEORGES
November 11 1766Marriage between François MYARD and Claudine FEIGNIER
December 14 1766Birth of Jacques LACONDEMINE
February 24 1767Marriage between Etienne PAQUELET and Françoise CHAGNY
February 18 1767Death of Michel BERTHOUD
February 18 1767Death of Louis PRETESAC
February 10 1767Marriage between Jean BERNOUD 214 and Marie LAFAY 215
February 10 1767Marriage between Pierre JAFFRE and Marie LAFFAY
March 29 1767Birth of Marie LAFAY
March 22 1767Marriage between Claude CORNIER and Jeanne TARLET
March 11 1767Birth of Benoist LAFAY
March 9 1767Birth of Claudine BERTHOUD
July 13 1767Birth of Marie Marceline BONNETAIN
October 7 1767Birth of Marceline DELHOMME
January 27 1768Death of Jean BRIAN
February 20 1768Birth of Jacques TRIBOLET
February 16 1768Marriage between Pierre CHAGNY and Marie DUPASQUIER
February 12 1768Marriage between Pierre Marie CHAGNY and Claire PRETESAC
February 16 1768Marriage between Jean Marie LAPIERRE and Claudine CHERVET
April 6 1768Birth of Louis Jacques BERTHOUX
December 3 1768Birth of Jean Baptiste LAFAY
December 10 1768Birth of Jeanne AUGOYAT
December 11 1768Death of Philiberte PHILIBERT
January 30 1769Marriage between Joseph PREAUD and Louise BONNETAIN
January 10 1769Marriage between Benoit DROIN and Claudine CHAINTREUIL
February 1 1769Death of Nicole TARLET
February 6 1769Marriage between Jean DELORME and Marie Anne BURTIN
March 12 1769Birth of Antoinette BERNOUD 107
April 25 1769Marriage between Jean LACHARME and Marie Philiberte DUCROT
June 9 1769Birth of Jean LACONDEMINE
June 6 1769Marriage between Philibert MAGNIN and Marceline DUPASQUIER
July 27 1769Birth of Claude LAFFAY
July 4 1769Marriage between Noël CHAGNY and Marguerite DUPAQUIER
August 29 1769Birth of Catherine GEORGES
September 23 1769Death of Emilianne THOMAS
September 23 1769Death of Jean Baptiste LAFAY
November 21 1769Birth of Philibert SANGOUARD
November 28 1769Marriage between Benoit DUCROUX and Nicole POULY
January 23 1770Marriage between Philippe LACONDEMINE and Marie BRUN
January 23 1770Marriage between Philibert NAVAIZARD and Marianne BONNETAIN
January 16 1770Death of Marie AUCOUTURIER
January 16 1770Marriage between Benoit BERTHOUD and Antoinette MAHUET
February 27 1770Marriage between Toussaint THOZET and Marie LAPIERRE
February 27 1770Marriage between Benoit DUCROUX and Antoinette LAFOND
February 13 1770Birth of Jacques PHILIBERT
February 6 1770Marriage between François DESBATS and Claudine TARLET
February 8 1770Marriage between Benoit BOUILLET and Benoite LAPIERRE
February 6 1770Marriage between Philibert DUMOULIN and Antoinette BERTHOUD
March 6 1770Birth of Léger BERTHOUD
March 1 1770Birth of Pierrette AUGOYAT
April 23 1770Death of Catherine BOURGEOIS
April 25 1770Death of Jacques TRIBOLET
April 9 1770Birth of Marie Philiberte DUPASQUIER
April 5 1770Birth of Benoit CORNIER
June 26 1770Marriage between Joseph BRUN and Marie CHATELET
August 28 1770Marriage between Louis TARDY and Benoite LARGE
September 14 1770Birth of Marguerite LAFAY
November 20 1770Marriage between Antoine JAMBON and Catherine TARLET
December 9 1770Birth of Jean Baptiste DESROCHES
February 24 1771Death of Catherine DUPASQUIER
February 3 1771Birth of Jean Baptiste ROTIVAL
March 30 1771Birth of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
April 16 1771Birth of Marceline DARGAUD
August 16 1771Birth of Marie AUGRIS
August 8 1771Birth of Claude LACONDEMINE
September 30 1771Birth of Marie SIVIGNON
September 12 1771Death of Jacques JANIN
September 18 1771Death of Emilianne GELIN
October 12 1771Birth of Claudine BRAILLON
November 11 1771Birth of Marie NAVAIZARD
January 28 1772Birth of Etienne CORNIER
January 28 1772Marriage between Jacques LAFAY and Marie Magdeleine LITAUD
January 17 1772Birth of Pierre LACONDEMINE
February 11 1772Marriage between Pierre BALVAY and Claire DESBOIS
February 5 1772Birth of Claude LORON
February 9 1772Death of Pierrette CHAINTREUIL
March 11 1772Birth of Jean BERTHOUD
June 25 1772Birth of Marie LAPALUS
August 23 1772Birth of Pierre GEORGES
September 8 1772Birth of Marie Philiberte AUGRIS
October 13 1772Event for Jean PHILIBERT
November 17 1772Marriage between Claude RENAUD and Benoite PROTERY
December 8 1772Birth of Marie BERTHOUD
January 16 1773Birth of Joseph BERTHOUD
January 19 1773Marriage between Benoit JANIN and Jeanne CHAGNY
January 6 1773Birth of Magdelaine LAFAY
May 27 1773Birth of Marie LAFFAY
June 11 1773Birth of Jeanne LAFAY
October 4 1773Birth of Claude DUSSAUGE
October 14 1773Birth of Magdeleine THEVENET
November 4 1773Birth of Jacques JANIN
November 9 1773Marriage between Claude CHASSAGNE and Benoite BONNETAIN
November 10 1773Birth of Jeanne Marie CINQUIN
November 23 1773Marriage between Jean BONNETAIN and Jeanne LAROCHETTE
November 29 1773Death of Pierre LACONDEMINE
December 18 1773Death of Antoinette LUQUET
January 21 1774Marriage between Jean GACHOT and Marie BERTHOUD
January 25 1774Marriage between Jean GACHOT and Marie BERTHOUD
January 25 1774Marriage between Estienne THEVENET and Marie DUTRUGE
January 25 1774Marriage between Jacques VIOLET and Claudine GACHAUD
January 18 1774Marriage between Jean DARGAUD and Philiberte DELORME
January 11 1774Marriage between Pierre CHANTELOUBE and Louise Marie GIRARD
January 18 1774Marriage between Claude LAPALUS and Claudine BOUILLET
January 4 1774Death of Marie CHAGNY
February 16 1774Death of Antoinette DESPRES
February 2 1774Marriage between Jean CHAINTREUIL and Benoite LARGE
February 8 1774Marriage between Raymond DUSSAUGE and Claudine BOURRAT
February 8 1774Marriage between Laurent BOTTERON and Jeanne NAVAIZARD
March 8 1774Birth of Claude CINQUIN
April 30 1774Death of Marie dite Marianne MAGNIN
April 3 1774Birth of Benoit DESROCHES
April 6 1774Death of Benoit DESROCHES
June 27 1774Marriage between Antoine PHILIBERT and Anne DESBOIS
August 27 1774Death of Jeanne BRAILLON
September 7 1774Birth of Claudine LAPALUS
October 22 1774Death of Benoite MAHUET
November 8 1774Marriage between Toussaint THOZET and Philiberte GEORGES
January 2 1775Death of Gabrielle MAZILLE
February 27 1775Marriage between Claude CHERVET and Anne Félicité DAILLIER
February 21 1775Marriage between Claude THEVENET and Marguerite BRUN
February 27 1775Marriage between Benoit SANGOUARD and Marie MAGNIN
February 27 1775Marriage between Claude CHERVET and Louise DAILLIER
February 27 1775Marriage between Jean DAILLIER and Claire CHERVET
March 20 1775Birth of Pierre LAFAY
March 28 1775Birth of Marie DUSSAUGE
April 22 1775Birth of Jacques LAFAY
April 22 1775Birth of Marie LAFAY
April 14 1775Birth of Marie Philiberte DELHOMME
April 16 1775Birth of Claude PHILIBERT
June 6 1775Birth of Claudine JAFFRE
June 6 1775Death of Joseph BONNETAIN
July 25 1775Birth of Jeanne GEORGES
July 19 1775Death of Jacques LAFAY
August 7 1775Birth of Marie JAFFRE
September 29 1775Birth of Claude THOZET
October 7 1775Death of Claude THEVENET
October 17 1775Birth of Jean Claude CHAINTREUIL
October 18 1775Death of Louis LESCHERE
November 7 1775Death of Claire CHAUDY
November 12 1775Birth of Claude DROIN
December 15 1775Death of Benoite MUZARD
January 11 1776Birth of Philiberte DESROCHES
January 16 1776Marriage between Jean CINQUIN and Marie LARDET
January 16 1776Marriage between Claude LARDET and Magdelaine CINQUIN
February 20 1776Marriage between François NAVAIZARD and Marie CHEMARIN
February 13 1776Marriage between Henry CHEMARIN and Marie NAVAIZARD
February 13 1776Marriage between Raimond DUSSAUGE and Antoinette TARLET
April 16 1776Marriage between François PHILIBERT and Nicole Marie JANIN
April 7 1776Death of Nicolas DUPASQUIER
May 25 1776Birth of Marie Pierrette GUILLOUX
May 21 1776Marriage between Pierre ALABEATRIX and Marie CINQUIN
June 18 1776Marriage between Jean Baptiste TARLET and Marie Anne DUPASQUIER
August 28 1776Birth of Pierrette DUCROUX
August 6 1776Marriage between Louis REBOUX and Marie Marcelline LACONDEMINE
October 23 1776Birth of Benoit BERTHOUD
November 19 1776Marriage between Benoit DESPLACES and Marie PROTERY
November 25 1776Marriage between Jean DESROCHES and Claudine BONNETAIN
November 25 1776Marriage between Philibert SANGLARD and Françoise BONNETAIN
November 30 1776Birth of Marguerite DARGAUD
December 17 1776Death of Jean Claude CHAINTREUIL
December 23 1776Birth of Claude RENAUD
December 26 1776Death of Georges LACONDEMINE
January 28 1777Marriage between Jean CHAVANNE and Antoinette ou Etiennette MAGNIN
February 11 1777Marriage between Claude DESROCHES and Benoite CINQUIN
February 6 1777Birth of Marceline LAPALUS
March 24 1777Death of Marie LAFAY
March 10 1777Birth of Claudine LAFAY
March 17 1777Birth of Jean BRAILLON
April 13 1777Birth of Claude CINQUIN
April 6 1777Birth of Jacques CROZIER
April 2 1777Birth of Jeanne BERTHOUD
April 8 1777Marriage between Jacques GUERIN and Marie TARLET
September 8 1777Birth of Anne CHERVET
November 4 1777Marriage between Joseph BENAS and Antoinette GUILLEMAIN
November 29 1777Birth of Jean Marie FORESTIER
December 10 1777Birth of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
January 7 1778Death of Jeanne CHAGNY
February 24 1778Marriage between Laurent BONNETAIN and Catherine BERTHOUD
February 18 1778Birth of Pierre Marie CHAINTREUIL
February 9 1778Birth of Antoinette CINQUIN
February 5 1778Death of Joséphine BONNETAIN
March 26 1778Birth of Marie DESROCHES
March 2 1778Marriage between Jean LAPALUS and Jeanne TOUTANT
May 13 1778Death of Charles AUCAIGNE
June 20 1778Birth of Anne Félicité ou Claudine CHERVET
June 22 1778Marriage between François DELORME and Marie Denise AUCAIGNE
June 10 1778Death of Claudine CHAINTREUIL
June 1 1778Marriage between Honoré PERRET and Benoite VIOLET
July 7 1778Marriage between Benoit DROIN and Marie CINQUIN
September 28 1778Marriage between Jean COMTE and Marie JANIN
November 3 1778Marriage between Antoine SANGOUARD and Marceline CHERVET
November 20 1778Birth of Etienne CINQUIN
December 31 1778Birth of Philiberte JAFFRE
January 18 1779Death of Claire BARRAUD
February 9 1779Marriage between Georges THEVENET and Anne BERTHOUD
March 30 1779Birth of Claudine BERTHOUD
April 2 1779Birth of Marie BERTHOUD
May 18 1779Birth of Claude DESPLACES
May 18 1779Marriage between Philibert PHILIBERT and Jeanne BRAILLON
August 28 1779Birth of Claude LAVENIR
August 1 1779Birth of Marie DUSSAUGE
September 13 1779Birth of Marie Marcelline DARGAUD
November 16 1779Birth of Catherine DROIN
November 28 1779Death of Jeanne DESROCHES
December 30 1779Birth of Benoit BRAILLON
January 27 1780Marriage between Louis BRAILLON and Benoite DUCROUX
January 18 1780Marriage between Jean PRADET and Pierrette AUGRIS
January 11 1780Marriage between Claude PAQUELET and Marie GENTIL
March 30 1780Birth of Jeanne AUGRIS
March 25 1780Birth of Marie JANIN
March 19 1780Death of Michel GEORGES
March 4 1780Death of Pierre BERTHOUD
April 16 1780Event for Jeanne Marie ROLLET
May 6 1780Birth of Jeanne JANIN
June 13 1780Marriage between Laurent LAPALUS and Antoinette GAUTHIER
August 8 1780Death of Magdelaine LAFAY
October 15 1780Birth of Claude François PARDON
December 8 1780Birth of Philiberte THOUZET
January 20 1781Marriage between Jean CHAVANNE and Marie MAGNIN
January 20 1781Marriage between Jean JANDOT and Claire DUPASQUIER
January 17 1781Birth of Claude JAFFRE
January 13 1781Birth of Benoite RENAUD
January 16 1781Marriage between Antoine GEORGES and Benoite BENAS
January 16 1781Marriage between Claude BENAS and Marceline GEORGES
February 24 1781Birth of Espérance DUMOULIN
February 20 1781Marriage between Georges LACONDEMINE and Marie ROSSAT
February 26 1781Marriage between Philibert BENAS and Antoinette POLLET
February 10 1781Birth of Joseph LAPALUS
February 18 1781Death of Eléonore BELICART
February 9 1781Birth of Joseph LAPALUS
March 15 1781Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
July 12 1781Birth of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
November 27 1781Marriage between Jacques DESROCHES and Marie DEDIEU
December 11 1781Death of Marie JAFFRE
January 3 1782Birth of Pierrette PAQUELET
February 22 1782Birth of Pierre DESPLACES
February 8 1782Death of Marie Marguerite LAFAY
February 5 1782Marriage between Jean GEORGES and Antoinette THEVENET
April 22 1782Birth of Jeanne Marie BRAILLON
April 9 1782Marriage between Jacques GUINET and Catherine CINQUIN
June 25 1782Marriage between Claude FERRAT and Marie TARLET
September 20 1782Birth of Jean Marie DUSSAUGE
December 19 1782Death of Henry GUILLOUX 212
January 20 1783Birth of Marcelline DUSSAUGE
January 15 1783Birth of Pierrette CHERVET
February 27 1783Death of Jeanne JANDARD
February 23 1783Marriage between Denis LAROCHETTE and Marceline BONNETAIN
February 18 1783Marriage between Louis CHAINTREUIL and Marie Anne SANGOUARD
February 18 1783Marriage between Georges AUGOYAT and Marie CROZIER
March 3 1783Marriage between Pierre PHILIBERT and Claudine AUGOYAT
April 2 1783Birth of Joseph BERTHOUD
May 24 1783Birth of Claudine BENAS
May 23 1783Birth of Marguerite LATOUR
May 11 1783Birth of Antoine Philibert AUGRIS
June 10 1783Birth of François BRAILLON
June 18 1783Death of Louis DUSSAUGE
June 1 1783Birth of Pierre LAROCHETTE
September 21 1783Death of Philibert DESROCHES
September 29 1783Death of Jean LATOUR
September 16 1783Marriage between Jean DESROCHES and Jeanne Marie LARDET
September 2 1783Birth of Jeanne LACONDEMINE
September 4 1783Death of Marceline MUZARD
September 9 1783Marriage between Etienne PAQUELET and Anne DAUXOIS
October 4 1783Death of Marie MUZARD
October 5 1783Birth of Claudine AUGOYAT
November 5 1783Birth of Jeanne Marie Elisabeth TARLET
November 18 1783Marriage between Pierre DESROCHES and Anne DESCOTTES
January 13 1784Death of Jacqueline TREILLEFORT
January 13 1784Marriage between Jean PHILIBERT and Catherine TARLET
January 13 1784Marriage between François PHILIBERT and Marie DUPASQUIER
January 8 1784Birth of Claude Marie DESPLACES
February 23 1784Marriage between Jean NAVAIZARD and Benoite COURTOIS
February 13 1784Death of Pierre AUFRANC
February 17 1784Marriage between Georges CONDEMINE and Marie Anne MAGNIN
February 17 1784Marriage between Claude BUCHET and Marie Etiennette AUCAIGNE
February 4 1784Birth of Pierre AUFRANC
February 1 1784Marriage between Philibert BURTIN and Marie Anne PROTERY
February 3 1784Marriage between Jean DELORME and Philiberte BRAILLON
April 23 1784Birth of Jean BONNETAIN
April 6 1784Death of Henry AUFRANC
July 23 1784Birth of Jean Baptiste LAPALUS
August 17 1784Marriage between Vincent GUERIN and Anne DESBOIS
August 6 1784Birth of Jean Baptiste JAFFRE
September 26 1784Birth of Jeanne LAVENIR
October 5 1784Birth of Jean VIOLLET
October 20 1784Birth of Rose DESROCHES
October 25 1784Marriage between Gabriel ALABEATRIX and Pierrette AUGOYAT
October 27 1784Birth of Claude BONNETAIN
November 8 1784Birth of Marie MAGNIN
November 9 1784Marriage between Jean CINQUIN and Pierrette BRAILLON
January 18 1785Marriage between Henry BONNETAIN and Angélique ou Angèle LAROCHETTE
January 7 1785Marriage between Pierre PARDON and Jeanne AUFRANC
February 13 1785Birth of Claudine Benoite BERTHOUX
February 1 1785Marriage between Philibert LASSARA and Antoinette LAFAY
February 1 1785Marriage between Claude TARLET and Benoite DESCAILLOT
February 7 1785Marriage between Jean DANJOUX and Jeanne MAHUET
February 1 1785Marriage between Jean LACONDEMINE and Claire DELORME
February 1 1785Marriage between Philibert BERTHOUD and Marie BONNETAIN
March 10 1785Death of Benoit GEORGES
April 29 1785Birth of Jean Marie CONDEMINE
April 5 1785Birth of Pierrette RENAUD
May 23 1785Death of Jeanne JANIN
June 22 1785Birth of Jean DESPLACE
June 14 1785Marriage between Laurent CHATELET and Marguerite DARGAUD
July 27 1785Birth of Benoit DESROCHES
August 17 1785Birth of Claudine LAFAY
August 14 1785Birth of Claude BENAS
August 2 1785Marriage between Claude DESROCHES and Marceline DARGAUD
October 18 1785Marriage between Toussaint THOZET and Marie THEVENET
November 9 1785Birth of Jean Baptiste AUFRANC
November 19 1785Birth of Jeanne NAVAIZARD
November 22 1785Marriage between Charles Vincent CHERVET and Benoite TOUTANT
December 25 1785Birth of Jeanne Marie TARLET
February 27 1786Birth of Jean GOBET
February 21 1786Marriage between Pierre AUGOYAT and Marie CINQUIN
February 21 1786Marriage between Benoit THEVENET and Jeanne AUGOYAT
March 2 1786Birth of Françoise AUGOYAT
May 26 1786Birth of Marie DESROCHES
May 11 1786Birth of Jeanne dite Jeannette DUSSAUGE
June 20 1786Marriage between Louis DUSSAUGE and Françoise CORNIER
July 23 1786Birth of Jeanne Marie RENAUD
July 16 1786Birth of Jeanne Marie PARDON
August 25 1786Death of Constance CORSIN
August 19 1786Birth of Antoinette DESROCHES
September 30 1786Birth of Jean BERTHOUD
September 24 1786Birth of Jacques BONNETAIN
September 17 1786Death of Marie BERTHOUD
November 21 1786Marriage between Jean MAZOYER and Jeanne Marie BENON
November 21 1786Marriage between Emilian MAZOYER and Marie Catherine BENON
November 29 1786Birth of Charles LAROCHETTE
December 3 1786Death of Marie ROSSAT
December 16 1786Birth of Antoinette JAFFRE
December 19 1786Birth of Marie DESPLACES
January 29 1787Birth of Louis SANGOUARD
January 29 1787Birth of Antoine SANGOUARD
January 23 1787Marriage between Benoit PASSOT and Claudine GEORGES
January 23 1787Marriage between Jean BENAT and Jeanne LACONDEMINE
January 9 1787Marriage between Claude BENAS and Antoinette BONNETAIN
February 20 1787Death of Claude TARLET
February 10 1787Death of Joseph ALABEATRIX
February 19 1787Marriage between Jean GUILLOUX 106 and Antoinette BERNOUD 107
February 19 1787Marriage between Jacques LACONDEMINE and Claudine Marie CINQUIN
February 13 1787Marriage between Georges LACONDEMINE and Antoinette NAVAIZARD
February 18 1787Marriage between Claude DESROCHES and Marie Marceline CINQUIN
February 6 1787Marriage between Jean CORNIER and Henriette PAQUELET
February 6 1787Marriage between François LAPLACE and Jeanne GIRARD
March 16 1787Death of Anne Félicité DAILLIER
March 3 1787Birth of Philibert DELORME
April 19 1787Birth of Julien BERTHOUD
May 17 1787Death of Jean LAFAY 430
June 22 1787Death of Benoite LESCHERE
June 1 1787Death of Antoinette AUGOYAT
August 26 1787Death of Jeanne AUGOYAT
September 4 1787Marriage between Archambaud LAROCHETTE and Marie AUGOYAT
October 23 1787Marriage between Pierre PICOLET and Benoite BONNETAIN
November 10 1787Birth of Jeanne NAVAIZARD
November 26 1787Marriage between Honoré AUGOYAT and Pierrette CHAGNY
December 9 1787Birth of Antoinette TARLET
December 29 1787Death of Benoite CINQUIN
January 29 1788Birth of Jean DESROCHES
January 22 1788Marriage between Henry ROTHIVAL and Magdelaine SAPALY
February 6 1788Death of Claude THEVENET
February 4 1788Death of Claudine AUGROS
February 4 1788Marriage between Antoine ou Etienne FOREST and Claudine PILLET
February 4 1788Marriage between Benoit THEVENET and Marceline CHERVET
March 7 1788Death of Rose DESROCHES
June 25 1788Marriage between Jean LAPALUS and Marguerite BRUN
June 17 1788Birth of Claudine LATOUR
July 26 1788Birth of Anne BERTHOUD
August 29 1788Birth of Jean Marie MAGNIN
August 11 1788Death of Joseph BENAS
September 24 1788Birth of Jean Marie GUILLOUX
November 18 1788Birth of Pierre PRETESAC
December 11 1788Birth of Jean PICOLET
December 27 1788Birth of Benoite AUFRANC
January 31 1789Birth of Jeanne GACHOT
January 5 1789Death of Jacques AUFRANC
February 23 1789Marriage between Emery ou Marie LAPIERRE and Françoise LACHARME
February 17 1789Marriage between Philibert GAUTHIER and Claudine LAPALUS
February 17 1789Marriage between Claude DAILLIER and Jeanne CORNIER
March 16 1789Birth of Jeanne PRADET
March 14 1789Death of Marguerite BRUN
March 10 1789Marriage between Claude BERTHAUD and Marie LAFAY
April 16 1789Birth of Marie Anne RENAUD
April 2 1789Death of Pierre PRETESAC
June 24 1789Birth of Charles THEVENET
July 21 1789Death of Vincent SANGOIR
July 16 1789Birth of Jean François CORNIER
August 11 1789Marriage between Pierre AUGOYAT and Jeanne BERTHOUX
August 8 1789Birth of Jeanne Marie PRETESAQUE
August 8 1789Death of Antoine PRETESAC
September 21 1789Marriage between Claude DEDIEU and Marceline DELHOMME
October 6 1789Death of Marguerite BRUN
October 8 1789Birth of Vincelette BENAS
November 8 1789Birth of Marie TARLET
November 22 1789Death of Jeanne FOUILLOUX
December 16 1789Birth of Jeanne DESROCHES
December 18 1789Death of Marie CINQUIN
January 3 1790Birth of Vincent SANGOUARD
February 19 1790Birth of Claudine GOBET
February 11 1790Death of Vincent SANGOUARD
February 3 1790Birth of Vincelette LAROCHETTE
February 2 1790Birth of Jeanne BERTHOUD
February 9 1790Marriage between Jacques DELHOMME and Marie ou Claudine CORTAY
February 1 1790Marriage between Jean LAPALUS and Antoinette MAHUET
February 9 1790Marriage between Humbert DARGAUD and Marie MAGNIN
February 9 1790Marriage between Pierre DARGAUD and Magdeleine MAGNIN
February 1 1790Marriage between Philibert LORON and Jacqueline DESROCHES
April 24 1790Birth of Jean LATOUR
April 27 1790Death of Jean LATOUR
May 25 1790Marriage between Jean DUSSAUGE and Philiberte DARGAUD
May 25 1790Marriage between Antoine DUSSAUGE and Claudine DARGAUD
July 15 1790Birth of Philibert DESROCHES
September 17 1790Birth of Jeanne Marie CINQUIN
November 26 1790Birth of Marceline BERTHOUD
January 16 1791Birth of Jean DELORME
January 7 1791Death of Claudine SANGOUARD
February 23 1791Birth of Jeanne Marie GUILLOUX 53
February 23 1791Event for Jeanne Marie GUILLOUX 53
February 14 1791Birth of Claude CHAINTREUIL
February 8 1791Marriage between Georges LACONDEMINE and Antoinette PRETESAC
March 1 1791Birth of Anne TARLET
March 1 1791Marriage between Jean BESSON and Denise AUGOYAT
April 20 1791Birth of Magdeleine NAVAIZARD
April 21 1791Death of Marie LAFFAY
April 6 1791Death of Jean DELORME
May 22 1791Birth of Marie Rose CONDEMINE
May 10 1791Marriage between Philibert LORON and Marie TOUTANT
June 22 1791Birth of Claudine Gabrielle BOLAND
June 6 1791Marriage between Louis BRAILLON and Marie MONCHANAY
July 22 1791Birth of Jacques LAROCHETTE
October 19 1791Birth of François CORNIER
December 14 1791Birth of Joseph TARLET
December 22 1791Birth of Léger CINQUIN
January 24 1792Marriage between Joseph ROLLET and Marie Marceline BENON
January 18 1792Birth of Anne Marie ou Marie Anne LATOUR
January 16 1792Death of Marie LESCHERE
February 14 1792Marriage between Michel SEVELINGE and Marie Marceline BONNETAIN
February 14 1792Marriage between Claude BERTHOUD and Nicole DESROCHES
March 16 1792Birth of Jeanne Claudine DEDIEU
April 9 1792Death of Jean Claude CHAINTREUIL
April 4 1792Death of Benoit BERTHOUD
May 11 1792Birth of Marie AUGOYAT
May 1 1792Marriage between Jean LAFAY and Claudine AUFRANC
July 23 1792Birth of Magdelaine LORON
September 6 1792Death of Louis DELHOMME
September 4 1792Marriage between Benoit THEVENET and Marie Pierrette GUILLOUX
September 4 1792Marriage between François DELORME and Marie DESREAUX
September 4 1792Marriage between Antoine GAILLARD and Etiennette DESREAUX
January 8 1793Marriage between Claude PRADET and Pierrette DUSSAUGE
June 25 1793Marriage between Claude JOLIVET and Marie Philiberte DUPASQUIER
June 11 1793Birth of Claudine MAGNIN
July 30 1793Marriage between Pierre ROTIVAL and Anne LAPALUS
August 27 1793Marriage between Pierre AULAS and Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
August 20 1793Marriage between Benoit Marie AUGOYAT and Marie DESROCHES
August 13 1793Birth of Philibert PRADET
August 17 1793Birth of Antoine DESROCHES
August 2 1793Birth of Jean DESROCHES
August 7 1793Birth of Benoit GUILLOUX
August 5 1793Marriage between Jean MAZOYER and Jeanne CORNIER
October 29 1793Birth of Jean BERTHOUD
November 12 1793Marriage between Louis PASSOT and Jeanne ou Marie Marceline CORNIER
December 6 1793Birth of Philiberte PRETESAC
December 8 1793Marriage between Jean LAPALUS and Marie BONNETAIN
December 8 1793Marriage between Louis Jacques BERTHOUX and Jeanne BONNETAIN
December 31 1793Marriage between Jacques LACONDEMINE and Marie REBOUX
January 30 1794Marriage between François THEVENET and Marie BRUYS
January 28 1794Marriage between Claude DUBOST and Marie AUGRIS
January 28 1794Marriage between Jean Baptiste ROTIVAL and Marie Philiberte AUGRIS
January 13 1794Marriage between Claude DUSSAUGE and Jeanne LARDET
January 14 1794Marriage between Etienne THEVENET and Jeanne Marie BRUYS
January 1 1794Birth of Archambaud PHILIBERT
January 9 1794Marriage between Pierre VALLETTE and Henriette CHAINTREUIL
February 24 1794Birth of Marie TARLET
February 6 1794Marriage between Claude CINQUIN and Claire MATRAY
February 2 1794Marriage between Jean LAPALUS and Marie NAVAIZARD
February 6 1794Marriage between Philibert MATRAY and Marceline CINQUIN
March 24 1794Birth of Philiberte LAVENIR
March 14 1794Birth of Claudine ROTIVAL
April 11 1794Death of Claude CHERVET
June 25 1794Death of Louis Jacques BERTHOUX
June 7 1794Death of Jeanne Marie BERTHOUD
August 19 1794Birth of Claudine BRAILLON
August 5 1794Birth of Jeanne CORNIER
October 23 1794Birth of Claudine DUBOST
November 6 1794Birth of Jean CINQUIN
December 23 1794Birth of Philiberte SANGOUARD
December 26 1794Death of Marie ou Claudine CORTAY
January 20 1795Birth of Etiennette LAFAY
January 3 1795Birth of Pierre PRETESAC
January 7 1795Marriage between Louis TARLET and Jeanne Marie DELORME
February 10 1795Birth of Jean LAPALUS
February 10 1795Marriage between Bernard BALVAY and Anne CHERVET
February 16 1795Marriage between Joseph BALVAY and Anne Félicité ou Claudine CHERVET
March 13 1795Death of Louis CHAINTREUIL
March 6 1795Birth of Anne DEDIEU
May 13 1795Birth of Jean Baptiste JOLIVET
June 30 1795Marriage between Joseph THEVENET and Marie Anne SANGOUARD
June 5 1795Birth of Benoite LAURON
July 8 1795Birth of Antoinette DELHOMME
July 1 1795Death of Claude TARLET
August 10 1795Birth of Antoinette THEVENET
August 9 1795Birth of Marie TARLET
September 13 1795Birth of Vincelette BESSON
October 2 1795Birth of Denis LAROCHETTE
January 22 1796Birth of Pierre BERTHOUD
January 22 1796Birth of Claude LAPALUS
January 14 1796Birth of Benoit NAVAIZARD
January 16 1796Death of Nicole LESCHERE
January 8 1796Death of Benoite SANGOUARD
March 10 1796Birth of Louis CORNIER
March 6 1796Birth of Georges BERTHOUD
May 30 1796Birth of Anne THEVENET
May 29 1796Birth of Marie PHILIBERT
May 13 1796Birth of Antoinette LAFFAY
May 10 1796Birth of Antoine RENAUD
May 7 1796Birth of Antoinette GUILLOUX
June 13 1796Birth of Marguerite CINQUIN
July 29 1796Birth of Philibert SANGOUARD
August 16 1796Birth of Benoite TARLET
August 9 1796Birth of Georges DEDIEU
September 17 1796Birth of Philiberte AUGOYAT
September 15 1796Birth of Léger DUMONET
December 18 1796Birth of Jean Pierre BONNETAIN
January 26 1797Birth of Jeanne Marie LAPALUS
January 25 1797Marriage between Gérard DUMOULIN and Antoinette GUILLOUX
January 25 1797Marriage between Philibert NAVAIZARD and Louise JAFFRE
January 18 1797Death of Claudine MUZARD
January 1 1797Birth of Claude AUGOYAT
February 14 1797Marriage between Jean CUIRAT and Marie LAVENIR
March 30 1797Birth of Jeanne Marie CORNIER
March 21 1797Birth of Jean DUMOULIN
March 14 1797Birth of Marie TARLET
March 14 1797Death of Marie TARLET
March 1 1797Birth of Jean Marie LAPIERRE
March 3 1797Birth of Marie Françoise DESROCHES
April 30 1797Birth of Marie Anne NAVAIZARD
April 30 1797Death of Marie Anne MAGNIN 213
April 30 1797Death of Marie MAGNIN
April 16 1797Birth of Jean Pierre DESROCHES
May 29 1797Birth of Philibert LATOUR
June 7 1797Birth of Anne PRETESAC
July 31 1797Birth of Marie LAFAY
July 24 1797Birth of Jeanne Marie DUSSAUGE
July 8 1797Birth of Louis LAROCHETTE
July 7 1797Death of Benoit JANIN
September 20 1797Birth of Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
September 20 1797Birth of Jeanne Marie CONDEMINE
November 5 1797Birth of Claudine LORON
November 5 1797Birth of Benoite CUIRAT
November 11 1797Birth of Pierre CONDEMINE
December 21 1797Birth of Jeanne CINQUIN
December 24 1797Death of Antoinette THEVENET
December 29 1797Birth of Archambaud BENAS
February 20 1798Marriage between Claude CINQUIN and Marie DARGAUD
February 20 1798Marriage between Jean DARGAUD and Jeanne Marie CINQUIN
February 13 1798Marriage between Jacques CROZIER and Marguerite DARGAUD
March 30 1798Birth of Etiennette JOLIVET
March 10 1798Birth of Marie GUILLEMIN
May 18 1798Birth of Philibert VIVIER
May 4 1798Birth of Louis DARGAUD
August 21 1798Marriage between Pierre GEORGES and Jeanne PRETESAC
September 28 1798Birth of Jean Marie LAPALUS
September 9 1798Death of Philiberte BRAILLON
October 15 1798Birth of Claude PHILIBERT
October 24 1798Birth of Benoit ROTIVAL
October 25 1798Birth of Jacques BONNETAIN
November 4 1798Birth of Pierre CHARVET
December 24 1798Birth of Marie LATOUR
January 27 1799Death of Marie BONNETAIN
January 17 1799Birth of Jean THEVENET
February 22 1799Birth of Jeanne Marie CINQUIN
February 15 1799Birth of Antoinette DESROCHES
February 7 1799Death of Marie DESBOIS
April 7 1799Birth of Pierre LARDY
June 28 1799Birth of Pierrette GUILLOUX
September 29 1799Birth of Louis THOZET
September 11 1799Birth of Charles DESROCHES
November 4 1799Birth of Jeanne Marie AUGOYAT
December 9 1799Birth of Georges DESROCHES
December 29 1799Death of Claudine CORSIN
April 30 1800Birth of Jean ou Jean Marie CINQUIN
April 20 1800Birth of Pierrette LAFAY
April 20 1800Birth of Marie LAFAY
April 10 1800Birth of Louis NAVAIZARD
April 2 1800Death of Antoinette GUILLEMAIN
May 23 1800Birth of Henry ou Jean THEVENET
May 20 1800Birth of Pierrette NAVAIZARD
July 2 1800Birth of Claudine PRETESAC
July 4 1800Birth of Jean Baptiste BERTHOUD
August 11 1800Death of Honoré MAGNIN
September 23 1800Birth of Magdeleine DESROCHES
October 11 1800Birth of Jean Marie MAGNIN
October 26 1800Death of Pierre BALVAY
November 1 1800Marriage between Jean BALVET and Antoinette THOMAS
November 11 1800Marriage between Pierre AUGOYAT and Jeanne Marie NAVAIZARD
November 11 1800Marriage between Jean JAFFRE and Magdeleine LAGUETTE
November 21 1800Marriage between Jean DEBIZE and Pierrette BERTHOUD
December 16 1800Birth of Antoine LATOUR
January 23 1801Death of Georges THEVENET
January 18 1801Death of Philibert SANGOUARD
January 1 1801Birth of Marie DESROCHES
January 8 1801Birth of Marie CONDEMINE
January 4 1801Birth of Jean Marie RUET
February 19 1801Death of Jean THEVENET
February 3 1801Death of Jacques AUGOYAT
March 31 1801Marriage between Antoine Philibert AUGRIS and Françoise AUGOYAT
May 19 1801Birth of Jeanne CUIRAT
June 1 1801Death of Anne PRETESAC
August 17 1801Birth of Jeanne Marie AUDIN
October 31 1801Birth of Antoinette BRAILLON
October 31 1801Birth of Marcelin ou Marcel DESROCHES
November 1 1801Death of Jean SAPALY
November 11 1801Birth of Louis LACONDEMINE
November 16 1801Death of Claude RIBOULET
January 30 1802Birth of Pierre AULAS
January 22 1802Death of Jean DESROCHES
January 16 1802Death of Jean BRAILLON
February 26 1802Birth of Françoise ROTIVAL
February 19 1802Marriage between Jean BONNETAIN and Jeanne Marie TRIBOLET
February 7 1802Birth of Marie GUILLOUX
February 8 1802Death of Pierre AULAS
February 4 1802Death of Claudine LAROCHETTE
February 4 1802Marriage between Pierre BESACIER and Anne BERTHOUD
March 1 1802Birth of David LATOUR
March 3 1802Death of Jean Pierre CORNIER
March 1 1802Marriage between Claude DUFOUR and Jeanne JANIN
May 14 1802Birth of Pierre DEDIEU
May 8 1802Birth of Antoine AUDIN
June 16 1802Death of Vincelette GEORGES
June 18 1802Death of Jean PRADET
July 27 1802Death of Jean NAVAIZARD
July 18 1802Birth of Jean NAVAIZARD
July 10 1802Death of Jeanne LAFAY
July 18 1802Death of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
July 7 1802Birth of Jeanne Marie GEORGES
July 4 1802Birth of Jean RAFFIN
August 6 1802Death of Claudine GAUTHIER
September 21 1802Death of Claudine PRETESAC
December 2 1802Birth of Jean LITOT
December 8 1802Death of Benoit NAVAIZARD
December 22 1802Birth of Marie Claudine CONDEMINE
January 10 1803Birth of Angélique SEVELINGE
February 19 1803Marriage between Philibert BACOT and Marie BERTHOUD
February 4 1803Death of Marceline SANGOUARD
March 20 1803Death of Jean Marie AULAS
March 10 1803Birth of Jean Marie AULAS
March 15 1803Death of Claire LARDY
March 1 1803Birth of Marie THOZET
April 26 1803Birth of Jeanne AUGOYAT
April 24 1803Birth of Jean Philibert BONNETAIN
August 7 1803Birth of Jeanne Marie BARRAUD
October 8 1803Marriage between Jean BRIDET and Jeanne LARGE
October 25 1803Death of Benoit DESROCHES
November 2 1803Death of Marceline GEORGES
November 12 1803Birth of Anne SIMONET
November 15 1803Death of Catherine CHAMPAGNON
December 8 1803Birth of Jeanne Marie AUGRIS
December 25 1803Marriage between Jean LAPIERRE and Jeanne PASSOT
December 25 1803Marriage between Jean LAPIERRE and Jeanne PASSOT
January 11 1804Birth of Marie GEORGES
January 6 1804Birth of Pierrette CUIRAT
February 12 1804Marriage between Jean AUFRANC and Denise Antoinette LAVENIR
February 12 1804Marriage between Jean AUFRANC and Denise Antoinette LAVENIR
February 2 1804Marriage between Etienne BESSON and Marcelline DUSSAUGE
April 26 1804Birth of Jean DESROCHES
April 26 1804Birth of Jean ou Jean Baptiste DESROCHES
June 9 1804Marriage between Claude PERRET and Marie DELORME
July 8 1804Death of Marie CHEMARIN
August 9 1804Birth of Benoite BRAILLON
September 7 1804Death of Louis NAVAIZARD
October 2 1804Marriage between Pierre DARGAUD and Benoite RENAUD
October 5 1804Birth of Claudine DUBOST
October 15 1804Death of Jacques LAFAY
October 28 1804Death of Nicolas AUDIN
January 28 1805Marriage between Claude PHILIBERT and Jeanne SANGOUARD
February 20 1805Death of Claude LAPALUS
February 10 1805Marriage between Claude DEDIEU and Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
February 17 1805Marriage between Jean Marie FAILLANT and Jeanne Marie VERMOREL
March 30 1805Death of Jeanne BRAILLON
April 29 1805Birth of Claude DESROCHES
May 17 1805Birth of Jean Pierre DEDIEU
May 1 1805Death of Marceline CHAINTREUIL
May 5 1805Marriage between Jean GUERIN and Claudine JAFFRE
July 22 1805Birth of Marie Anne LACONDEMINE
July 8 1805Marriage between Jacques AUDIN and Marie LAPALUS
September 24 1805Birth of Claude GEORGES
October 4 1805Birth of Marie Jeanne LAFFAY
October 12 1805Birth of Pierrette LATOUR
October 24 1805Death of Pierrette LATOUR
November 19 1805Marriage between Joseph PERRAUD and Françoise ou Madeleine BENAS
December 2 1805Birth of Jeanne LAPALUS
January 12 1806Birth of Marie THEVENET
January 10 1806Death of Jean Baptiste TARLET
January 3 1806Marriage between Antoine DUMONET and Marie GUILLEMIN
February 18 1806Death of Claude Marie BRAILLON
February 14 1806Death of François THEVENET
March 27 1806Birth of Léger DEDIEU
April 23 1806Birth of Jacques DUFOUR
April 5 1806Death of Louise DAILLIER
May 15 1806Birth of Claude DESROCHES
June 28 1806Death of Jean Baptiste AUFRANC
June 6 1806Birth of Anne PHILIBERT
July 27 1806Birth of Pierrette AULAS
July 22 1806Death of Jean AUFRANC
July 5 1806Birth of Marie DESPRES
August 17 1806Death of Claude BENAS
September 22 1806Birth of Pierre BOURGEOIS
October 21 1806Birth of Girard THEVENET
November 5 1806Birth of Antoinette dite Joséphine LACONDEMINE
November 12 1806Death of Anne ou Annette ROTIVAL
November 17 1806Marriage between Jean Marie GUERIN and Claudine LAFAY
December 5 1806Birth of Jacques PHILIBERT
January 14 1807Marriage between Pierre DUFOUR and Marie Marcelline DARGAUD
February 9 1807Marriage between Laurent LAGUETTE and Philiberte DESROCHES
February 7 1807Marriage between Antoine PERRIN and Espérance DUMOULIN
February 6 1807Marriage between Antoine VINCENT and Jeanne PRADET
February 1 1807Marriage between Pierre DUFOUR and Jeanne NAVAIZARD
April 21 1807Death of Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
April 13 1807Birth of Henry LAURON
April 12 1807Marriage between Jean Marie LAMAIN and Marie LEPY
April 2 1807Marriage between Germain MONCHANAY and Catherine AUFRANC
April 5 1807Marriage between Léger BERTHOUD and Claudine VALENTIN
May 22 1807Death of Antoinette BERNOUD 107
May 18 1807Birth of Jacques DEDIEU
May 12 1807Marriage between Georges TRIBOLLET and Marie Philiberte DELHOMME
June 22 1807Marriage between Pierre DUBOST and Marie LACHARME
June 10 1807Birth of Joseph CHAINTREUIL
September 13 1807Birth of Marie GEORGES
September 14 1807Marriage between Jean Baptiste LAFAY and Antoinette DUSSAUGE
September 4 1807Birth of Joseph BRIDET
October 2 1807Marriage between Claude DUCROUX and Marie Etiennette PASSOT
November 1 1807Death of Jeanne VINCENT
November 3 1807Birth of Marie Claudine ou Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
November 18 1807Birth of Benoite DUFOUR
December 19 1807Death of Jacques SANGOUARD SANGOIR
December 25 1807Birth of Marie BRAILLON
January 30 1808Birth of Jean LATOUR
January 29 1808Marriage between Laurent CINQUIN and Jeanne dite Jeannette DUSSAUGE
January 17 1808Death of Claude GEORGES
January 1 1808Birth of Jacques LACONDEMINE
February 25 1808Death of Claude GEORGES
March 20 1808Birth of Marie Philiberte MONCHANAY
March 28 1808Death of Catherine MUZARD
March 10 1808Birth of Jacques TRIBOLLET
April 29 1808Birth of Magdeleine ROTIVAL
April 21 1808Death of Philiberte DELORME
April 2 1808Birth of Louis VERMOREL
May 30 1808Marriage between Claude PRETESAC and Antoinette DAILLIER
May 9 1808Death of Philiberte THEVENET
June 22 1808Birth of Magdeleine DESROCHES
June 23 1808Death of Claude CINQUIN
June 11 1808Birth of Jeanne Marie ou Claudine LAROCHETTE
June 4 1808Birth of Jean Baptiste LAGUETTE
June 6 1808Death of Jean Baptiste LAGUETTE
July 17 1808Death of Marie Anne SANGOUARD
August 7 1808Marriage between Jean FAILLANT and Jeanne Marie TARLET
September 3 1808Birth of Louis LAFFAY
October 10 1808Marriage between Jean Marie VALENTIN and Jeanne BERTHOUD
October 25 1808Death of Benoit BOUILLET
November 5 1808Marriage between Jean Marie DARGAUD and Philiberte THOUZET
November 21 1808Birth of Anne PERRIN
December 20 1808Death of Claudine DUFOUR
December 23 1808Birth of Benoite DUBOST
January 8 1809Marriage between Claude BRAILLON and Antoinette JAFFRE
February 28 1809Birth of Marie LAGUETTE
February 10 1809Marriage between Joseph DESLETTRES and Marie JAFFRE
February 1 1809Marriage between Pierre DESPLACES and Elie LARDET
February 5 1809Marriage between Claude CHERVET and Antoinette LITAUD
February 5 1809Marriage between Joseph DESROCHES and Pierrette CHERVET
February 1 1809Marriage between Benoit DESPLACES and Pierrette VERCHERE
March 31 1809Birth of Anne Antoinette SANGOUARD
April 27 1809Birth of Benoit ROUX
April 4 1809Death of Claudine CHERVET
April 9 1809Marriage between Claude RUET and Marie TARLET
May 27 1809Birth of Antoinette PERRET
May 16 1809Marriage between Jean VINCENT and Marie MAGNIN
June 27 1809Birth of Magdeleine AULAS
June 11 1809Marriage between Jean LAPIERRE and Françoise AUGOYAT
June 2 1809Birth of Henry MATRAY
July 27 1809Birth of Antoine DUBOIS
July 7 1809Death of Magdeleine DESROCHES
August 24 1809Birth of Pierre PRETESAC
September 13 1809Death of François NAVAIZARD
November 4 1809Birth of Philiberte DEDIEU
November 13 1809Marriage between Claude JAFFRE and Magdeleine NAVAIZARD
December 2 1809Death of Claire MATRAY
December 7 1809Birth of Antoinette GEORGES
December 14 1809Birth of Jean Marie BONNETAIN
December 16 1809Birth of Jean Marie THOMAS
December 17 1809Birth of Pierrette VERMOREL
January 24 1810Death of Benoite AUFRANC
March 24 1810Birth of Claudine LARDY
March 19 1810Death of Antoine BRIDAY
March 17 1810Death of Louis BRAILLON
March 5 1810Marriage between Claude DESPLACES and Marie BERTHOUD
March 5 1810Marriage between Jean Marie MOREAU and Marie DESPLACES
April 30 1810Birth of Jeanne Marie BONNETAIN
May 28 1810Birth of Marie DUFOUR
May 10 1810Birth of Claudine DEDIEU
May 19 1810Death of Jean LAPIERRE
May 9 1810Death of Marie GEORGES
June 21 1810Death of Jeanne PETIT
June 13 1810Death of Joseph CHAINTREUIL
August 31 1810Birth of François BRAILLON
August 9 1810Birth of Pierre JANIN
September 29 1810Birth of Jean LORON
September 18 1810Birth of Jeanne Marie RUET
October 7 1810Birth of Antoine PRETESAC
October 18 1810Birth of Jacques Archambaud LAPIERRE
October 22 1810Birth of Jean Marie MONCHANAY
November 6 1810Birth of Henry DESROCHES
November 17 1810Death of Henry CHEMARIN
November 25 1810Birth of Pierrette PHILIBERT
November 28 1810Marriage between Jacques BACOT and Marceline LAPALUS
December 5 1810Death of Françoise AUFRANC
December 5 1810Death of Françoise LACHARME
February 28 1811Death of Antoinette LITAUD
February 13 1811Marriage between Philibert BACOT and Philiberte JAFFRE
February 18 1811Marriage between Jean Marie MAGNIN and Jeanne Marie Elisabeth TARLET
February 1 1811Birth of Claude LAROCHETTE
February 4 1811Death of Claude LAROCHETTE
February 3 1811Marriage between Antoine FAYARD and Etiennette RUET
March 20 1811Birth of Antoine DUBOST
March 14 1811Birth of Jeanne Marie LARGE
March 7 1811Death of Marie AUGOYAT
April 21 1811Marriage between Jean LACHARME and Jeanne PASSOT
April 20 1811Marriage between Claude CHERVET and Antoinette BERTHOUD
April 19 1811Birth of Jeanne Marie DELORME
April 14 1811Birth of Marie Etiennette LAFFAY
April 15 1811Marriage between Antoine BARRAUD and Catherine DROIN
May 17 1811Birth of Marie PHILIBERT
May 19 1811Death of Philippe DUCROT
June 28 1811Birth of Benoit DESROCHES
June 16 1811Death of Pierrette BRAILLON
September 20 1811Death of Vincelette CROISIER
September 13 1811Birth of Pierre GEORGES
September 11 1811Death of Jean Baptiste ROTIVAL
October 5 1811Birth of Pierrette BERTHOUD
October 8 1811Birth of Léger BACOT
October 13 1811Death of Antoine PRETESAC
October 13 1811Marriage between Jean Marie ou Méry LAPIERRE and Marguerite THILLET
October 17 1811Death of Jeanne Marie LAPLACE
October 20 1811Birth of Pierre LACHARME
October 30 1811Death of Jacques DELHOMME
November 22 1811Birth of Joseph THOMAS
November 25 1811Marriage between Denis LAROCHETTE and Marie BERTHOUD
January 20 1812Birth of Claude BARRAUD
January 14 1812Marriage between Benoit MESTRA and Jeanne Claudine DEDIEU
February 21 1812Birth of Emilienne VERMOREL
February 11 1812Marriage between Claude CHAINTREUIL and Jeanne LESCHERE
February 10 1812Marriage between Jean Marie DESPLACES and Anne TARLET
February 7 1812Death of Benoite PROTERY
February 1 1812Marriage between Jean JACQUET and Vincelette ALABEATRIX
March 25 1812Birth of Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
March 25 1812Birth of Antoinette JAFFRE
March 28 1812Death of Marie DUPASQUIER
March 2 1812Birth of Jeanne Marie FAYARD
April 18 1812Birth of Jeanne PRETESAC
May 25 1812Death of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
May 28 1812Death of Jeanne Marie LARDET
May 1 1812Birth of Marceline MESTRA
July 26 1812Birth of Jacqueline VALENTIN
July 26 1812Marriage between Jean CHEMARIN and Marie CLEMENT
September 24 1812Birth of Denis LARDY
October 15 1812Birth of Jeanne Marie BENAS
November 3 1812Birth of Pierre PHILIBERT
December 2 1812Death of Benoit DESCOTTES
December 8 1812Birth of Pierre Marie CHAINTREUIL
December 9 1812Death of Antoine PERRIN
December 21 1812Birth of Jeanne Marie THEVENET
December 22 1812Birth of Pierrette DESLETTRES
December 28 1812Birth of Marie DESROCHES
January 28 1813Death of Jean GEORGES
January 28 1813Marriage between Claude DUCROT and Jeanne Marie PRETESAQUE
January 19 1813Death of Pierre BRAILLON
January 10 1813Marriage between Philibert DESROCHES and Magdeleine AUPOIX
January 10 1813Marriage between Charles THEVENET and Françoise AUPOIX
January 9 1813Marriage between Claude BENAS and Jeanne Marie RAFFIN
February 22 1813Marriage between Julien BERTHOUD and Jeanne Marie RENAUD
February 20 1813Marriage between Joseph FAYARD and Marguerite LATOUR
February 4 1813Birth of Louis CHAINTREUIL
February 4 1813Birth of Louis CHAINTREUIL
February 2 1813Marriage between Archambaud LAROCHETTE and Antoinette LACONDEMINE
March 27 1813Marriage between Philibert PRADET and Etiennette DESPERRIER
March 17 1813Birth of Françoise LACHARME
March 15 1813Birth of Jean Marie THOMAS
March 19 1813Marriage between Jean PICOLET and Jeanne Marie DUBOST
March 11 1813Marriage between Claude BONNETAIN and Claudine MAGNIN
March 3 1813Birth of Jean DUFOUR
April 23 1813Birth of Pierrette DESPLACE
April 21 1813Marriage between Etienne Marie BALVAY and Marie BENAS
April 2 1813Death of Marie GEORGES
April 7 1813Marriage between Claude François PARDON and Anne DELORME
May 23 1813Birth of Joseph DUFOUR
May 16 1813Birth of Jean Marie DEDIEU
May 14 1813Death of Claude FAILLANT
June 6 1813Marriage between Benoit DUCOTE and Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
July 7 1813Marriage between Jean François CORNIER and Pierrette CHEVRIER
August 18 1813Birth of Jean LAROCHETTE
August 15 1813Death of Pierre LARDY
August 11 1813Marriage between Pierre DUCROST and Marie PHILIBERT
August 11 1813Marriage between Jean DELORME and Jeanne Marie PARDON
August 3 1813Birth of Pierre VOUILLON
September 7 1813Death of Louise Marie CORTAY
December 7 1813Birth of Jean BARRAUD
January 30 1814Birth of Jean Marie GEORGES
January 13 1814Death of Louis TARLET
January 11 1814Death of Angélique DUCROUX
January 1 1814Birth of Marie CHAINTREUIL
January 4 1814Death of Marie CHAINTREUIL
March 25 1814Birth of Marie BERTHOUD
March 13 1814Death of Léger DESROCHES
March 16 1814Death of Marie DELORME
March 4 1814Birth of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
March 2 1814Marriage between Jean MAZOYER and Marie CHAINTREUIL
April 30 1814Birth of Claudine VALENTIN
May 12 1814Birth of Benoite PRETESAC
June 5 1814Death of Louis LAROCHETTE
July 15 1814Birth of Jeanne Marie VERMOREL
July 3 1814Death of Marie Anne DUPASQUIER
August 21 1814Birth of Pierrette THEVENET
August 9 1814Birth of Claude JANIN
October 18 1814Birth of Françoise ou Anne PARDON
October 30 1814Birth of Jean DESROCHES
November 1 1814Death of Claudine BORDAT
December 15 1814Birth of Henri LAFAY
December 24 1814Birth of Benoit DESROCHES
February 20 1815Birth of Jean Antoine VALENTIN
March 18 1815Birth of Benoit RUET
March 4 1815Birth of Etienne BESSON
May 21 1815Marriage between Philibert LARDET and Marie GUILLOUX
June 25 1815Birth of Philiberte CHAINTREUIL
June 26 1815Birth of Jeanne JAFFRE
June 23 1815Death of Philiberte PRETESAC
July 24 1815Birth of Marie DEDIEU
July 14 1815Birth of Jeanne Marie LAROCHETTE
July 6 1815Birth of Jeanne Marie DUBOST
September 27 1815Birth of Claudine VALENTIN
October 10 1815Birth of Jean MONCHANAY
October 21 1815Death of Antoinette AUGOYAT
October 24 1815Birth of Marie GEORGES
November 28 1815Marriage between Benoit DESCOMBES and Jeanne Marie DELORME
November 29 1815Death of Jean LAFFAY
November 29 1815Marriage between Pierre AULAS and Benoite DOMAS
November 30 1815Death of Pierre LARDY
December 4 1815Birth of Jean LAFFAY
December 7 1815Birth of Jeanne Marie DESPLACES
December 14 1815Birth of Marie THOMAS
January 28 1816Birth of Jeanne PRETESAC
January 6 1816Marriage between Joseph BERTHOUD and Marie Anne RENAUD
February 24 1816Birth of Claudine FAYARD
March 10 1816Death of Louis REBOUX
March 10 1816Death of Etienne CINQUIN
April 19 1816Death of Jean LACONDEMINE
June 16 1816Birth of Benoite Philiberte TRIBOULET
June 3 1816Death of Marie LAROCHETTE
June 3 1816Death of Benoite JAFFRE
July 30 1816Birth of Françoise BALVAY
July 26 1816Death of Catherine PASSOT
July 17 1816Marriage between Antoine DESROCHES and Marie Françoise DESROCHES
August 29 1816Birth of Claudine BONNETAIN
August 9 1816Birth of Joseph BERTHOUD
October 11 1816Birth of Philiberte SANGOUARD
December 25 1816Birth of Jean Marie PRADET
December 28 1816Birth of Jean Benoit VALENTIN
January 24 1817Birth of Jeanne Marie DUFOUR
January 15 1817Birth of Jean Louis RAFFIN
January 4 1817Marriage between Jean RAFFIN and Jeanne Marie BRAILLON
March 15 1817Death of Marthe CHAINTREUIL
April 8 1817Marriage between Claude BOUCAUD and Claudine GUILLEMIN
May 21 1817Birth of Pierrette MAGNIN
June 19 1817Death of Marie GEORGES
June 4 1817Birth of Jean CHAINTREUIL
June 6 1817Death of Philiberte SANGOUARD
June 9 1817Marriage between Claude BOUCAUD and Jeanne Marie VERMOREL
August 31 1817Birth of Philiberte BOURGEOIS
October 6 1817Marriage between Jean Marie COPIER and Antoinette AUDIN
November 15 1817Death of Jeanne PRADET
November 21 1817Marriage between Joseph BESSON and Benoite CUIRAT
December 10 1817Death of Antoinette LACONDEMINE
December 15 1817Birth of Marie Louise BRAILLON
January 19 1818Marriage between Claude BONNETAIN and Antoinette THEVENET
January 14 1818Marriage between Antoine LAROCHETTE and Claudine VALENTIN
February 20 1818Birth of Antoine GUERIN
February 9 1818Birth of Pierre LAFAY
February 1 1818Marriage between Jacques LAROCHETTE and Marie GUILLEMIN
March 12 1818Birth of Benoite BACOT
March 1 1818Marriage between Pierre BESSON and Anne PHILIBERT
June 30 1818Birth of Anne BOUCAUD
June 3 1818Birth of Jeanne GEORGES
July 23 1818Birth of Claudine VOUILLON
July 21 1818Marriage between Georges DESPLACES and Claudine ROTIVAL
August 21 1818Death of Philiberte TRIBOLET
August 9 1818Birth of Jeanne DESPLACES
September 24 1818Birth of Jeanne Marie VALENTIN
September 5 1818Birth of Laurent VERMOREL
October 8 1818Birth of Claude DUCROT
December 6 1818Death of Jean MAGNIN
December 23 1818Birth of Antoinette DESROCHES
December 26 1818Birth of Claudine VINCENT
January 21 1819Death of Marie MAGNIN
January 20 1819Marriage between Jean Marie LAPIERRE and Marie LAROCHETTE
January 21 1819Marriage between Benoit DUBOST and Benoite LACHARME
January 18 1819Birth of Jeanne Marie CINQUIN
January 19 1819Death of Pierre AUGOYAT
January 9 1819Birth of Pierrette VALENTIN
January 3 1819Death of Marceline CINQUIN
February 20 1819Marriage between Claude LAVENIR and Marceline BERTHOUD
February 21 1819Marriage between Charles LAROCHETTE and Philiberte Aimée RIBOLLET
February 15 1819Death of Claude CHERVET
February 8 1819Marriage between Louis LACONDEMINE and Jeanne Marie PHILIBERT
March 31 1819Birth of Jeanne Marie PARDON
March 14 1819Marriage between Archambaud LAROCHETTE and Jeanne BERTHOUD
March 6 1819Marriage between Etienne PERRET and Marie Françoise DESROCHES
April 21 1819Death of Angèle ou Angélique BENAS
April 13 1819Birth of Marie Louise COPIER
May 12 1819Birth of Benoite LACHARME
May 7 1819Death of Antoinette BALVAY
August 14 1819Birth of Louis LAPIERRE
November 17 1819Death of Claude DEDIEU
December 13 1819Birth of Joseph CHAINTREUIL
December 21 1819Birth of Claudine THOMAS
December 22 1819Death of Antoinette DUTEL
December 25 1819Birth of Marie MONCHANAY
February 23 1820Birth of Marie LACONDEMINE
February 19 1820Birth of Lazare BESSON
February 1 1820Birth of Françoise DESROCHES
February 5 1820Death of Jacques AUDIN
March 10 1820Birth of Antoine Benoit DESROCHES
April 22 1820Birth of Claude BOUCAUD
April 1 1820Birth of Denis LAROCHETTE
April 2 1820Marriage between Henry ROTIVEL and Marie FUSIL
May 7 1820Death of Jeanne BERTHOUD
June 16 1820Birth of Antoine PRETESAC
August 14 1820Death of Philibert PROTAT
October 4 1820Birth of Antoinette VALENTIN
October 11 1820Death of Claude SIMONET
November 16 1820Birth of Philiberte CINQUIN
November 18 1820Birth of François JAFFRE
November 19 1820Marriage between Charles DESROCHES and Antoinette DESROCHES
December 31 1820Marriage between Jean Marie MAGNIN and Antoinette DUSSAUGE
January 2 1821Death of Pierre Marie CHAINTREUIL
January 4 1821Marriage between Pierre MARTIN and Marie BERTHOUD
February 11 1821Birth of Jean GEORGES
February 11 1821Marriage between Jacques DUSSAUGE and Jeanne SIMONET
February 11 1821Marriage between Louis CORNIER and Philippine Marie RAFFIN
February 1 1821Birth of Jean Georges PARDON
February 9 1821Birth of Henri BENAS
February 8 1821Death of Jean CHAVANNE
February 5 1821Marriage between Jean DELORME and Pierrette THOMAS
March 20 1821Marriage between Jean Marie BERTHAUD and Françoise JAFFRE
April 24 1821Birth of Catherine JAFFRE
April 16 1821Birth of Pierre DUCROT
July 23 1821Marriage between Georges LACONDEMINE and Marceline LAPALUS
July 14 1821Death of Claude VALENTIN
August 25 1821Birth of Pierre Marie LAVENIR
August 19 1821Birth of Benoit Marie CINQUIN
August 3 1821Death of Françoise RAFFIN
September 26 1821Birth of Claudine LACONDEMINE
September 28 1821Birth of Marcel PERRET
September 23 1821Death of Georges TRIBOLLET
September 11 1821Death of Antoinette THEVENET
September 19 1821Death of Benoit THEVENET
October 10 1821Death of Pierre DUBOST
October 23 1821Birth of Marie DESNUELLE
November 6 1821Marriage between Jean Marie DESSAIGNE and Claudine BRAILLON
November 15 1821Birth of Claudine LAROCHETTE
November 20 1821Birth of Cécile DESROCHES
December 15 1821Birth of Louise AUDIN
December 18 1821Birth of Léger VALENTIN
December 27 1821Birth of François CHAINTREUIL
December 30 1821Birth of Jean MAGNIN
January 31 1822Birth of Marie BERTHOUX
January 17 1822Death of Jeanne BONNETAIN
January 11 1822Marriage between Claude PHILIBERT and Marie ou Jeanne Marie DUSSAUGE
March 7 1822Birth of Joseph SANGOUARD
March 7 1822Death of Pierre PICOLET
March 7 1822Death of Pierre PICOLET
May 5 1822Birth of Benoit dit Jean Marie RAFFIN
June 1 1822Birth of Marie PRETESAC
June 2 1822Death of Marie PRETESAC
September 12 1822Death of Claude PHILIBERT
September 6 1822Death of Marie RUET
September 9 1822Death of Etienne Marie JANIN
October 25 1822Death of Philiberte Aimée RIBOLLET
November 7 1822Birth of Antoine SANGOUARD
November 10 1822Birth of Charles DESROCHES
November 10 1822Birth of Etienne DESROCHES
November 27 1822Marriage between Claude ROUX and Jeanne Marie GEORGES
December 7 1822Birth of François AUDIN
December 9 1822Marriage between Jean RAMAGE and Magdelaine LORON
December 14 1822Birth of Jeanne Marie VOUILLON
December 23 1822Birth of Jeanne Marie DUCROT
January 18 1823Birth of Jean Louis DARGAUD
January 6 1823Marriage between Jean Pierre BONNETAIN and Jeanne GOBET
February 21 1823Death of Jean Marie DESSAIGNE
February 12 1823Birth of Pierre PHILIBERT
March 25 1823Birth of François PARDON
March 14 1823Death of Etiennette REBOUD
March 2 1823Marriage between François AULAS and Claudine DUBOST
May 21 1823Birth of Jeanne Marie BESSON
May 18 1823Birth of Louis CORNIER
May 15 1823Marriage between Antoine Philibert AUGRIS and Jeanne GACHOT
June 30 1823Death of Jean GEORGES
June 23 1823Death of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
June 20 1823Marriage between Claude DROIN and Antoinette LAFFAY
June 13 1823Birth of Marie JAFFRE
June 1 1823Birth of Jacques DUFOUR
June 9 1823Death of Jeanne GEORGES
July 22 1823Birth of Etienne LAROCHETTE
July 27 1823Birth of Pierre PICOLET
August 18 1823Death of Marie BERTHOUD
October 8 1823Marriage between Jean CHEMARIN and Jeanne Marie Philiberte CHAINTREUIL
October 22 1823Birth of Jacques LACONDEMINE
November 6 1823Death of Françoise AUGOYAT
November 16 1823Birth of Jean Marie CHEMARIN
November 19 1823Death of Marie DESROCHES
December 9 1823Death of Benoit AUGRIS
December 18 1823Birth of Marie MAGNIN
January 24 1824Death of Claude DESPLACES
January 21 1824Marriage between Antoine LABORIER and Brigitte LARDY
February 25 1824Birth of Claude GEORGES
February 22 1824Death of Claude DESROCHES
February 24 1824Death of Claude DUFOUR
February 28 1824Marriage between Jacques JANIN and Anne DEDIEU
February 27 1824Marriage between Jean LAPIERRE and Jeanne Marie DUSSAUGE
February 17 1824Birth of Jean Marie SANGOUARD
February 19 1824Birth of Madeleine VALENTIN
February 16 1824Death of Louise JAFFRE
February 15 1824Death of Claire DELORME
February 7 1824Birth of Philibert DUCROT
March 26 1824Birth of Marie PRETESAC
March 4 1824Birth of Claude DESROCHES
March 8 1824Death of Catherine CHAMPAGNON
March 3 1824Death of Benoite LACONDEMINE
March 3 1824Death of Benoite BONNETAIN
April 28 1824Birth of Anne DESROCHES
April 7 1824Birth of Pierre DESPLACES
April 5 1824Death of Philiberte LAPALUS
May 20 1824Birth of Benoite PRADET
May 10 1824Birth of Marie LAFAY
May 13 1824Birth of Marie BERTHOUD
May 18 1824Birth of Jeanne Marie ROUX
May 11 1824Birth of Jeanne Marie DAILLY
May 12 1824Death of Marie LAFAY
May 6 1824Birth of Pierrette CORNIER
May 5 1824Death of Emery VIVIER
June 3 1824Marriage between Pierre FRANCHET and Marie DESROCHES
July 18 1824Birth of Jean Baptiste DESROCHES
September 11 1824Death of Marie Anne MAGNIN
October 28 1824Birth of Claude JANIN
November 15 1824Death of Pierre GEORGES
November 28 1824Birth of Antoine TARDY
December 11 1824Birth of Jean BENAS
December 16 1824Birth of Louise CHEMARIN
December 30 1824Death of Jean FAYARD
January 28 1825Birth of Benoite AULAS
January 16 1825Marriage between Pierre MONTANGERAND and Benoite BRAILLON
February 14 1825Death of Georges BENAS
February 7 1825Death of Philiberte DESROCHES
March 29 1825Death of Antoinette TARLET
March 18 1825Death of Marie RIBOULET
March 6 1825Birth of Marie LAPIERRE
March 9 1825Death of Pierre Marie CHAINTREUIL
April 8 1825Birth of Jean Marie LACONDEMINE
April 8 1825Birth of Claude VALENTIN
April 7 1825Death of Vincelette DESROCHES
April 1 1825Death of Jeanne CINQUIN
May 23 1825Birth of Claudine THOMAS
May 28 1825Death of Marie AUGOYAT
May 12 1825Birth of Philiberte LAROCHETTE
May 5 1825Death of Marie LAROCHETTE
June 18 1825Birth of Benoit THEVENET
June 18 1825Birth of Claude RENAUD
July 29 1825Death of Jeanne SANGOUARD
July 1 1825Birth of Philiberte SANGOUARD
September 2 1825Marriage between Benoit NAVAIZARD and Marie Françoise BELICARD
October 2 1825Marriage between Benoit RAFFIN and Philiberte AUGOYAT
October 10 1825Marriage between Jean Marie LAPIERRE and Marie ou Jeanne Marie DUSSAUGE
October 11 1825Marriage between Jean THEVENET and Anne PHILIBERT
October 14 1825Death of Benoit VERMOREL
November 5 1825Birth of Benoite PHILIBERT
November 22 1825Marriage between Marcelin ou Marcel DESROCHES and Jeanne Louise DARGAUD
December 6 1825Death of Philibert NAVAIZARD
December 13 1825Death of Pierre PARDON
December 21 1825Birth of Etienne AUDIN
January 30 1826Death of Jeanne Marie DELORME
January 29 1826Birth of Jean Pierre JAFFRE
February 2 1826Death of Philiberte SANGOUARD
February 4 1826Death of Jacques AUDIN
February 6 1826Death of Magdelaine SAPALY
February 5 1826Marriage between Joseph PROTAT and Anne SIMONET
February 4 1826Marriage between Charles LAROCHETTE and Léonore dite Claudine SIVIGNON
March 14 1826Death of Marie BENAS
March 19 1826Death of Benoit BENAT
April 25 1826Birth of Jeanne LACONDEMINE
April 27 1826Death of Jeanne Marie VERMOREL
April 26 1826Death of Benoite THOMAS
May 24 1826Marriage between Claude PHILIBERT and Philiberte MALFONDET
May 2 1826Birth of Antoinette ROUX
July 31 1826Death of Jacques JANIN
July 10 1826Marriage between Claude BOUCAUD and Jeanne CORNIER
August 28 1826Birth of Jean Marie SANGOUARD
August 24 1826Marriage between Etienne Marie BALVAY and Jeanne Marie AUDIN
August 14 1826Death of Philiberte AUGOYAT
September 27 1826Death of Angelle ou Angélique BOUILLARD
September 26 1826Marriage between Jean Marie FOREST and Jeanne Marie CONDEMINE
October 5 1826Birth of Jeanne Marie MAGNIN
December 22 1826Death of Antoinette SANGOUARD
January 13 1827Death of Antoinette MAHUET
February 25 1827Death of Jean DESROCHES
February 3 1827Birth of Jean CHEMARIN
March 4 1827Birth of Anne DUCROT
March 3 1827Death of Jacques LACONDEMINE
April 27 1827Birth of Claude Marie BOUCAUD
April 22 1827Marriage between François DUBOST and Marie BRAILLON
April 18 1827Birth of Claude JAFFRE
April 7 1827Birth of François DESROCHES
May 8 1827Birth of Marie (ou) Antoinette BESSON
June 22 1827Death of Jeanne BERTHOUX
June 5 1827Birth of Claude CINQUIN
June 2 1827Birth of Louis DESROCHES
July 24 1827Birth of Louise PROTAT
July 27 1827Death of Antoinette DAILLIER
August 24 1827Death of Germain MONCHANAY
August 3 1827Death of Georges LACONDEMINE
September 4 1827Death of Jean Baptiste DESROCHES
October 4 1827Birth of Françoise LAROCHETTE
October 12 1827Birth of Elie SANGOUARD
November 16 1827Birth of Jacques VALENTIN
December 7 1827Birth of Joseph NAVAIZARD
January 25 1828Death of Jean Baptiste TARLET
January 13 1828Death of Jeanne PERRIN
January 6 1828Birth of Jeanne Marie THEVENET
February 25 1828Birth of François PICOLET
February 16 1828Birth of Claude AUDIN
February 15 1828Marriage between Claude DESROCHES and Magdeleine BRIDAY
February 15 1828Marriage between Philibert LAPIERRE and Françoise ROTIVAL
February 1 1828Birth of Philibert DESPLACES
February 8 1828Death of Claudine AUGOYAT
February 5 1828Marriage between Antoine POULY and Claudine RUET
February 5 1828Marriage between Philippe POULY and Pierrette CUIRAT
March 13 1828Death of Claudine CORZET
April 23 1828Death of Marceline CHERVET
April 14 1828Marriage between Vincent DROIN and Claudine DUBOST
April 8 1828Marriage between Pierre MORIN and Sébastienne BERTHAUD
May 26 1828Birth of Jean Marie RENAUD
June 18 1828Birth of Marie Philippine DESROCHES
June 16 1828Marriage between Etienne BRIDAY and Marie LATOUR
June 3 1828Birth of Louis dit Marcel DESROCHES
July 21 1828Death of Benoite TOUTANT
July 19 1828Birth of Pierre LAPIERRE
August 28 1828Marriage between Louis NAVAIZARD and Pierrette BERTHOUD
September 6 1828Birth of Jeanne DUCROS
October 15 1828Death of Henriette CHAINTREUIL
October 17 1828Marriage between Jean Baptiste BERTHOUD and Marie LAGUETTE
October 25 1828Death of Marie DURAND
November 15 1828Death of Benoite BERTHELIER
November 22 1828Marriage between Pierre CHARVET and Benoite DUFOUR
November 24 1828Marriage between Philibert LATOUR and Antoinette GEORGES
January 23 1829Death of Antoinette PICOLET
January 25 1829Death of Claude PERRET
January 20 1829Marriage between Jean Baptiste TRICHARD and Antoinette BERTHOUD
January 14 1829Birth of Pierre PERRET
January 12 1829Birth of Jean Pierre LAPIERRE
January 6 1829Death of Jean DARGAUD
February 18 1829Birth of Benoit SANGOUARD
February 11 1829Birth of Jean Marie BONNETAIN
February 18 1829Birth of Antoine SANGOUARD
February 10 1829Death of Jean FORESTIER
February 1 1829Birth of Jean JAFFRE
February 6 1829Death of Jean BONNETAIN
February 1 1829Death of Marie BERTHOUD
March 26 1829Birth of Marie JAFFRE
March 9 1829Birth of Marie DESROCHES
April 23 1829Marriage between Jean VOUILLON and Anne THEVENET
April 6 1829Birth of Jean Marie LACONDEMINE
April 4 1829Death of Jeanne CHARVET
August 30 1829Death of Claude RENAUD
August 27 1829Death of Marie Anne LAPALUS
October 17 1829Birth of Françoise AULAS
October 29 1829Birth of Jean Pierre BERTHOUD
November 18 1829Marriage between Jean Marie Fortuné LAMAIN and Marie PHILIBERT
December 14 1829Death of Pierrette VERCHERE
December 23 1829Death of Marie BOURGEOIS
December 24 1829Death of Marie BERTHOUD
January 30 1830Death of Denis LATOUR
January 30 1830Death of Jean CUIRAT
January 28 1830Birth of Charles CHARVET
January 29 1830Birth of Claude Marie BONNETAIN
January 23 1830Death of Jeanne Marie ROUX
January 21 1830Death of Elie SANGOUARD
January 18 1830Death of Jean BONNETAIN
January 19 1830Death of Benoit BOURGEOIS
January 14 1830Death of Philibert CORNIER
February 20 1830Birth of Marguerite PICOLET
February 20 1830Marriage between Jean Marie DAILLIER and Pierrette AUDIN
February 16 1830Birth of Claude François CORNIER
February 10 1830Death of Claude DEDIEU
February 7 1830Birth of Barthélémy THEVENET
February 2 1830Birth of Marie Claudine VALENTIN
February 5 1830Death of Joseph BESSON
February 3 1830Death of Philiberte MALFONDET
March 29 1830Birth of Claude SANGOUARD
March 28 1830Birth of Françoise DUFOUR
March 7 1830Death of Etiennette THEVENET
March 6 1830Death of Claudine LAPALUS
May 26 1830Birth of Antoinette Claudine RANDIER
May 20 1830Death of Jeanne CORNIER
June 15 1830Birth of Jeanne Marie DUBOST
June 17 1830Birth of Jean Marie BESSON
July 24 1830Birth of Claude Marie LAMBERT
August 31 1830Birth of Julien PROTAT
August 12 1830Marriage between Antoine Fortuné CHAGNY and Claudine BRAILLON
August 16 1830Marriage between Jean Marie LUQUET and Jeanne AUGOYAT
September 24 1830Marriage between Louis DARGAUD and Magdeleine ROTIVAL
September 24 1830Marriage between Antoine LATOUR and Marie CONDEMINE
September 8 1830Death of Jean Benoit VALENTIN
October 3 1830Marriage between Jean TRIBOLET and Antoinette PERRET
October 8 1830Birth of Michel AUGRIS
October 24 1830Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
November 20 1830Birth of Jean LATOUR
January 26 1831Death of Claude DESROCHES
January 18 1831Death of Jean Marie ou Méry LAPIERRE
January 2 1831Birth of Benoite ROUX
March 23 1831Death of Jeanne AUGOYAT
March 7 1831Death of Marie Philiberte DELHOMME
April 28 1831Birth of Antoine CHAGNY
April 10 1831Marriage between Jacques Archambaud LAPIERRE and Françoise LACHARME
April 10 1831Marriage between Joseph JANDIN and Magdeleine AULAS
April 12 1831Marriage between Jean BERTHAUD and Pierrette AULAS
April 3 1831Birth of François AULAS
May 5 1831Birth of Jean Pierre LACONDEMINE
May 9 1831Birth of Marie Antoinette REBAY
July 9 1831Birth of Claudine Philiberte DROIN
September 2 1831Birth of François VOUILLON
October 15 1831Birth of Françoise LACONDEMINE
October 16 1831Death of Benoite BRAILLON
November 8 1831Birth of Antoinette BONNETAIN
December 12 1831Birth of Marie DESROCHES
January 30 1832Birth of Antoinette Claudine JAFFRE
January 30 1832Marriage between Antoine COLLONGE and Marie Catherine REBEY
February 21 1832Birth of Antoine BRIDET
February 17 1832Death of Jeanne Marie Elisabeth TARLET
February 19 1832Marriage between Jean CHAINTREUIL and Jeanne Marie BOUDRY
February 6 1832Death of Jeanne PRETESAC
March 29 1832Death of Jeanne Marie CONDEMINE
March 13 1832Death of Jean TRIBOLET
March 2 1832Marriage between Jacques LACONDEMINE and Marie DUFOUR
March 4 1832Marriage between Pierre Marie LAPALUS and Anne PERRIN
April 21 1832Birth of Jeanne Marie BONNETAIN
April 25 1832Death of Marie MONCHANAY
April 27 1832Marriage between Claude THEVENET and Anne Antoinette SANGOUARD
April 19 1832Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
April 10 1832Marriage between Henry MATRAY and Philiberte Françoise PROTAT
April 10 1832Marriage between Claude SEVELINGE and Vincelette BENAS
April 4 1832Birth of Jeanne Marie LATOUR
May 15 1832Death of Jean DESROCHES
June 17 1832Birth of Jacques BOUCAUD
June 11 1832Death of Marie LAVENIR
August 17 1832Birth of Philiberte LAPIERRE
September 30 1832Death of Marie REBOUX
September 29 1832Marriage between Louis VERMOREL and Jeanne PRETESAC
September 20 1832Marriage between Claude DESBAS and Pierrette VERMOREL
October 21 1832Birth of Claudine DARGAUD
November 6 1832Birth of Jeanne VALENTIN
November 11 1832Birth of Pierrette THEVENET
November 29 1832Marriage between Benoit THEILLERE and Benoite CUIRAT
December 13 1832Birth of Louis LACONDEMINE
January 31 1833Death of Claude DROIN
January 22 1833Birth of Claude PRETESAQUE
January 10 1833Birth of Claude CHAINTREUIL
January 15 1833Marriage between Jean Philibert BONNETAIN and Antoinette PERRET
February 6 1833Birth of Louise SANGOUARD
February 5 1833Birth of Joseph MATRAY
February 1 1833Marriage between Georges Marie VOUILLON and Philippe FAYARD
March 28 1833Death of Antoine SANGOUARD
March 15 1833Birth of Antoinette AULAS
March 14 1833Birth of Jeanne LAPIERRE
April 11 1833Birth of Anna LACONDEMINE
April 10 1833Death of Marie LACONDEMINE
April 13 1833Marriage between Pierre GEORGES and Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
April 7 1833Death of Marguerite THILLET
May 18 1833Birth of Pierre JAFFRE
May 8 1833Death of Marie JANIN
June 11 1833Death of Benoite LAMAIN
August 25 1833Birth of Claudine RAFFIN
August 20 1833Death of Jean PHILIBERT
September 19 1833Birth of Etienne CHAGNY
October 2 1833Death of Marie CONDEMINE
October 22 1833Marriage between Philibert MARTIN and Anne BOUCAUD
October 29 1833Death of Benoite THEVENET
November 2 1833Marriage between Antoine GAUTHIER and Claudine LARDY
November 2 1833Marriage between Jean ou Jean Baptiste DESROCHES and Jacqueline VALENTIN
November 15 1833Birth of Jacques BONNETAIN
November 18 1833Birth of Jean Marie ROUX
December 11 1833Death of Marie Marcelline LACONDEMINE
December 29 1833Marriage between Jean Marie MONCHANAY and Jeanne Marie BAIZET
December 30 1833Marriage between Joseph LAPALUS and Philiberte LACONDEMINE
January 23 1834Marriage between Benoit MONTEL and Marie DELORME
January 4 1834Birth of Georges DUFOUR
February 20 1834Birth of Marie Claudine GEORGES
February 10 1834Marriage between Antoine RANDIER and Claudine VALENTIN
February 1 1834Birth of Magdelaine BERTHOUD
April 4 1834Death of Benoit Marie AUGOYAT
June 22 1834Birth of Marie dite Claudine LATOUR
June 20 1834Birth of Rosalie THEVENET
July 4 1834Birth of Benoit DARGAUD
September 20 1834Birth of Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
September 10 1834Birth of Marcel DESROCHES
September 18 1834Birth of Joséphine Claudine VERMOREL
October 8 1834Death of Marie DARGAUD
October 19 1834Birth of Joséphine PASSOT
October 24 1834Death of Benoite BESSON
November 14 1834Birth of Pierrette NAVAIZARD
November 15 1834Birth of Jeanne CHAINTREUIL
November 15 1834Birth of Jeanne Marie LAPIERRE
December 3 1834Marriage between Denis LAROCHETTE and Marie Claudine ou Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
December 29 1834Death of Pierre AUDIN
January 29 1835Marriage between Jean LATOUR and Marie LACONDEMINE
January 10 1835Death of Jean DESROCHES
January 10 1835Marriage between Jean GONON and Antoinette JAFFRE
January 5 1835Birth of Antoine DESROCHES
February 12 1835Birth of Jeanne Marie RANDIER
February 11 1835Death of Jean Marie GEORGES
February 12 1835Death of Marie BERTHOUD
February 8 1835Birth of Jean Marie GEORGES
March 18 1835Birth of Louise BOTTON
March 15 1835Marriage between Jean Marie BONNETAIN and Marie Louise COPIER
March 4 1835Death of Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
June 22 1835Marriage between Philibert AUCAIGNE and Marie Jeanne LAFFAY
July 31 1835Birth of Jean MONCHANAY
July 23 1835Birth of Marie Louise LACONDEMINE
July 20 1835Birth of Jeanne Denise BALVAY
July 7 1835Birth of Jean DESROCHES
August 19 1835Death of Pierrette DUPASQUIER
September 21 1835Marriage between Pierre GEORGES and Marie Claudine CONDEMINE
October 4 1835Birth of Gabriel SANGOUARD
October 24 1835Birth of Pierrette VERMOREL
October 26 1835Birth of Joseph DUFOUR
November 1 1835Death of Pierre AULAS
November 14 1835Death of Madeleine BOURGEOIS
December 15 1835Marriage between Claude CHATELET and Antoinette LAFFAY
December 16 1835Death of Raimond DUSSAUGE
January 20 1836Birth of Jeanne ROUX
January 17 1836Marriage between François JONCHIER and Philiberte CHAINTREUIL
February 25 1836Birth of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
February 25 1836Birth of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
February 22 1836Death of Charles Vincent CHERVET
February 13 1836Birth of Joséphine SANGOUARD
February 13 1836Death of Marceline TARLET
February 3 1836Birth of François BONNETAIN
February 1 1836Marriage between Benoit LAFFAY and Benoite PRETESAC
February 2 1836Marriage between Jean THEILLERE and Antoinette RUET
March 12 1836Death of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
March 2 1836Birth of Jean BRIDET
April 23 1836Marriage between Jean BONNETAIN and Madeleine MAZOYER
April 10 1836Death of Pierre DESROCHES
May 26 1836Birth of Antoinette RANDIER
May 11 1836Birth of Catherine BERTHAUD
May 15 1836Death of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
May 14 1836Death of Antoinette GEORGES
May 8 1836Birth of Jeanne Marie LATOUR
May 8 1836Death of Jean Marie LAPIERRE
June 17 1836Death of Antoine SANGOUARD
June 3 1836Birth of Marie DESROCHES
July 1 1836Birth of François Marie VALENTIN
August 5 1836Birth of Jeanne GEORGES
August 7 1836Death of Marie DUSSAUGE
September 1 1836Death of Pierre DESROCHES
October 6 1836Marriage between Claude LORON and Antoinette CHANAY
November 1 1836Birth of Pierrette NAVAIZARD
November 5 1836Death of Catherine ROLLIER
November 14 1836Death of Jean BAIZET
November 23 1836Birth of Antoine COLLONGE
December 10 1836Death of Antoinette DEDIEU
December 30 1836Marriage between Joseph AUFRANC and Marie Etiennette LAFFAY
January 8 1837Death of Philibert MATRAY
February 12 1837Birth of Jean Marie BONNETAIN
February 17 1837Death of Antoine PRETESAC
March 30 1837Death of Jeanne DESREAUX
March 17 1837Birth of Claude JUGNET
March 14 1837Birth of Pierrette Marie Eulalie dite Eugénie THEVENET
March 3 1837Death of Jean CHAINTREUIL
May 22 1837Death of Pierre ROTIVAL
May 1 1837Birth of Philibert LATOUR
July 12 1837Marriage between Etienne TRIBOLET and Jeanne Marie BOUDRY
August 22 1837Birth of Pierre ROUX
August 27 1837Death of Pierrette AUDIN
August 6 1837Death of Françoise CHAINTREUIL
September 22 1837Death of Denis LAROCHETTE
September 29 1837Death of Benoit CONDEMINE
September 20 1837Death of Antoinette RUET
September 19 1837Death of Marie Anne ou Marianne RIBOULET
October 1 1837Birth of Benoite PRETESAC
October 19 1837Birth of Cécile DESROCHES
October 19 1837Birth of Jeanne Marie CHARVET
November 7 1837Death of Toussaint SANGOUARD
November 17 1837Birth of Antoine Marie DUFOUR
November 19 1837Birth of François Gabriel SANGOUARD
December 19 1837Marriage between Benoit AUDIN and Benoite LAURON
December 24 1837Birth of Jean THEVENET
January 21 1838Birth of Antoine RANDIER
January 18 1838Birth of Vincent DARGAUD
January 2 1838Birth of Antoine BONNETAIN
February 24 1838Birth of Claudine DURAND
February 23 1838Death of Henry MATRAY
February 20 1838Marriage between Jean THEILLERE and Jeanne Marie VERMOREL
February 6 1838Birth of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
February 3 1838Death of Pierrette MELINAND
March 11 1838Birth of Benoit VERMOREL
March 9 1838Birth of François Stanislas DESROCHES
April 30 1838Death of Pierrette AULAS
April 30 1838Marriage between Claude DUBOIS and Pierrette PHILIBERT
April 21 1838Death of Pierre DUFOUR
May 29 1838Birth of Louise LAFFAY
May 16 1838Death of Jeanne Marie DUSSAUGE
May 3 1838Birth of Marguerite AULAS
June 25 1838Marriage between Jacques BOUDRY and Claudine LAPALUS
July 27 1838Birth of Pierre GEORGES
July 1 1838Marriage between Jean Marie BELIN and Claudine VOUILLON
August 30 1838Birth of François BRIDET
August 23 1838Birth of Jeanne JAFFRE
August 26 1838Death of Marie MICHON
August 19 1838Birth of Pierre MALATIER
August 12 1838Birth of Jeanne dite Eugénie JAFFRE
August 3 1838Birth of Jeanne AULAS
August 6 1838Marriage between Claude CINQUIN and Marie CHAMPAGNON
September 14 1838Death of Jeanne Marie TARLET
September 8 1838Death of Marie LAPALUS
October 7 1838Death of Jeanne ROUX
October 29 1838Birth of Antoine CONDEMINE
November 9 1838Death of Pierrette GOBET
November 10 1838Death of Léger BERTHOUD
November 18 1838Marriage between Jean Marie DURAND and Emilienne VERMOREL
February 10 1839Marriage between Louis LAFFAY and Françoise FEVRE
February 8 1839Marriage between Joseph BERGERON and Pierrette VALENTIN
April 27 1839Death of Emilienne VERMOREL
April 19 1839Birth of Anne BONNETAIN
April 15 1839Birth of Marie PROTAT
May 12 1839Birth of Claude CHAINTREUIL
May 16 1839Death of Jean Baptiste JAFFRE
June 25 1839Death of Pierrette CHEVRIER
June 11 1839Death of Jeanne SANGOUARD
June 6 1839Death of Léger DEDIEU
July 26 1839Birth of Jeanne Marie LARDY
July 9 1839Marriage between Antoine DESPRES and Antoinette MATRAY
August 10 1839Birth of Jean François LACONDEMINE
August 8 1839Birth of Marie Pierrette DARGAUD
September 15 1839Birth of Jean Benoit DESROCHES
October 7 1839Birth of Marie Antoinette DUBOST
October 26 1839Birth of Jeanne VERMOREL
December 1 1839Birth of Marie Antoinette RANDIER
January 31 1840Marriage between François BERLIERE and Catherine JAFFRE
January 25 1840Birth of Claudine JANIN
January 27 1840Birth of Joseph DESROCHES
January 22 1840Marriage between Jean CHAINTREUIL and Marie ROZIER
January 6 1840Marriage between Henri LAFAY and Jeanne JAFFRE
February 25 1840Marriage between Pierre PHILIBERT and Jeanne Marie GUILLOUX
February 8 1840Death of Jeanne Marie BAIZET
March 21 1840Death of Marie MOREAU
March 13 1840Birth of François LATOUR
March 17 1840Birth of François CHARVET
March 4 1840Birth of Marie Claudine SANGOUARD
March 9 1840Death of Jean MALATIER
March 1 1840Marriage between Philibert PHILIBERT and Françoise ou Anne PARDON
April 30 1840Marriage between Henry DESROCHES and Claudine CHAINTREUIL
April 14 1840Birth of Claudine VIVIER
April 3 1840Death of Jeanne BORDAT
April 3 1840Marriage between Jean Marie CHANUT and Jeanne Marie FAYARD
May 25 1840Death of Claudine DUBOST
July 7 1840Marriage between Jean DELAYE and Jeanne Marie THEVENET
August 31 1840Birth of Antoinette LAFFAY
August 12 1840Birth of Antoinette SANGOUARD
October 21 1840Birth of Jeanne Marie MONCHANAY
October 26 1840Marriage between Antoine DUSSAUGE and Jeanne Marie VALENTIN
November 2 1840Birth of Claude Louis Philippe AUGOYAT
November 7 1840Death of Antoinette DURY
November 9 1840Birth of Marie Claudine LAFAY
November 17 1840Death of Jeanne Marie FOUILLOUX
December 9 1840Marriage between Joseph DUFOUR and Jeanne Marie MAGNIN
December 11 1840Birth of Jeanne CHAINTREUIL
December 17 1840Death of Claudine MONTEL
January 24 1841Death of Marie DESROCHES
January 9 1841Birth of Antoinette BONNETAIN
January 1 1841Birth of Joseph NAVAIZARD
February 22 1841Birth of Jean Marie PHILIBERT
February 21 1841Birth of Benoit CHAMBOSSE
February 15 1841Marriage between Jean CINQUIN and Marie DESROCHES
February 15 1841Marriage between Jean Marie DEDIEU and Claudine CINQUIN
February 8 1841Death of Gérard DUMOULIN
February 4 1841Marriage between Jean BOUCAUD and Jeanne PRETESAC
February 3 1841Marriage between Jean BERTHAUD and Marie Benoite Alexandrine CHANTIN
February 2 1841Marriage between Claude JANIN and Marie DUPORT
April 18 1841Death of Magdeleine ROTIVAL
May 28 1841Birth of Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
May 8 1841Birth of Claudine DESROCHES
June 29 1841Birth of Joséphine DARGAUD
June 29 1841Death of Magdeleine BRIDAY
June 8 1841Birth of Jeanne Marie LATOUR
June 4 1841Death of Claude LAFFAY
July 24 1841Death of Jeanne Marie PRETESAQUE
July 28 1841Marriage between Pierre THOMAS and Pierrette GUILLOUX
August 7 1841Death of Benoite DOMAS
September 16 1841Birth of Benoite VERMOREL
September 18 1841Marriage between François AULAS and Marie ou Marie Joséphine LACONDEMINE
October 7 1841Birth of Jules Antoine RANDIER
October 11 1841Death of Jean LAFFAY
November 13 1841Marriage between Claude DESROCHES and Pierrette BONNETAIN
November 20 1841Birth of Françoise VOUILLON
November 21 1841Birth of Pierre CHAINTREUIL
December 5 1841Marriage between Pierre LAPIERRE and Etiennette LAFFAY
December 18 1841Death of Pierre RUET
December 24 1841Birth of Jeanne CINQUIN
January 22 1842Birth of Nicolas François BERGERON
January 11 1842Death of Jean Marie DEDIEU
February 24 1842Death of Jean François CORNIER
February 21 1842Marriage between Louis CORNIER and Marie Françoise MARTIN
February 17 1842Death of Marie DELORME
February 13 1842Death of Catherine BERTHOUD
March 30 1842Death of Philibert MORIN
March 26 1842Death of Jeanne Marie GEORGES
March 3 1842Birth of Marie Claudine DESROCHES
April 23 1842Birth of Etiennette SANGOUARD
April 14 1842Birth of Benoite FAYARD
May 25 1842Birth of Antoine THEVENET
May 29 1842Birth of Jean DURAND
May 28 1842Marriage between Antoine DARGAUD and Claudine BERTHOUD
May 19 1842Marriage between Antoine ADOUARD and Marie Louise BRAILLON
May 19 1842Marriage between Antoine DUBOST and Jeanne Marie RUET
May 10 1842Marriage between Claude DUCROT and Anne PROTAT
May 5 1842Birth of Pierre Antoine POULY
July 29 1842Death of Henri JAFFRE
August 22 1842Marriage between Philibert LATOUR and Marie MONCHANAY
September 17 1842Birth of Jean Marie LATOUR
September 4 1842Birth of Jean Baptiste LAFFAY
October 1 1842Birth of Françoise LATOUR
October 7 1842Death of Benoit THEVENET
November 19 1842Marriage between Antoine JAMBON and Jeanne Marie CINQUIN
December 5 1842Death of Marguerite CHERVET
December 19 1842Death of Jean LAPIERRE
December 22 1842Marriage between Louis DARGAUD and Claudine CORNIER
January 30 1843Birth of Madeleine DESROCHES
January 28 1843Birth of Claude GEORGES
January 22 1843Birth of Louise THOMAS
January 15 1843Birth of Pierre LACONDEMINE
February 26 1843Marriage between Joseph BENAS and Louise GUILLOUX
March 12 1843Birth of Marie CHAINTREUIL
March 11 1843Death of Marie RUET
April 28 1843Marriage between Jean Marie PRADET and Claudine FAYARD
April 17 1843Marriage between Jacques PHILIBERT and Jeanne Marie DEBORDE
April 19 1843Marriage between François MONTANGERAND and Antoinette DESROCHES
April 6 1843Birth of Ursule CONDEMINE
April 7 1843Death of Joseph BERTHOUD
May 30 1843Death of Claude CHAINTREUIL
May 27 1843Death of Philiberte MOREL
May 14 1843Birth of Jean Marie SANGOUARD
July 20 1843Marriage between Claude LARDET and Marie JAFFRE
July 10 1843Death of Antoinette BERLIERE
August 27 1843Birth of Anne VERMOREL
August 11 1843Death of Claude VOUILLON
September 23 1843Marriage between Jean Marie GEORGES and Pierrette ou Philiberte BRAILLON
September 12 1843Death of Jean DUBOST
October 20 1843Death of Jeanne Marie JANIN
October 29 1843Marriage between Léger VALENTIN and Claudine MARTINOT
November 11 1843Birth of Madeleine LAFAY
November 22 1843Birth of Claude Marie CHAINTREUIL
November 25 1843Birth of Laurent CORNIER
December 11 1843Birth of Pierre BERTHAUD
December 29 1843Death of Pierre LAFAY
January 26 1844Birth of David LATOUR
January 22 1844Death of Claudine CORNIER
January 24 1844Death of Antoine VINCENT
January 2 1844Death of Léger BERTHOUD
January 5 1844Death of Marie Marcelline DARGAUD
February 18 1844Birth of Philiberte LATOUR
February 19 1844Death of Jean Marie LATOUR
February 8 1844Marriage between Louis LESCHERE and Claudine CINQUIN
March 31 1844Birth of Philomène CHAINTREUIL
March 5 1844Birth of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
March 8 1844Death of Jean Marie CONDEMINE
April 25 1844Birth of Jacques DARGAUD
April 13 1844Birth of Claude DUMOULIN
April 13 1844Death of Philomène CHAINTREUIL
April 13 1844Marriage between Georges LACONDEMINE and Claudine VINCENT
May 24 1844Birth of Antoine LAPIERRE
June 30 1844Birth of Claude DARGAUD
June 25 1844Birth of Marie CHAINTREUIL
June 25 1844Birth of Pierre PHILIBERT
June 26 1844Birth of Jeanne Marie PRADET
June 10 1844Birth of Jean PERRET
June 16 1844Birth of Pierre Antoine BONNETAIN
July 26 1844Death of Pierre DESPLACES
July 2 1844Birth of Claudine DUBOST
July 9 1844Marriage between Claude DARGAUD and Jeanne Marie DUFOUR
August 2 1844Birth of Marie PHILIBERT
September 30 1844Death of Françoise LATOUR
September 7 1844Birth of Jean Claude JAMBON
October 4 1844Marriage between François FUMET and Jeanne Marie THEVENET
October 5 1844Marriage between Joseph DROIN and Marie AUGOYAT
October 11 1844Birth of Marie DURAND
October 15 1844Birth of Benoit AUDIN
October 18 1844Birth of Jeanne Marie BLETON
October 22 1844Birth of Philibert Marie BESSON
October 30 1844Marriage between Antoine Benoit DESROCHES and Cécile DESROCHES
November 22 1844Birth of Marie dite Mariette LARDY
November 30 1844Birth of Claude SANGOUARD
December 5 1844Birth of Etiennette ou Marie Louise Etiennette DUFOUR
December 15 1844Birth of Pierre MONCHANAY
December 16 1844Birth of Jean Claude THEILLERE
December 18 1844Birth of Joseph DESROCHES
January 26 1845Birth of Philibert Antoine BRIDET
January 26 1845Birth of Benoit RANDIER
January 22 1845Marriage between Jean Marie BARRAUD and Pierrette THEVENET
January 19 1845Birth of Claudine LAFFAY
January 16 1845Death of Antoinette SANGOUARD
January 6 1845Marriage between Jean DUFOUR and Marie PRETESAC
February 19 1845Birth of Claude AULAS
February 5 1845Marriage between Claude LAROCHETTE and Anne DESROCHES
March 5 1845Marriage between Louis DARGAUD and Antoinette GOBET
April 23 1845Birth of Marie Joséphine JUGNET
April 14 1845Birth of Jean DESPRES
April 13 1845Birth of Pierre Marie BERTHOUD
April 1 1845Birth of Marie Claudine CHARVET
April 7 1845Birth of Antoine VERMOREL
April 3 1845Birth of Jeanne JANIN
May 31 1845Birth of Jean FAYARD
May 28 1845Birth of Joséphine SANGOUARD
May 6 1845Birth of Jacques LACONDEMINE
July 31 1845Birth of Jean Marie LACONDEMINE
July 28 1845Birth of Etiennette BONNETAIN
July 28 1845Birth of Jeanne JACQUET
July 22 1845Birth of Claude Marie BONNETAIN
July 16 1845Death of Claudine VALENTIN
July 17 1845Death of Marie COMBIER
July 7 1845Birth of Eugénie LAFAY
August 30 1845Birth of François LAFAY
August 17 1845Death of Jules Antoine RANDIER
September 25 1845Birth of Marie Claudine DARGAUD
September 25 1845Birth of Marie Philomène BESSON
September 23 1845Death of Marie MORIN
September 16 1845Birth of Jean Antoine SANGOUARD
September 17 1845Birth of Marie Claudine PROTAT
September 5 1845Birth of Rosalie PHILIBERT
September 7 1845Birth of Jean VIVIER
October 12 1845Death of Pierre PHILIBERT
October 16 1845Birth of François Antoine CHAINTREUIL
October 18 1845Birth of Françoise Philomène BERNACHON
November 6 1845Birth of Jean Marie LACONDEMINE
November 11 1845Birth of Jean DESROCHES
November 13 1845Birth of Claudine DUBOST
November 15 1845Birth of Philibert DESROCHES
November 17 1845Birth of Jeanne Marie LATOUR
November 18 1845Birth of Marie Pierrette THOMAS
November 20 1845Marriage between Claude Marie BRAILLON and Antoinette BAIZET
November 23 1845Death of Antoinette GUILLOUX
November 27 1845Birth of Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
December 1 1845Birth of Jean LATOUR
December 2 1845Birth of Laurent CINQUIN
December 3 1845Birth of Antoine BERTHAUD
December 23 1845Birth of Claudine RUET
January 27 1846Birth of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
January 14 1846Birth of Jean PHILIBERT
January 17 1846Birth of Claude DUFOUR
February 28 1846Birth of Jean VALENTIN
February 7 1846Birth of Jean Marie AULAS
February 7 1846Marriage between Girard THEVENET and Jeanne Marie PARDON
March 21 1846Birth of Rosalie dite Péroline JAFFRE
March 26 1846Birth of Marie Claudine DUBOIS
March 10 1846Death of Jean VALENTIN
March 15 1846Marriage between Jean Benoit RAFFIN and Claudine BONNETAIN
March 9 1846Birth of Philiberte AULAS
April 29 1846Death of Claude LAVENIR
April 11 1846Death of Claude TARDY
April 8 1846Birth of Claude GEORGES
May 28 1846Death of Jeanne Marie GUILLOUX
May 27 1846Death of Léonore dite Claudine SIVIGNON
June 25 1846Birth of Claudine DARGAUD
June 10 1846Birth of Claudine DESROCHES
June 2 1846Marriage between Jean Antoine VALENTIN and Jeanne DELORME
August 22 1846Birth of Marie Louise AUDIN
August 14 1846Birth of Jean DUFOUR
August 18 1846Death of Marie Philiberte AUGRIS
September 30 1846Death of Marie-Rosalie LACONDEMINE
September 20 1846Birth of Jean RENAUD
September 25 1846Birth of Marie BAIZET
September 4 1846Birth of Magdeleine LAPIERRE
October 3 1846Birth of Pierre Marie BRAILLON
November 14 1846Birth of Jean Marie DESPRES
November 17 1846Birth of Pierrette RUET
November 19 1846Birth of Marie LAPIERRE
December 3 1846Marriage between Joseph BRUN and Marie THEVENET
December 16 1846Death of Claudine BERLIERE
December 20 1846Birth of Marie DUBOST
December 23 1846Marriage between Joseph BERTHOUD and Jeanne Marie MAGNIN
December 26 1846Death of Benoite BONNETAIN
December 29 1846Birth of Jeanne DUFOUR
January 30 1847Birth of Laurent VERMOREL
February 13 1847Birth of François ADOUARD
February 13 1847Birth of Marie Félicité dite Célestine DARGAUD
February 3 1847Birth of François BONNETAIN
February 8 1847Marriage between Jean Marie BARRAUD and Marie BERTHOUX
March 9 1847Birth of Etienne LAFFAY
March 8 1847Birth of Laurent JUGNET
April 19 1847Death of Catherine DUSSAUGE
April 6 1847Marriage between Benoit THOMAS and Marie MAGNIN
May 14 1847Death of Jeanne dite Jeannette DUSSAUGE
May 6 1847Marriage between Louis LAPIERRE and Claudine RUET
June 13 1847Birth of Jean VALENTIN
June 19 1847Death of Jean BERTHAUD
June 14 1847Death of Jean VALENTIN
August 25 1847Birth of Jeanne Marie DURAND
August 22 1847Death of Philiberte BOUILLET
August 12 1847Birth of Benoite PRADET
October 2 1847Birth of Claude LATOUR
October 27 1847Marriage between Claude DESROCHES and Benoite PRADET
October 30 1847Birth of Joseph LARDY
December 1 1847Marriage between Claude JANIN and Jeanne dite Jeannette MONTANGERAND
December 3 1847Birth of Marie MONTANGERAND
December 19 1847Death of Antoine Philibert AUGRIS
December 21 1847Birth of Claude LATOUR
December 23 1847Marriage between Benoit AUGOYAT and Jeanne Marie BENAS
December 25 1847Birth of Antoinette BONNETAIN
January 31 1848Death of Claudine MAZILLE
January 21 1848Death of Catherine AUFRANC
January 17 1848Birth of Jeanne Marie THOMAS
January 14 1848Birth of Jean Marie LATOUR
January 13 1848Death of Jeanne Marie RENAUD
January 8 1848Marriage between Pierre PHILIBERT and Anne FUSIL
February 15 1848Marriage between Jacques BOUCHACOURT and Pierrette PASSOT
February 7 1848Death of Claude LORON
February 9 1848Death of Jeanne Marie BRAILLON
March 30 1848Birth of Marie Antoinette AULAS
March 20 1848Birth of Jean Claude SANGOUARD
March 13 1848Birth of Jeanne Marie Benoite AUDIN
April 18 1848Death of Marceline BERTHOUD
April 17 1848Marriage between Jean Marie CHEMARIN and Louise PROTAT
April 5 1848Death of Jean Marie LATOUR
June 25 1848Death of Antoinette DESROCHES
June 24 1848Death of Jacqueline DUSSAUGE
June 29 1848Death of Jeanne Marie MAGNIN
June 16 1848Birth of Benoit CINQUIN
June 18 1848Birth of Eugénie DESROCHES
August 19 1848Death of Jacques PHILIBERT
August 9 1848Birth of Jeanne dit Jeannette RUET
September 7 1848Death of Jeanne Marie TRIBOLET
September 8 1848Marriage between François JAFFRE and Marie JAFFRE
October 7 1848Marriage between Jean Baptiste LAFAY and Marie Philippine DESROCHES
October 14 1848Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
October 17 1848Birth of Pierre BERNACHON
November 5 1848Marriage between Pierre DESPLACES and Pierrette THEVENET
November 9 1848Death of Marie SANGOUARD
November 11 1848Death of Marie Marceline PARDON
November 15 1848Death of Etienne TRIBOLET
December 18 1848Birth of Joséphine BONNETAIN
December 27 1848Marriage between Jean Marie DUPASQUIER and Marie DESPRES
January 27 1849Birth of Antoinette LAPIERRE
January 17 1849Death of David LATOUR
January 8 1849Birth of Jean Marie LAFFAY
January 9 1849Death of Antoinette LUQUET
February 20 1849Birth of Julien AUGOYAT
February 20 1849Birth of Marie Louise CHARVET
February 8 1849Birth of Jeanne Marie PHILIBERT
February 8 1849Birth of Benoit BRAILLON
March 16 1849Birth of Jean Marie DARGAUD
March 12 1849Marriage between Jean Pierre DESCAILLOT and Pierrette ROUX
March 9 1849Death of Marie NAVAIZARD
March 2 1849Marriage between Henry CHAVANNE and Antoinette DESCAILLOT
April 23 1849Birth of Louis BERTHOUD
April 20 1849Death of Benoite DEBORDES
April 13 1849Death of Philibert VIVIER
May 31 1849Birth of Jeanne Marie JAMBON
May 10 1849Birth of Marie Joséphine SANGOUARD
May 13 1849Birth of Marie MAGNIN
June 30 1849Birth of Julienne CHEMARIN
July 22 1849Death of Antoine COLLONGE
August 13 1849Death of Claude GEORGES
August 10 1849Death of Benoite LABROSSE
August 7 1849Birth of Jeanne Marie LAFAY
September 11 1849Birth of Joseph LACONDEMINE
September 16 1849Birth of Claude JAFFRE
September 18 1849Death of Louise SANGOUARD
October 17 1849Death of Jeanne Marie LATOUR
October 24 1849Birth of Pierre LATOUR
November 3 1849Death of Jeanne LAFFAY
November 16 1849Birth of Toussaint GRIFFON
December 14 1849Birth of Louis DUFOUR
December 17 1849Death of Claude JAFFRE
January 30 1850Marriage between Jean FOUILLOUX and Magdeleine BAILLE
January 29 1850Death of Marie CHAMPELY
January 14 1850Birth of Louis LAFFAY
January 4 1850Birth of Jean Marie Philibert SANGOUARD
January 4 1850Birth of Catherine PRADET
January 3 1850Marriage between Claude DESCOMBES and Benoite PHILIBERT
February 14 1850Birth of Jean Marie DUMOULIN
February 10 1850Death of Claude GEORGES
February 7 1850Marriage between Jean François GOYAT and Marie Benoite Alexandrine CHANTIN
March 29 1850Death of Pierrette PICOLET
March 24 1850Death of Magdeleine THEVENET
March 15 1850Birth of Jean DESPLACES
March 10 1850Birth of Elie Jeanne dite Eugénie DESPLACES
March 1 1850Death of Philippe CHEMARIN
April 22 1850Birth of Marie Claudine BRAILLON
April 16 1850Birth of Françoise JAMBON
May 7 1850Birth of Claudine GEORGES
May 7 1850Birth of Antoine LATOUR
May 9 1850Marriage between Antoine DESCAILLOT and Marie SANGOUARD
June 12 1850Birth of Jean Marie CHAINTREUIL
July 9 1850Death of Marie SANGOUARD
July 8 1850Death of Pierre JAFFRE
August 10 1850Death of Marie Pierrette GUILLOUX
August 14 1850Death of Marie MATRAY
September 18 1850Death of Jeanne Marie DELAYE
October 10 1850Death of Anne Claudine PASSOT
October 14 1850Death of Georges LACONDEMINE
October 29 1850Birth of Claudine LAROCHETTE
October 30 1850Death of Philiberte DUROUSSET
November 16 1850Birth of Elisabeth VERMOREL
November 29 1850Birth of Jean JANIN
December 2 1850Birth of Joseph CHEMARIN
December 7 1850Birth of Marie Joséphine DESPRES
December 14 1850Birth of Marie Benoite SANGOUARD
December 21 1850Death of Claude Philibert CHAGNY
December 29 1850Birth of Marguerite SANGOUARD
January 25 1851Birth of Pierre THOMAS
January 23 1851Marriage between François PARDON and Benoite Marie CHAGNY
January 22 1851Marriage between Antoine CONDEMINE and Marie Claudine GEORGES
January 23 1851Marriage between Jean Georges PARDON and Jeanne Marie CHAGNY
January 19 1851Birth of Jeanne Marie BRIDET
February 21 1851Marriage between Pierre Marie MOREL and Jeanne Marie PASSOT
February 6 1851Marriage between Philibert BACOT and Benoite BAIZET
March 31 1851Marriage between Jean Marie JAMBON and Claudine JAMBON
March 26 1851Death of Benoite PHILIBERT
March 18 1851Birth of Jeanne Pierrette BARRAUD
March 15 1851Death of Marie DESVARENNES
March 16 1851Marriage between Jean Marie SANGOUARD and Jeanne DUCROS
April 5 1851Death of Antoine LATOUR
May 4 1851Birth of Madeleine JAFFRE
June 15 1851Death of Jacques LAFFAY
July 12 1851Birth of Pierre LARDY
August 15 1851Death of Pierrette JAMBON
September 27 1851Birth of Jean François AULAS
September 15 1851Marriage between Jean Baptiste LETOURNEAU and Marguerite PICOLET
October 11 1851Birth of Jean Marie GRIFFON
November 27 1851Marriage between Antoine BERTHAUD and Marie PHILIBERT
January 20 1852Marriage between Jean CINQUIN and Philiberte GILBERT
January 19 1852Death of Jeanne Marie BOUDRY
January 7 1852Death of Philibert DESPLACES
February 22 1852Marriage between Antoine JANIN and Marie Claudine VALENTIN
February 16 1852Marriage between Philibert DUCROT and Louise GENTIL
February 3 1852Marriage between François BERTHOUX and Joséphine SANGOUARD
March 25 1852Death of Antoinette GOBET
March 11 1852Marriage between Jacques DUFOUR and Benoite AULAS
March 1 1852Marriage between François PICOLET and Marie DESROCHES
April 21 1852Death of Jacques BONNETAIN
April 14 1852Death of Marie BALVAY
May 31 1852Death of Marie BESSON
May 20 1852Death of Jean Pierre VALENTIN
May 23 1852Death of Pierre LATOUR
May 19 1852Birth of Benoit THEILLERE
May 17 1852Death of Julienne CHEMARIN
May 2 1852Birth of Philibert LATOUR
May 2 1852Birth of François PHILIBERT
June 30 1852Birth of Séverine LAFFAY
June 13 1852Marriage between Antoine PRETESAC and Jeanne Marie BAIZET
June 3 1852Birth of Pierre PHILIBERT
June 9 1852Birth of Henriette Claudine DESROCHES
July 29 1852Birth of Jeanne Marie CORNIER
September 27 1852Birth of Antoinette BARRAUD
September 20 1852Birth of Marie Antoinette LAVENIR
October 8 1852Birth of Benoit JANIN
November 4 1852Marriage between Marie Antoine DESCAILLOT and Jeanne Marie DURANTON
November 23 1852Birth of Victorine Thalie SANGOUARD
January 12 1853Death of Marie ROUX
January 19 1853Death of Laurent CINQUIN
January 12 1853Marriage between Claude JAFFRE and Claudine DARGAUD
February 12 1853Birth of Jean Claude DELHOMME
February 4 1853Death of Joseph BONNETAIN
March 31 1853Birth of Claude François PARDON
March 28 1853Birth of Claudine FAYARD
March 23 1853Death of Etiennette DESPERRIER
March 29 1853Death of Pierre LAPIERRE
March 28 1853Death of Madelaine TILLET
March 22 1853Marriage between Jean Baptiste DARGAUD and Claudine Louise CHAVANNE
March 27 1853Marriage between Jean BENAS and Antoinette Claudine JAFFRE
March 11 1853Death of Jean Marie MAGNIN
March 4 1853Birth of Antoine LAFFAY
April 3 1853Birth of Marie Claudine DARGAUD
April 9 1853Death of Claude BONNETAIN
May 13 1853Death of Marie DESROCHES
May 9 1853Birth of Marie Pierrette BONNETAIN
May 2 1853Death of Elie LARDET
July 21 1853Birth of Jean Claude DARGAUD
July 22 1853Death of Claude PHILIBERT
July 6 1853Birth of Jean François ou Jean Benoit MAGNIN
September 21 1853Birth of Jeanne Marie GRIFFON
November 2 1853Birth of Marie Françoise JAMBON
November 17 1853Birth of Antoinette Génie DESCAILLOT
November 18 1853Marriage between Julien PROTAT and Marie DURANTON
November 22 1853Marriage between Benoit Stanislas DESCHIZEAUX and Marie MARTIN
November 22 1853Marriage between Pierre REBOUX and Louise AUDIN
November 29 1853Birth of Philibert AUFRAND
December 5 1853Birth of Jeanne Marie BERTHOUD
December 19 1853Death of Marie PONCEBLANC
January 21 1854Birth of Henry ADOUARD
January 4 1854Birth of Marie dite Mariette THOMAS
January 3 1854Death of Georges CONDEMINE
February 28 1854Birth of Marie Claudine LAFFAY
February 22 1854Marriage between Pierre François BERTHAUD and Marguerite BAIZET
February 9 1854Marriage between Jean Pierre JAFFRE and Marie RENAUD
February 2 1854Marriage between Jean Pierre LAPIERRE and Claudine VINCENT
March 19 1854Death of Jean Marie VALENTIN
April 28 1854Birth of Claude DESPRES
May 21 1854Birth of Jean BONNETAIN
May 14 1854Birth of Marie Claudine SANGOUARD
June 19 1854Birth of Claudine LATOUR
June 3 1854Birth of Jean Marie LACONDEMINE
July 16 1854Birth of Jeanne BRAILLON
July 3 1854Death of Marie PRUDON
August 18 1854Death of Marie SIRE
August 6 1854Marriage between Emilien BARNAUD and Philiberte LAROCHETTE
September 10 1854Birth of Pierre Marie JANIN
September 18 1854Marriage between Jean BELIN and Marie JAMBON
September 1 1854Birth of Marie DUFOUR
October 8 1854Death of Philiberte ROLLET
November 29 1854Birth of Annette PARDON
December 4 1854Death of Antoinette DUSSAUGE
January 14 1855Birth of Jeanne Pierrette Rosalie PRADET
January 19 1855Marriage between Pierre CHARVET and Jeanne Marie LATOUR
February 22 1855Death of Jean BERTHOUD
February 13 1855Birth of Jean Marie BERTHAUD
March 29 1855Marriage between Pierre REBEY and Marie Etiennette MALATIER
March 27 1855Marriage between Joseph PERRAUD and Joséphine DESPRES
March 18 1855Birth of Jeannette AUFRANT
March 2 1855Death of Vincent PASSOT
April 30 1855Birth of Benoit Louis BONNETAIN
April 12 1855Birth of Claude Marie SARRAZIN
April 18 1855Death of Jeanne Marie DUSSAUGE
May 18 1855Birth of Marie LAROCHETTE
July 4 1855Birth of Gilbert Jean Marie DESROCHES
September 5 1855Birth of Jean GRIFFON
October 6 1855Death of Josèphe dite Joséphine LAPALUS
November 28 1855Death of Jeanne Marie DUCROUX
November 29 1855Birth of Jean PICOLET
December 13 1855Birth of Joseph JAMBON
February 19 1856Birth of Mariette MERCIER
February 8 1856Death of Marie Louise COPIER
April 8 1856Birth of Jeannette dite Eugénie DUFOUR
April 2 1856Marriage between Benoit Marie CINQUIN and Louise CHEMARIN
June 24 1856Birth of Jeanne Marie PASSOT
June 13 1856Birth of Jean Marie LAPIERRE
July 26 1856Death of Antoinette PERROUSSET
July 1 1856Marriage between Claude CHAMBOSSE and Marguerite RENAUD
August 31 1856Birth of Annette PARDON
September 28 1856Death of Claude DUBOST
September 17 1856Birth of Louise CHEMARIN
October 7 1856Marriage between Jean Marie BECHET and Benoite DEPARIS
October 27 1856Birth of Mariette VOUILLON
November 18 1856Birth of Marie Claudine AUFRANT
November 18 1856Death of Jeanne Marie MARTIN
November 30 1856Birth of Rosalie DESPLACES
December 8 1856Death of Jean BRAILLON
January 29 1857Marriage between François BRAILLON and Jeanne Marie BAIZET
January 10 1857Death of Antoine PASSOT
February 28 1857Birth of Pierre François Etienne SANGOUARD
February 3 1857Marriage between Joseph CHARVET and Marie dite Claudine LATOUR
March 8 1857Birth of Pierre BAIZET
April 29 1857Death of Jean Claude SANGOUARD
April 14 1857Birth of François JAFFRE
May 31 1857Birth of Jeanne Marie BARRAUD
May 6 1857Death of Jeanne Marie BERTHAUD
June 30 1857Birth of Benoite Pierrette BRAILLON
July 13 1857Birth of Marie LATOUR
July 13 1857Marriage between Jean Marie TRIBOULET and Rosalie THEVENET
September 13 1857Marriage between Claude GUYARD and Pierrette Marie Eulalie dite Eugénie THEVENET
October 5 1857Birth of Jean GRIFFON
October 15 1857Marriage between Jean Marie DUCHARNE and Pierrette DURY
October 16 1857Birth of Pierre PICOLET
October 26 1857Birth of Jean Claude LAROCHETTE
October 28 1857Death of Gabriel ROUX
November 5 1857Death of Benoit ACCARY
November 7 1857Marriage between Philibert LAFFAY and Jeanne Marie BESSON
December 3 1857Death of Pierre François Etienne SANGOUARD
December 8 1857Birth of Jeanne Marie THEVENET
December 10 1857Birth of Pierrette Claudine BERTHOUD
December 20 1857Marriage between Claude LECHERE and Jeanne ROUX
December 22 1857Death of Marie Antoinette CHAINTREUIL
January 28 1858Marriage between Jean BERGERON and Jeanne dite Eugénie JAFFRE
January 9 1858Marriage between Antoine MALATIER and Joséphine PASSOT
February 26 1858Birth of Jeanne Marie LATOUR
February 12 1858Birth of Marie Emilienne DESROCHES
February 13 1858Marriage between Jean Marie BONNETAIN and Claudine Jeanne CHEVALIER
February 2 1858Death of Chrisostome VINCENT
February 7 1858Death of Etiennette AUDIN
February 2 1858Marriage between Benoit SANGOUARD and Anne MARAILLE
April 18 1858Birth of Jeanne Marie THEVENET
April 18 1858Marriage between Joseph DELHOMME and Cécile PIPELUE
April 6 1858Death of Jean DUFOUR
May 30 1858Birth of Pierre Marie DESPLACES
May 15 1858Birth of Jean Marie JAMBON
July 31 1858Death of Benoit BAIZET
August 12 1858Death of Marianne PROTAT
August 2 1858Marriage between Jacques VALENTIN and Madeleine VALENTIN
September 22 1858Birth of Pierre PRETESAC
October 2 1858Marriage between François VOUILLON and Louise BOTTON
October 27 1858Birth of Pierre JAFFRE
November 7 1858Death of Henri Louis BRIDAY
November 15 1858Death of Jeanne Marie SANGLARD
December 2 1858Death of Marie BENAS
December 7 1858Birth of Jeanne Marie MAZOYER
December 30 1858Marriage between Joseph NAVAIZARD and Louise LAFFAY
February 22 1859Marriage between Antoine DUMOULIN and Etiennette GONNACHON
February 15 1859Birth of Marie Antoinette SANGOUARD
February 16 1859Death of Georges DESROCHES
April 15 1859Death of Françoise BARRAT
May 28 1859Death of Michelette TARLET
May 20 1859Death of Jean Marie GRIFFON
July 27 1859Death of Jean JAMBON
August 11 1859Birth of Gérard GRIFFON
September 15 1859Marriage between Jacques DUFOUR and Claudine LACHARNAY
October 3 1859Death of Claudine AUBLETTE
October 5 1859Death of Marie Antoinette SANGOUARD
November 22 1859Birth of Jeanne Marie LAROCHETTE
November 28 1859Death of Jeanne Marie BOUDRY
December 8 1859Death of Antoinette JANIN
December 21 1859Birth of Jeanne Marie CORNIER
January 8 1860Marriage between Etienne BENAT and Claudine VIVIER
February 27 1860Birth of Benoite DUFOUR
February 21 1860Birth of Joséphine VALENTIN
February 28 1860Marriage between Benoit LAROCHETTE and Benoite PRETESAC
February 18 1860Death of Jean Marie RUET
February 14 1860Marriage between Jacques Antoine JAMBON and Jeanne CHAINTREUIL
February 17 1860Marriage between Claude DELORME and Marie Antoinette DUBOST
April 13 1860Birth of Claudine JAFFRE
June 10 1860Death of Magdeleine NAVAIZARD
July 16 1860Birth of Antoinette SANGOUARD
August 20 1860Marriage between Claude Henry MICHON and Pierrette NAVAIZARD
August 16 1860Death of Claude RUET
September 10 1860Death of Benoit NAVAIZARD
October 28 1860Marriage between Claude LACHARNAY and Jeanne Marie RANDIER
November 1 1860Birth of Alexandrine MAZOYER
November 3 1860Birth of Françoise JANIN
November 3 1860Marriage between Jean Marie BONNETAIN and Anne BONNETAIN
November 4 1860Birth of Pierre BERTHOUD
November 27 1860Death of Claude DESROCHES
December 23 1860Marriage between Jean Marie LACONDEMINE and Antoinette Claudine RANDIER
December 25 1860Death of Benoite DEMOULE
December 26 1860Birth of Antoinette BONNETAIN
February 11 1861Marriage between Vincent QUIRA and Claudine DARGAUD
February 5 1861Death of Louis NAVAIZARD
February 8 1861Marriage between Antoine COLLONGE and Jeanne AULAS
April 30 1861Marriage between Henry DARGAUD and Jeanne Marie LATOUR
April 30 1861Marriage between François DESROCHES and Françoise MAZOYER
April 25 1861Death of Claudine RUET
April 2 1861Marriage between Joseph BERLIERE and Jeanne JAFFRE
May 20 1861Birth of Marie Françoise JAFFRE
May 16 1861Death of Philibert LAPIERRE
May 9 1861Birth of Jean Marie VOUILLON
May 7 1861Death of Pierre DUCROST
June 15 1861Death of Anne DELORME
July 13 1861Birth of Marie RENAUD
August 26 1861Birth of Mort-Né SANGOUARD
August 26 1861Death of Mort-Né SANGOUARD
August 28 1861Marriage between Michel AUGRIS and Marie Louise DELHOMME
August 28 1861Marriage between Jean Marie BONNETAIN and Marie Claudine DELHOMME
August 19 1861Marriage between Jean Philibert GAUTHIER and Jeanne Marie ROUX
August 1 1861Birth of Claude LATOUR
September 5 1861Marriage between Claude DUVERNAY and Pierrette NAVAIZARD
October 20 1861Death of Magdelaine THOZET
November 22 1861Marriage between Pierre Antoine POULY and Antoinette LAFFAY
November 28 1861Marriage between Claude FICHET and Marie PRETESAC
November 29 1861Death of Jacques PHILIBERT
November 30 1861Birth of Jean Marie LEOS
December 24 1861Birth of Pierre BERTHOUD
January 3 1862Birth of Benoit DESROCHES
January 6 1862Marriage between Jean Marie CHANUT and Pierrette DESROCHES
February 5 1862Marriage between Pierre Marie GAY and Marie Claudine BERTHOUX
March 31 1862Death of Philibert LATOUR
March 29 1862Death of Anne SANGOUARD
March 11 1862Marriage between Jean Louis NICOLAS and Jeanne Marie CHARVET
May 24 1862Birth of Jean Marie BONNETAIN
May 7 1862Marriage between Claude PASSOT and Catherine BAIZET
June 26 1862Birth of Jeanne Marie AUGRIS
June 8 1862Marriage between Blain MAZENOT and Marie PROTAT
July 28 1862Birth of Jean JAFFRE
August 21 1862Marriage between Jean Marie DORIN and Jeanne CINQUIN
August 26 1862Marriage between Etienne LAMAIN and Jeanne Etiennette GONNACHON
August 14 1862Birth of Marie Claudine BONNETAIN
August 7 1862Death of Marie PROTAT
October 10 1862Birth of Jean Marie Eugène SANGOUARD
November 12 1862Marriage between Pierre MALATIER and Jeanne Marie BECHET
December 4 1862Marriage between Benoit DARGAUD and Jeanne Marie LARDY
December 4 1862Marriage between Jean MONCHANAY and Catherine CINQUIN
December 31 1862Marriage between Jean Baptiste LAFFAY and Claudine Marie LAPALUS
January 26 1863Birth of Marie JAFFRE
January 24 1863Birth of Françoise POULY
January 5 1863Birth of Antoine BERLIERE
January 3 1863Marriage between Gilbert REGNAUD and Marie Claudine DESROCHES
February 11 1863Birth of Françoise MALATIER
February 7 1863Birth of Marie Claudine CHAMBOSSE
February 3 1863Death of Antoine DESPRES
February 8 1863Marriage between Joseph Marie Adélaïde BOULANGER and Marie Louise DOMAS
March 28 1863Birth of Marie DUBESSAY
March 21 1863Birth of Marie JAMBON
March 28 1863Death of Benoit RUET
March 17 1863Birth of François LATOUR
April 20 1863Marriage between Jean Pierre BERTHOUD and Françoise CHARVET
April 16 1863Birth of Jeanne Marie PICOLET
May 21 1863Birth of Julie GRIFFON
May 20 1863Death of Marie SANGOUARD
May 15 1863Birth of Joséphine SANGOUARD
May 15 1863Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
May 19 1863Death of Joséphine SANGOUARD
May 11 1863Death of Louis DARGAUD
May 4 1863Death of Claudine GEORGES
June 28 1863Birth of Louise Françoise BERTHOUD
June 17 1863Birth of François BONNETAIN
June 2 1863Birth of Joséphine PRETESAC
July 12 1863Birth of Marie Joséphine MAZOYER
August 27 1863Death of Joséphine VALENTIN
August 20 1863Marriage between Joseph SANGOUARD and Magdelaine LABORIER
September 15 1863Birth of Marie Etiennette AUDIN
October 2 1863Birth of Benoite MALATIER
October 12 1863Birth of Louise PHILIBERT
November 22 1863Birth of Antoine PRETESAQUE
November 30 1863Birth of Antoine Marie VALENTIN
December 27 1863Birth of Jean Claude DARGAUD
December 27 1863Birth of Louise RENAUD
January 27 1864Death of Jeanne Marie DUBOST
January 18 1864Death of Jeanne Marie PARDON
January 17 1864Death of Pierrette Suzette LAPALUS
January 16 1864Marriage between Benoit LACONDEMINE and Jeanne Marie LATOUR
February 17 1864Birth of Marie BONNETAIN
February 13 1864Birth of François DUCROST
February 13 1864Marriage between Jacques PELLETIER and Rosalie dite Péroline JAFFRE
February 3 1864Death of Antoine POULY
February 5 1864Death of Claude DUCROT
March 22 1864Birth of Jean Baptiste BERTHOUD
March 28 1864Birth of Jeanne Marie Aimée JAFFRE
March 15 1864Death of Marie MAGNIN
April 3 1864Death of Archambaud BOTTON
April 4 1864Marriage between Marie Antoine CHANUT and Jeanne Marie MONCHANAY
May 14 1864Birth of Michel QUIRA
July 13 1864Birth of Anne BERTHOUD
August 23 1864Birth of Jean Louis POULY
August 5 1864Birth of Anne PARDON
August 1 1864Birth of Marie THEVENET
September 16 1864Birth of Jean Marie Joseph SANGOUARD
September 4 1864Birth of Jeanne Marie Joséphine DELHOMME
September 8 1864Death of Pierre DUBOST
September 8 1864Death of Pierre dit Benoit DUBOST
October 2 1864Birth of Joséphine BARRAUD
October 20 1864Marriage between Claude TROMPIER and Joséphine DARGAUD
November 2 1864Birth of Marie Claudine BRAILLON
December 8 1864Marriage between Joseph DESROCHES and Françoise VOUILLON
December 11 1864Marriage between Jean Claude CHAINTREUIL and Madeleine DESROCHES
December 19 1864Death of Benoite LEFRANC
December 22 1864Marriage between Pierre LABORIER and Marie Claudine LAFAY
January 30 1865Birth of François JAFFRE
January 17 1865Birth of Jeanne Françoise VOUILLON
February 9 1865Death of Jeanne Marie CARRETTE
March 26 1865Death of Jean Marie Joseph SANGOUARD
March 22 1865Death of Henriette TRIBOLET
April 26 1865Birth of Marie LAPALUS
April 23 1865Birth of Pierre Marie JAMBON
May 8 1865Birth of Jean Claude LATOUR
May 7 1865Birth of Eugénie PICOLET
June 23 1865Death of Antoine DARGAUD
June 1 1865Birth of Jeanne Marie GRIFFON
July 25 1865Marriage between Jean GUERIN and Jeanne Marie Benoite AUDIN
August 27 1865Death of Jeanne GACHOT
August 13 1865Marriage between Pierre CHAMPAGNON and Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
September 22 1865Death of Victorine Thalie SANGOUARD
September 7 1865Death of Jean BRAILLON
October 14 1865Birth of Jean Marie THORRAND
December 3 1865Death of Antoinette CHANAY
January 9 1866Marriage between Jean Pierre MOROT and Antoinette BONNETAIN
March 20 1866Birth of Joseph LAMAIN
March 24 1866Death of Marie Anne RENAUD
March 10 1866Birth of Marie Claudine CHAINTREUIL
March 5 1866Birth of Antoine Marie BONNETAIN
April 21 1866Birth of François Marie SANGOUARD
April 25 1866Birth of Pierre Marie JAFFRE
April 10 1866Birth of Claude THEVENET
May 20 1866Death of Claudine CHAINTREUIL
June 5 1866Death of Pierre MAZOYER
July 23 1866Birth of Jean Marie JANIN
August 7 1866Death of Joseph DELHOMME
September 28 1866Birth of François MALATIER
September 12 1866Birth of Antoine COLLONGE
October 21 1866Birth of Antoinette RENAUD
October 26 1866Death of Jean DUBESSAY
October 30 1866Birth of Jean DESROCHES
December 30 1866Death of Benoit THOMAS
March 5 1867Birth of Marie Antoinette LATOUR
April 28 1867Marriage between Georges DUFOUR and Jeanne Marie DESPLACES
May 25 1867Death of Jean VOUILLON
July 5 1867Death of Jeanne ou Eugénie BRAILLON
August 6 1867Marriage between Claudius ROUX and Marie Claudine CHARVET
September 2 1867Marriage between Jean CHEMARIN and Pierrette VERMOREL
October 31 1867Marriage between Laurent CINQUIN and Cécile PIPELUE
December 1 1867Death of Jacques BERTHOUX
December 2 1867Death of Jacques Benoit PASSOT
December 11 1867Birth of Joséphine SANGOUARD
December 11 1867Death of Joséphine SANGOUARD
January 20 1868Death of Jeanne dite Jeannette LAMAIN
February 11 1868Birth of Charles CROZIER
April 20 1868Birth of Claude BONNETAIN
April 12 1868Death of Jeanne Marie BAIZET
April 19 1868Marriage between Pierre JAFFRE and Marie Claudine LAPALUS
April 5 1868Birth of Jean Claude QUIRA
May 23 1868Birth of Marie Claudine LAROCHETTE
May 12 1868Death of Claude RUET
August 28 1868Marriage between Jean Marie LACONDEMINE and Philiberte AULAS
September 16 1868Death of Antoine SANGOUARD
October 1 1868Birth of Etienne JAFFRE
October 1 1868Death of Marie TARLET
November 20 1868Death of Catherine ou Madeleine JUILLARD
December 4 1868Birth of Eugénie LAPALUS
December 9 1868Birth of Pierre THEVENET
December 28 1868Death of Georges DESPLACES
January 30 1869Birth of Madeleine THEVENET
January 20 1869Birth of Henriette Marie CLEMENT
January 21 1869Marriage between Joseph JACQUET and Madeleine LAFAY
January 19 1869Birth of Joseph Antoine LAFFAY
January 17 1869Death of Jean François GOYAT
January 3 1869Death of Marie ROUX
February 4 1869Death of Jeanne BESSON
February 4 1869Marriage between François LATOUR and Marie Claudine BRAILLON
March 29 1869Death of Jean DESPRES
March 25 1869Marriage between Jean Marie JANIN and Eugénie BRAILLON
March 2 1869Marriage between Jean LASSARAS and Marie dite Mariette LARDY
April 29 1869Marriage between Claude LATHUILIERE and Marie Benoite SANGOUARD
April 15 1869Birth of Marie Benoite PRETESAQUE
April 3 1869Marriage between Jean CHATELET and Marie Félicité dite Célestine DARGAUD
April 8 1869Marriage between Jean ROTIVELLE and Marie Joséphine SANGOUARD
April 5 1869Marriage between Claude DUMOULIN and Jeanne Marie VOUILLON
May 31 1869Death of Benoite PRADET
May 23 1869Death of Marie Claudine SANGOUARD
May 9 1869Birth of Marie Claudine SANGOUARD
June 5 1869Birth of Jean Claude PICOLET
July 10 1869Birth of Joseph DESROCHES
July 2 1869Birth of Claudine LAMAIN
July 3 1869Death of Claude François PARDON
October 15 1869Marriage between Benoit DUCROZANT and Joséphine BONNETAIN
November 2 1869Death of Claudine DUBOST
December 4 1869Birth of Jeanne Marie JAMBON
December 30 1869Marriage between Antoine CHAGNY and Marie Louise CHARVET
January 22 1870Death of Louis CHAINTREUIL
January 13 1870Marriage between Emilien CONDEMINE and Pierrette RUET
January 9 1870Birth of Jean JANIN
January 1 1870Birth of Marie Louise DESROCHES
January 7 1870Death of François AULAS
February 20 1870Death of Jean Marie DELHOMME
March 21 1870Death of Anne THEVENET
May 26 1870Birth of Benoit MALATIER
May 21 1870Death of Jean PICOLET
May 8 1870Birth of Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
June 18 1870Birth of Philibert Joanny SANGOUARD
June 19 1870Marriage between Claude GEORGES and Philiberte Joséphine BRAILLON
June 2 1870Marriage between Antoine DUFOUR and Claudine LAROCHETTE
September 29 1870Death of Jean AULAS
September 24 1870Death of Françoise ou Anne PARDON
September 13 1870Birth of Marguerite AULAS
October 5 1870Death of Pierre PHILIBERT
October 8 1870Death of Philibert DUCROT
November 9 1870Marriage between Simon TARLET and Marie Louise TERRIER
November 11 1870Death of Marie Claudine GENTIL
November 27 1870Death of Pierre BERTHOUD
November 30 1870Death of Claude DUBOIS
January 1 1871Death of Benoit ROTIVAL
February 17 1871Birth of Eugénie CINQUIN
February 10 1871Death of Jeanne Etiennette GONNACHON
March 30 1871Death of Jean THEVENET
March 25 1871Marriage between Benoit BERGERON and Marie Philiberte MONTEL
March 5 1871Birth of Jean VIVIER
March 2 1871Death of Jacques PHILIPPE
March 7 1871Death of Antoinette MATRAY
April 26 1871Marriage between Jean Marie DESPRES and Claudine DESROCHES
May 12 1871Death of Pierrette LAGUETTE
June 10 1871Marriage between Joseph LAFFAY and Benoite PRADET
June 8 1871Marriage between François JOLIVET and Claudine LAVENIR
August 29 1871Marriage between Benoit TULLIERE and Jeanne Marie LAFAY
August 16 1871Birth of Claude Etienne ou Etienne Claude DESROCHES
August 4 1871Marriage between François BONNETAIN and Françoise GONON
September 16 1871Birth of Marie Joséphine PRETESAQUE
November 11 1871Birth of Henri Jean DESROCHES
November 27 1871Death of Anne PROTAT
December 6 1871Birth of Jean GEORGES
January 25 1872Death of Marie Catherine REBEY
January 14 1872Marriage between Jean Marie GAUTHIER and Marguerite SANGOUARD
January 7 1872Marriage between Jean Claude DURY and Marie Claudine SANGOUARD
February 9 1872Marriage between Benoit THEVENET and Françoise JANAN
February 3 1872Marriage between Claude LATOUR and Catherine PRADET
March 21 1872Birth of Charles CHARVET
March 28 1872Marriage between François BONNETAIN and Anne VERMOREL
March 17 1872Marriage between Claude AUGOYAT and Marie Claudine DARGAUD
March 16 1872Marriage between Benoit VERMOREL and Claudine DARGAUD
April 23 1872Birth of Marie Joséphine DARGAUD
April 28 1872Birth of Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
April 23 1872Marriage between Benoit LACONDEMINE and Marie Antoinette AULAS
April 2 1872Birth of Marie SANGOUARD
May 11 1872Marriage between Jacques DARGAUD and Marie MAGNIN
May 4 1872Marriage between Jean Marie PERROUSSET and Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
June 17 1872Birth of Jeanne Marie JANIN
June 4 1872Death of François REY
July 9 1872Death of Antoinette LAROCHETTE
July 8 1872Marriage between Jean DESPRES and Jeannette dite Eugénie CONDEMINE
August 20 1872Birth of Marie LATOUR
August 6 1872Marriage between Charles QUARTIER and Claudine DESPRES
October 24 1872Death of Claudine dite Philiberte DUVERNAY
November 1 1872Birth of Thomas LAPALUS
November 3 1872Death of Philibert SANGOUARD
November 19 1872Death of Pierrette ou Philiberte BRAILLON
December 3 1872Birth of François Jean Marie JAFFRE
December 4 1872Death of Etiennette BACOT
December 24 1872Marriage between Joseph LACONDEMINE and Agathe FRISSON
December 30 1872Marriage between Joseph BRIDET and Suzanne VINCENT
January 21 1873Marriage between Benoit CINQUIN and Françoise JAMBON
February 20 1873Death of Jeanne LACHANELLE
February 15 1873Death of Marie LACONDEMINE
February 18 1873Death of Jeanne GOYARD
February 8 1873Death of Madeleine MAZOYER
February 5 1873Marriage between Jean PHILIBERT and Jeanne Marie GAUTHIER
March 24 1873Death of Philibert PHILIBERT
March 10 1873Birth of Benoit Pierre BAIZET
April 15 1873Death of Claudine BERTHOUD
June 12 1873Death of Jeanne PRETESAC
July 4 1873Death of Claude Marie PHILIBERT
August 3 1873Death of Claude PRETESAC
August 3 1873Marriage between Benoit DELHOMME and Jeanne Marie PHILIBERT
September 26 1873Marriage between Joseph PRUDENT and Louise CHEMARIN
October 30 1873Birth of Girard DELORME
November 29 1873Birth of Marie COMBIER
December 14 1873Birth of Pierre Marie BONNETAIN
December 24 1873Birth of Claude Marie METRAT
December 26 1873Marriage between Benoit AUDIN and Jeanne BRAILLON
January 27 1874Birth of Eugénie DESPRES
January 27 1874Marriage between Jean Claude THEILLERE and Henriette Claudine DESROCHES
January 27 1874Marriage between François ADOUARD and Jeanne CHARCOSSET
January 17 1874Death of Benoit THEVENET
January 11 1874Marriage between Jean Georges THOMAS and Jeanne Marie THOMAS
March 24 1874Death of Jean DUCOTE
March 2 1874Marriage between Jean DUCOTE and Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
April 25 1874Birth of Jean Marie LATOUR
April 16 1874Death of Antoine DUMOULIN
April 12 1874Death of Jean Marie CORNIER
April 8 1874Birth of Jean CINQUIN
May 22 1874Birth of Claude Marie THEVENET
May 26 1874Birth of Marie Claudine LATOUR
May 10 1874Birth of Jean Antoine SANGOUARD
June 17 1874Marriage between Laurent CORNIER and Benoite Pierrette BRAILLON
July 17 1874Birth of Girard DELHOMME
September 18 1874Death of Jeannette AUFRANT
October 17 1874Death of Jeanne JAFFRE
November 11 1874Birth of Pierre Marie THOMAS
November 12 1874Death of Claudine CHEMARIN
November 15 1874Marriage between Benoit TRIBOLLET and Jeanne Pierrette BARRAUD
November 21 1874Birth of Louise DESPRES
November 27 1874Death of Claude RAFFIN
November 28 1874Marriage between Philibert LAPALUS and Jeanne Marie CLEMENT
December 14 1874Marriage between Pierre BERTHAUD and Madeleine JAFFRE
December 22 1874Death of Jean LASSARAS
January 25 1875Marriage between Joseph COMBIER and Marie dite Mariette THOMAS
February 27 1875Death of Jeanne Marie BAIZET
February 25 1875Marriage between Joseph CHEMARIN and Claudine LATOUR
February 17 1875Birth of Marie TRIBOLLET
March 5 1875Birth of Benoit LACONDEMINE
April 28 1875Birth of Pierre CHAINTREUIL
April 14 1875Death of Jean Antoine SANGOUARD
April 18 1875Death of Michel AUGRIS
April 3 1875Death of Antoine PRETESAC
May 21 1875Death of Marie DESCHIZEAUX
June 26 1875Birth of Françoise DELORME
July 20 1875Birth of Claude Marie DESROCHES
July 29 1875Marriage between Claude BERRY and Marie LAROCHETTE
July 9 1875Death of Jeanne dite Jeannette MONTANGERAND
September 10 1875Birth of Benoit LATOUR
September 13 1875Death of Jean THEILLERE
November 1 1875Birth of Augustine CORNIER
November 6 1875Death of Claudine FAYARD
November 14 1875Death of Jeanne Marie DUFOUR
December 16 1875Death of Jeanne Marie PHILIBERT
December 22 1875Death of Jean JAMBON
January 23 1876Marriage between François DUSSAUGE and Marie dite Mariette LARDY
January 4 1876Birth of Louis BONNETAIN
January 4 1876Death of Françoise ROTIVAL
January 6 1876Marriage between Jean François AULAS and Elisabeth VERMOREL
February 25 1876Marriage between Jean Marie JUILLARD and Jeanne Marie GRIFFON
February 21 1876Marriage between François Marie LAPALUS and Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
April 20 1876Marriage between Jean Marie DARGAUD and Marie LATOUR
April 6 1876Marriage between Antoine LAROCHETTE and Jeanne Pierrette Rosalie PRADET
May 31 1876Birth of Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
July 10 1876Death of Pierre BERTHOUD
July 16 1876Death of Benoit AUGOYAT
August 12 1876Birth of Jeanne THEVENET
August 4 1876Birth of Marie Antoinette BERTHAUD
October 18 1876Birth of Eugénie JANIN
October 20 1876Death of Louis DARGAUD
November 6 1876Marriage between Antoine LAFFAY and Jeanne Marie CORNIER
November 8 1876Marriage between Julien AUGOYAT and Marie Françoise JAMBON
November 30 1876Marriage between Pierre THOMAS and Marie Claudine LAFFAY
December 5 1876Death of Jeanne FOREST
December 28 1876Birth of Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
December 31 1876Birth of Benoite LACONDEMINE
February 11 1877Death of Claudine ROTIVAL
March 21 1877Birth of Antoinette TRIBOLET
March 24 1877Death of Marie PERNON
March 8 1877Birth of Henriette CHAINTREUIL
March 4 1877Birth of Pierre Marie COMBIER
April 29 1877Birth of Jean Marie LAFFAY
April 22 1877Death of Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
April 28 1877Marriage between Jean COMBIER and Jeanne Marie PASSOT
May 18 1877Death of Jean Marie DUFOUR
May 2 1877Death of Jean PHILIBERT
June 26 1877Birth of Benoite LATOUR
June 19 1877Death of Claude LACONDEMINE
July 29 1877Birth of Jeanne Françoise LAPALUS
July 25 1877Death of Jeanne JAFFRE
July 25 1877Death of Anne BONNETAIN
August 24 1877Birth of Jean Marie CHEMARIN
October 4 1877Birth of Antoine LATOUR
October 5 1877Death of Pierre CHARVET
December 14 1877Birth of Jean Claude LAPALUS
February 25 1878Birth of Marie BERTHAUD
February 21 1878Marriage between Philippe JANIN and Claudine FAYARD
February 19 1878Death of Benoit DELORME
February 5 1878Death of Benoite DUFOUR
March 21 1878Death of Louis LAPALUS
March 18 1878Birth of Joséphine AULAS
April 1 1878Death of Claudine BERTHOUD
June 6 1878Marriage between Charles CHARVET and Claudine DESCOMBES
July 28 1878Death of Pierre CHAINTREUIL
July 8 1878Death of Jean Marie CHANUT
August 12 1878Birth of Mélanie THEILLERE
August 8 1878Birth of Marie Louise CORNIER
August 7 1878Death of Jeannette COMBIER
October 1 1878Birth of Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
October 6 1878Birth of Jeanne Françoise LAFFAY
November 26 1878Birth of Claude Marie CHAINTREUIL
December 8 1878Birth of Marie GEORGES
February 12 1879Death of Pierre PHILIBERT
February 1 1879Birth of Marie Victorine METRAT
March 23 1879Birth of Antoinette CHARVET
March 8 1879Birth of Rosalie LATOUR
April 22 1879Death of Françoise FEVRE
April 29 1879Death of Jeanne AULAS
April 6 1879Marriage between Joseph BUCHET and Christine CROZIER
June 14 1879Death of Marie Gabrielle MALATIER
June 9 1879Death of Jean LARDY
July 10 1879Death of Antoine Philibert AUFRAND
July 2 1879Birth of Françoise LATOUR
September 28 1879Death of Jean CINQUIN
September 19 1879Birth of Françoise THOMAS
October 11 1879Death of Henry DESROCHES
November 18 1879Death of Benoit DESROCHES
November 20 1879Marriage between Jean Claude DARGAUD and Claudine JAFFRE
November 26 1879Marriage between Jacques LAVAL and Jeanne Marie LAROCHETTE
November 28 1879Marriage between Jean Marie PRADET and Marie MONCHANAY
December 2 1879Birth of Marie BERTHOUD
January 20 1880Death of Jean BONNETAIN
January 28 1880Death of Antoine RENAUD
January 19 1880Birth of Eugénie CHAINTREUIL
January 7 1880Death of Jean Philibert BONNETAIN
February 23 1880Death of Marie Françoise BELICARD
March 31 1880Birth of Marie AULAS
March 18 1880Marriage between Louis BERTHOUD and Marie RENAUD
March 18 1880Marriage between Henry ADOUARD and Pierrette Claudine BERTHOUD
May 10 1880Marriage between Benoit Alexandre DESCHIZEAUX and Jeanne Marie CORNIER
May 1 1880Death of Marie DENOJEAN
June 4 1880Birth of Jean Pierre LAPALUS
July 19 1880Death of Antoinette VALLET
July 18 1880Marriage between Jean Marie GRIFFON and Jeanne Marie CHANUT
October 4 1880Death of Marie MONCHANAY
November 17 1880Death of Louis LAFFAY
December 22 1880Birth of Marie CHARVET
December 31 1880Marriage between Jean ROCHER and Annette PARDON
January 27 1881Birth of Jean Claude DARGAUD
January 6 1881Birth of Benoit DARGAUD
February 25 1881Marriage between Philibert AUFRAND and Françoise DESROCHES
February 23 1881Marriage between Jacques BONNETAIN and Jeanne TRIBOLET
February 2 1881Marriage between Toussaint GRIFFON and Jeanne LACOURTABLAISE
March 30 1881Death of François ADOUARD
March 13 1881Death of Pierrette Claudine BERTHOUD
March 6 1881Birth of François ADOUARD
April 2 1881Marriage between François PHILIBERT and Jeanne Marie GAUTHIER
May 13 1881Death of Marie DURY
June 24 1881Marriage between Jean Thiebaud FICHTER and Jeanne dit Jeannette RUET
June 2 1881Birth of Jean LACONDEMINE
July 24 1881Birth of Anne Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
August 25 1881Birth of Jean THOMAS
August 11 1881Marriage between Louis Antoine CHANTIN and Annette PARDON
October 29 1881Marriage between Claude JANIN and Marie PERRAUD
November 22 1881Birth of Claude Marie JAMBON
December 5 1881Death of Vincent LATOUR
December 22 1881Death of François AULAS
March 17 1882Death of Anne PHILIBERT
March 9 1882Birth of Jean Claude CHAINTREUIL
April 25 1882Birth of Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
May 10 1882Birth of Jean Pierre LAPALUS
June 13 1882Death of Marie ou Marie Joséphine LACONDEMINE
July 15 1882Birth of Julie JANIN
August 22 1882Birth of Marie Joséphine AUFRANT
October 11 1882Birth of Jean Marie DESPRES
October 21 1882Birth of Etiennette CHARVET
November 10 1882Marriage between Jean Marie LAROCHETTE and Marie LAROCHETTE
December 19 1882Death of Pierre BERTHAUD
December 26 1882Birth of Jean Marie DESCHIZEAUX
January 13 1883Death of Joseph MATRAY
February 2 1883Marriage between Jean Marie FOREST and Marie Claudine BERLIERE
March 20 1883Death of Jean CORNIER
March 16 1883Birth of Claudine GRIFFON
March 9 1883Birth of Marie Louise DELHOMME
April 7 1883Marriage between Jean Marie GUILLOUX and Elise LAPALUS
June 30 1883Death of Jean Baptiste BERTHOUD
June 29 1883Death of Jeanne Marie Philiberte BESSON
June 1 1883Marriage between Jean Marie BERTHOUD and Jeanne Marie Aimée JAFFRE
July 3 1883Birth of Claudine LATOUR
August 20 1883Birth of Elisabeth AULAS
September 29 1883Death of Jean FAYARD
September 29 1883Marriage between Jean Marie CHAINTREUIL and Antoinette BONNETAIN
October 1 1883Marriage between Benoit LANEYRIE and Jeanne CHEMARIN
November 20 1883Death of Marie BENAS
November 28 1883Marriage between Claude François CORNIER and Louise GUILLOUX
January 31 1884Death of Marie Claudine JANIN
January 20 1884Death of Antoine JANIN
January 19 1884Birth of Jean JAMBON
January 17 1884Death of Pierre Louis LAFFAY
February 20 1884Birth of Marie DELORME
February 21 1884Birth of Célestine DELORME
February 28 1884Death of Jeanne LAROCHETTE
February 27 1884Death of Marie Joséphine BONNETAIN
February 2 1884Birth of Benoit François TRIBOLLET
March 29 1884Death of Jean LATOUR
March 16 1884Death of Marie Antoinette AULAS
March 1 1884Death of Jeanne Marie THEVENET
April 25 1884Birth of Mort-Né LARDY
April 25 1884Death of Mort-Né LARDY
July 16 1884Birth of Marius PICOLET
July 16 1884Birth of Marie Eugénie METRAT
July 18 1884Death of Marie MAGNIN
July 7 1884Marriage between Pierre PICOLET and Marie BONNETAIN
August 24 1884Birth of Marie Antoinette FAYARD
August 9 1884Birth of Marie Eugénie CHAINTREUIL
September 14 1884Birth of Jean LATOUR
September 17 1884Death of Jeanne Benoite ou Benoite Jeanne LESCHERES
October 1 1884Death of Jeanne Marie MAGNIN
October 6 1884Death of Jean Marie RUET
October 11 1884Birth of Jean Claude DELHOMME
October 11 1884Marriage between Jean Claude LAROCHETTE and Catherine LAROCHETTE
October 25 1884Marriage between Jean GRIFFON and Claudine LACOURTABLAISE
November 4 1884Birth of Cécile LAPALUS
November 21 1884Marriage between Philippe COMBIER and Marie DUBESSAY
November 24 1884Marriage between Jean Baptiste MARGERAND and Jeanne Marie AUGRIS
November 29 1884Birth of André PHILIBERT
December 28 1884Death of Marie Léonie CHARVET
January 16 1885Marriage between Jacques DARGAUD and Etiennette ou Marie Louise Etiennette DUFOUR
March 26 1885Birth of Marie Claudine CHEMARIN
March 21 1885Death of Claude DARGAUD
May 20 1885Marriage between Joannès dit Joanny DARGAUD and Jeanne Françoise VOUILLON
May 10 1885Birth of Louis Archambault DARGAUD
May 16 1885Death of Marie Louise BRAILLON
May 1 1885Death of Philomène GONACHON
May 6 1885Death of Jeanne Marie LAMAIN
June 15 1885Birth of Marie Claudine CHAINTREUIL
July 9 1885Death of Pierre PRETESAC
August 26 1885Death of Catherine LAROCHETTE
August 27 1885Death of Anne LAROCHETTE
August 6 1885Birth of Anne LAROCHETTE
September 2 1885Death of François Philibert PERRET
October 29 1885Marriage between Jean Marie GRIZARD and Jeanne Marie LATOUR
November 14 1885Birth of Marie AUCAGNE
November 21 1885Death of Françoise MOIROUX
December 17 1885Birth of Antoine AUFRAND
December 18 1885Marriage between Jean Marie CHAINTREUIL and Benoite MALATIER
January 21 1886Birth of Anne VERMOREL
January 21 1886Marriage between Jean PICOLET and Anne BERTHOUD
January 9 1886Birth of Benoit LATOUR
February 25 1886Marriage between Georges DESPLACES and Marie Françoise JAFFRE
February 13 1886Death of Antoinette BARRAUD
March 6 1886Birth of Philibert GRIFFON
April 30 1886Birth of Antoine DELORME
May 8 1886Marriage between Jacques JUGNET and Eugénie PICOLET
May 6 1886Marriage between Pierre BERTHOUD and Antoinette RENAUD
June 29 1886Death of Jeanne Marie JONCHIER
July 19 1886Birth of André GRIFFON
August 13 1886Death of Benoite Marie CHAGNY
August 14 1886Marriage between Nicolas BERGERON and Benoite DUFOUR
October 21 1886Birth of Antoine BONNETAIN
October 21 1886Birth of Pierre LAPALUS
October 21 1886Marriage between François DESPLACES and Marie Claudine BESSON
October 22 1886Birth of Jeanne Marie JUGNET
December 16 1886Birth of Julie SANGOUARD
January 31 1887Birth of Marie Antoinette AULAS
January 18 1887Birth of Jean Baptiste DELHOMME
January 17 1887Death of Jean BONNETAIN
January 10 1887Marriage between Claude Marie GRIZARD and Marie Antoinette LATOUR
February 23 1887Birth of François Marius VINCENT
February 27 1887Death of Claude JAFFRE
February 3 1887Marriage between Jean Marie LAPALUS and Marie Claudine CHAINTREUIL
March 16 1887Birth of Marie Séraphine JAMBON
March 12 1887Marriage between Claude Marie BRAILLON and Jeanne Marie GRIFFON
April 2 1887Death of Claude Marie BRAILLON
May 29 1887Birth of Marie CHARVET
June 18 1887Death of Marie Françoise MARTIN
June 9 1887Death of Pierre Eugène JUGNET
July 24 1887Birth of Claudius Antoine BRAILLON
July 8 1887Death of Marie SAMBARDIER
August 16 1887Death of François PARDON
September 24 1887Death of Pierrette PHILIBERT
September 16 1887Death of Catherine DURAND
October 15 1887Marriage between Jean François CHAVANNE and Marie Claudine LAROCHETTE
October 16 1887Death of Madeleine JAFFRE
November 11 1887Death of Antoinette PERRET
November 19 1887Death of Magdeleine BERTHOUD
November 24 1887Birth of Jean Louis JUGNET
January 25 1888Death of Antoine ADOUARD
February 3 1888Birth of Joseph BRAILLON
February 4 1888Marriage between Pierre DESROCHES and Marie Claudine BRAILLON
March 31 1888Death of Louis VERMOREL
March 27 1888Death of Jean Claude CHEMARIN
March 9 1888Birth of Jeanne MONTJOIS
March 2 1888Death of Jeanne Marie LATOUR
April 20 1888Birth of Jacques VINCENT
April 27 1888Birth of Joanny AUCAGNE
April 12 1888Birth of Rosalie DESCHIZEAUX
April 13 1888Death of Pierrette FAVIER
April 7 1888Marriage between François LACONDEMINE and Marie JAFFRE
June 12 1888Birth of Marie Benoite BERGERON
June 6 1888Birth of Elise AUDIN
July 31 1888Birth of Louise MICHAUD
July 18 1888Death of Louise BOTTON
August 13 1888Birth of Joseph BERTHOUD
August 9 1888Birth of Jean Claude AUFRANT
September 28 1888Birth of Marie Claudine AUGOYAT
September 8 1888Birth of Marie LACONDEMINE
September 8 1888Birth of Marie Antoine DELORME
September 6 1888Death of Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
October 2 1888Birth of Jean Claude CHAVANNE
October 21 1888Death of Jean Marie PRADET
October 29 1888Birth of Claude Marie MONTILLET
November 6 1888Birth of Maria DESROCHES
November 22 1888Marriage between Pierre RAY and Marie LAPALUS
December 13 1888Marriage between Jean Louis JUGNET and Jeanne Marie PICOLET
December 26 1888Birth of Antoine MARGERAND
December 30 1888Death of Jeanne Marie GRIZARD
February 4 1889Birth of Jean Marie DELHOMME
March 31 1889Death of Joseph BRIDET
March 3 1889Birth of François JANIN
April 29 1889Birth of Catherine Françoise Léonie DARGAUD
April 15 1889Birth of Jeanne Emilie DARGAUD
April 6 1889Birth of François BRAILLON
May 20 1889Death of Jeanne Marie BECHET
May 4 1889Birth of Antoinette LATOUR
June 11 1889Death of Louise MALATIER
July 24 1889Death of Léger VALENTIN
August 14 1889Death of Marie Eugénie CHAINTREUIL
October 10 1889Death of Philiberte Françoise PROTAT
October 27 1889Birth of Ernestine JAFFRE
November 27 1889Death of François BRAILLON
November 29 1889Birth of Marie Louise DELORME
December 4 1889Death of Philibert Joanny SANGOUARD
December 19 1889Birth of Marie LATOUR
January 8 1890Birth of Marie Claudine Lucie MARGERAND
January 6 1890Death of Louis CORNIER
March 30 1890Death of Pierrette JANIN
March 22 1890Marriage between Benoit BEAUCHOUX and Eugénie DUFOUR
June 30 1890Birth of Jeanne Henriette AUFRANT
June 29 1890Death of Jeanne Marie SAMBARDIER
June 11 1890Birth of François ADOUARD
June 14 1890Death of Benoit CORNIER
June 6 1890Birth of Marie Claudine MONTJOIS
June 6 1890Birth of Claude Marie BRAILLON
August 23 1890Marriage between Philibert TURELLE and Jeanne Marie JANIN
October 6 1890Birth of Marie Antoinette CHAVANNE
October 23 1890Death of Louise PROTAT
January 24 1891Death of François Gabriel SANGOUARD
January 22 1891Death of Girard THEVENET
January 10 1891Marriage between Pierre Marie LAPALUS and Marie Louise DESROCHES
February 20 1891Death of Jean Claude LAROCHETTE
February 23 1891Death of François DESROCHES
February 10 1891Death of Benoite ou Marie Benoite DAILLY
February 17 1891Death of Jean Marie CHEMARIN
February 15 1891Death of Pierre DESROCHES
March 21 1891Birth of Augustine DELORME
March 15 1891Death of Jean Claude DARGAUD
March 11 1891Marriage between Jean CARJAT and Augustine JAFFRE
April 29 1891Marriage between Claude Marie GUILLOUX and Marie LATOUR
April 11 1891Marriage between Jean Baptiste BRIDET and Marie Benoite PRETESAQUE
May 3 1891Death of Claudine VINCENT
June 19 1891Birth of Marie Antoinette JAFFRE
June 15 1891Death of Jean PERRET
September 4 1891Birth of Etienne DELORME
October 10 1891Birth of Angélique BRAILLON
October 29 1891Death of Jeanne Marie CHAGNY
November 2 1891Birth of Marie Eugénie CHAINTREUIL
November 12 1891Death of Benoite PRADET
December 6 1891Death of Marie JAFFRE
January 23 1892Death of Claude JUGNET
January 6 1892Death of Claude BRAILLON
February 18 1892Marriage between Benoit ROTHIVAL and Marie SANGOUARD
February 1 1892Death of Marie Benoite Alexandrine CHANTIN
February 6 1892Marriage between Antoine Marie VALENTIN and Marie Françoise BENAT
March 31 1892Marriage between Claude Marie BACOT and Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
March 3 1892Death of Marie Claudine CHAINTREUIL
April 24 1892Death of François BONNETAIN
June 27 1892Birth of Anne Hélène BERTHOUD
June 9 1892Death of Jean Georges PARDON
July 29 1892Death of Antoinette BONNETAIN
August 25 1892Marriage between Jean Philibert DURY and Eugénie LAPALUS
October 30 1892Death of Charles CHARVET
December 27 1892Birth of Claude Marie VALENTIN
January 2 1893Birth of Jeanne Clotilde ROTHIVAL
January 8 1893Birth of Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
January 1 1893Birth of Léon GRIZARD
February 20 1893Birth of Marie Aimée MONTILLET
February 1 1893Death of Jean Marie GEORGES
March 13 1893Birth of Claudius Ludovic JAFFRE
March 3 1893Birth of Jean Marie Joseph PHILIBERT
March 8 1893Death of Jeanne BERTHOUD
April 26 1893Death of Claudius Ludovic JAFFRE
April 12 1893Birth of Jean Claude DURY
April 14 1893Death of Claude LAROCHETTE
April 8 1893Birth of Joséphine AUFRAND
May 26 1893Death of Jacques DUFOUR
May 21 1893Death of Pierre Antoine POULY
May 19 1893Birth of Pierre PICOLET
May 9 1893Birth of Hortense Jeanne Marie THILLET
May 1 1893Birth of Marie BRAILLON
June 12 1893Death of Jacqueline VALENTIN
July 24 1893Birth of Claude DUCROT
September 17 1893Birth of Jacques Eugène BERGERON
October 4 1893Death of Claudine MARTINOT
October 10 1893Death of Marie SANGOUARD
October 21 1893Birth of Lucie Louise CHAVANNE
October 26 1893Death of Marie dite Mariette THOMAS
November 29 1893Death of François VOUILLON
December 10 1893Death of Jacques DARGAUD
December 24 1893Death of Antoinette ou Louise FOREST
December 31 1893Birth of Claude Marie BRAILLON
January 30 1894Marriage between Antoine COLLONGE and Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
January 13 1894Birth of Benoite Joséphine BACOT
January 1 1894Death of Jean DARGAUD
February 4 1894Death of Jean Claude BLETON
February 8 1894Death of Claude Marie BRAILLON
March 26 1894Birth of Antoinette dite Eugénie MICHAUD
April 19 1894Death of Louise GENTIL
April 2 1894Birth of Maria TRIBOLLET
April 2 1894Birth of Marie Louise JAFFRE
June 12 1894Birth of Benoite BLETON
July 31 1894Birth of Claudius Joanny PARDON
July 28 1894Death of Benoit François TRIBOLLET
July 12 1894Birth of Joséphine GAUTHIER
July 11 1894Death of Jean Marie DELHOMME
July 13 1894Death of Joséphine GAUTHIER
July 8 1894Birth of Jean Marie DELHOMME
July 5 1894Death of Françoise CHARCOSSET
August 26 1894Death of Marie Louise JAFFRE
August 18 1894Birth of André LAFFAY
August 9 1894Death of Jeanne Marie DUBOST
September 30 1894Marriage between Jean Pierre BELPOMME and Eugénie DESPRES
October 25 1894Birth of Marie Louise LAFFAY
October 27 1894Death of Marie Louise LAFFAY
December 2 1894Death of Joséphine BRIAND
December 5 1894Birth of Marius Joseph THILLET
February 28 1895Death of Amélie Clotilde DELHOMME
February 12 1895Death of Jean ou Jean Baptiste DESROCHES
February 19 1895Marriage between François DEPARIS and Pierrette GOBET
February 4 1895Death of Jean MAGNIN
March 21 1895Birth of Benoit PICOLET
March 5 1895Birth of Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
April 29 1895Marriage between Jean JAFFRE and Marie DESROCHES
April 25 1895Marriage between Etienne LARDY and Claudine BLANCHARD
April 19 1895Death of Jean FAVIER
April 7 1895Death of Jean Marie BARRAUD
May 24 1895Death of Jean Marie BRAILLON
June 24 1895Death of Jean LAROCHETTE
August 6 1895Death of Emilien CONDEMINE
September 17 1895Death of Caroline Henriette BARRAL
September 4 1895Death of Jeanne Marie RUET
October 27 1895Death of Pierre LAFAY
October 29 1895Death of Françoise DUFOUR
November 6 1895Marriage between François VOUILLON and Marie Claudine LATOUR
November 16 1895Marriage between Jean Marie CHAGNY and Marie COMBIER
November 22 1895Marriage between Joseph PERRET and Marie TRIBOLLET
December 7 1895Birth of François JAFFRE
December 24 1895Death of Jean Claude JUGNET
January 25 1896Marriage between Jean Marie GAUTHIER and Anne PARDON
January 23 1896Marriage between Jean Baptiste MARTINOT and Augustine CORNIER
January 17 1896Death of Claudine BOUCAUD
January 1 1896Birth of Emilie Laurentine DENOGENT
January 4 1896Death of Claude PERRIER
January 7 1896Marriage between Joseph DESROCHES and Louise DESPRES
February 12 1896Death of Benoite BLETON
February 12 1896Marriage between Thomas LAPALUS and Jeanne Marie Claudine DUFOUR
February 11 1896Marriage between Gabriel Jean Marie DESCOMBES and Marie Joséphine DARGAUD
February 9 1896Birth of Marie Joséphine DEPARIS
March 13 1896Death of Marie Joséphine DEPARIS
March 6 1896Birth of Jeanne Marie BERTHOUD
March 2 1896Birth of Jean François JAFFRE
May 20 1896Birth of Lucie Benoite LACONDEMINE
May 29 1896Death of Claudine BARRAUD
July 1 1896Birth of François GAUTHIER
August 5 1896Marriage between Antoine BERTHAUD and Marie Antoinette DESROCHES
September 12 1896Death of Antoinette CHARVET
September 18 1896Death of Emilie Laurentine DENOGENT
September 6 1896Death of Claude DESROCHES
November 20 1896Birth of Maria JUGNET
November 29 1896Death of Henriette BONNETAIN
January 19 1897Death of Pierre FAVIER
January 16 1897Marriage between Pierre MEZIAT and Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
February 14 1897Birth of Alexandre DENOGENT
February 11 1897Death of Jeanne Marie GENETTE
February 11 1897Death of Jean Marie GRIFFON
March 26 1897Birth of Marie Claudine BAIZET
March 26 1897Death of Suzanne VINCENT
March 6 1897Birth of Françoise Augustine BERGERON
March 2 1897Death of Archambaud JANAN
June 30 1897Birth of Claudius COLLONGE
June 28 1897Death of Claude PRETESAC
June 16 1897Death of Benoite AULAS
June 19 1897Marriage between Jacques GUERIN and Jeanne Marie SANGOUARD
June 6 1897Birth of Angeline JAFFRE
July 16 1897Death of Benoit DARGAUD
July 9 1897Death of Henriette Claudine DESROCHES
August 19 1897Marriage between Pierre Marie BONNETAIN and Catherine TRIBOLET
September 30 1897Death of Joanny LARDY
September 28 1897Birth of Jeanne Françoise PHILIBERT
September 23 1897Marriage between Antoine Marie BACOT and Henriette CHAINTREUIL
September 14 1897Birth of Marie Françoise JAFFRE
September 15 1897Birth of Joanny LARDY
September 13 1897Birth of Antoine DESROCHES
September 17 1897Death of Jean Louis MALATIER
September 19 1897Death of Joseph Marius BELPOMME
October 5 1897Death of Antoine DESROCHES
November 19 1897Marriage between Henri Jean DESROCHES and Jenny dite Eugénie VINCENT
December 24 1897Death of Claudine Marie LAPALUS
December 28 1897Death of Jean Claude DUFOUR
February 27 1898Birth of Antonin DEPARIS
February 17 1898Death of Claudine DARGAUD
March 4 1898Death of Jean Baptiste LAFFAY
March 7 1898Marriage between Claude Marie LAFFAY and Eugénie JANIN
April 24 1898Birth of Eléonore DUBOST
April 26 1898Death of Antoinette JANIN
April 28 1898Marriage between Jean VIVIER and Marie LAPALUS
April 28 1898Marriage between Antoine GERBIER and Rosalie LATOUR
May 26 1898Birth of Louis Pétrus JAFFRE
May 2 1898Birth of Benoite BONNETAIN
June 9 1898Marriage between Michel QUIRA and Marie Claudine THEVENET
June 9 1898Marriage between Jean Marie BRIDET and Marie Joséphine PRETESAQUE
July 23 1898Marriage between Benoit DURY and Marie BERTHAUD
July 21 1898Marriage between François Jean Marie JAFFRE and Eugénie CHAINTREUIL
August 21 1898Death of Eugénie DELHOMME
October 17 1898Death of Joanny Michel GUERIN
October 21 1898Birth of Marie DESROCHES
October 22 1898Death of Marie Claudine LAPALUS
November 5 1898Marriage between Jacques AUGOYAT and Benoite LACONDEMINE
November 8 1898Death of Marie Claudine CHAGNY
December 11 1898Death of Charles Antonin LAPALUS
January 29 1899Death of Claudia CHAVANNE
January 21 1899Marriage between Claude VALLET and Claudine DESROCHES
January 13 1899Death of Joseph GRIFFON
January 7 1899Birth of Jean Marie dit Alexis JAFFRE
February 19 1899Birth of Vincent QUIRA
February 19 1899Birth of Antoine QUIRA
February 19 1899Death of Vincent QUIRA
February 19 1899Death of Antoine QUIRA
February 8 1899Marriage between Jean JANIN and Marie Louise DESROCHES
March 28 1899Marriage between Jean Pierre MERCIER and Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
March 10 1899Birth of Marthe Antoinette MILLY
April 30 1899Death of Jeanne HUMBERT
April 23 1899Death of Benoit AUDIN
April 7 1899Birth of Marius Victor VOUILLON
May 30 1899Marriage between Pierre Marie Antoine DURANTON and Jeanne Françoise LAPALUS
May 24 1899Birth of Marie Claudine THILLET
May 17 1899Death of Thomas LAPALUS
May 15 1899Death of Jeanne Marie BENAS
May 2 1899Birth of Claudius BRIDET
June 8 1899Birth of Pierre Marie Alexis JAFFRE
June 7 1899Death of Jean Marie CORNIER
July 30 1899Death of Pierre Marie Alexis JAFFRE
July 16 1899Birth of Charles Maurice PARDON
July 8 1899Death of Jean GAUTHIER
September 7 1899Death of Philibert Eugène LAROCHETTE
November 5 1899Death of Jeanne Marie VALLET
November 7 1899Death of Jeanne MALATIER
November 7 1899Marriage between Pierre Victor MARTIN and Marie Louise CORNIER
November 9 1899Marriage between Pierre CHARVET and Mélanie THEILLERE
November 21 1899Birth of Jules JANIN
November 23 1899Marriage between Girard DELHOMME and Françoise THOMAS
December 25 1899Death of Marie Angélique LAPALUS
January 24 1900Death of Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
January 20 1900Death of Joseph BERTHOUD
January 15 1900Marriage between Joseph BATIME and Jeanne Françoise LAFFAY
February 22 1900Marriage between Jean Marie JANIN and Joséphine AULAS
February 11 1900Birth of Antoine Claude Marie JAFFRE
February 11 1900Death of Joseph CHEMARIN
March 17 1900Death of Vincent QUIRA
March 1 1900Birth of Marie Françoise BAIZET
April 25 1900Birth of Marius VALENTIN
April 26 1900Death of Marius VALENTIN
April 19 1900Birth of Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
April 2 1900Marriage between Jean GEORGES and Benoite LATOUR
April 2 1900Marriage between Joseph GONNAUD and Marie Antoinette BERTHAUD
May 24 1900Death of Jean Baptiste BRIDET
May 3 1900Birth of René VIVIER
June 16 1900Birth of Joséphine BERTHOUD
June 13 1900Death of François CHAVANNE
June 6 1900Birth of Marie Léonie LAPIERRE
July 23 1900Birth of Jules JAFFRE
August 31 1900Marriage between Claude Etienne ou Etienne Claude DESROCHES and Marie Antoinette COLLONGES
August 8 1900Death of Jules JAFFRE
September 20 1900Death of Philiberte Joséphine BRAILLON
October 6 1900Death of Jean Marie LEVEQUE
November 5 1900Birth of Marius DENOGENT
November 8 1900Death of Jean LAFFAY
November 24 1900Death of Jean Pierre LAPIERRE
December 5 1900Death of Jean Marie LACONDEMINE
December 26 1900Marriage between Benoit Marie DESRAYAUD and Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
December 29 1900Birth of Alphonsine MALATIER
January 17 1901Marriage between Claude BRAILLON and Marie Victorine METRAT
January 5 1901Birth of Marie Louise DUFOUR
January 2 1901Death of Marie Louise Antoinette AUCAIGNE
February 21 1901Death of Antoinette BAIZET
February 20 1901Death of Jean Marie VOUILLON
February 26 1901Death of Marie Louise DUFOUR
February 10 1901Death of Joanny LAPALUS
February 14 1901Marriage between Pierre CHARDIGNY and Marie Eugénie PHILIBERT
February 7 1901Death of Jean Marie SANGOUARD
February 7 1901Marriage between Pierre CHARVET and Julie JANIN
March 31 1901Death of Charles BELPOMME
March 28 1901Birth of Pierre Marie BRIDET
March 9 1901Birth of Claudia GEORGES
May 19 1901Birth of Laurent Victor MARTIN
May 17 1901Birth of Joannès JUGNET
June 1 1901Death of Jenny Benoite MYARD
July 3 1901Marriage between Jean François DUMONT and Marie BERTHOUD
August 24 1901Birth of Marie Lucie dite Lucie DUBOST
August 11 1901Birth of Léon Georges JAFFRE
August 12 1901Death of Marie Claudine JAFFRE
September 14 1901Death of Léon Georges JAFFRE
September 8 1901Birth of Morte-Née DELHOMME
September 5 1901Death of Philibert DELORME
September 8 1901Death of Morte-Née DELHOMME
October 6 1901Death of Jeanne Marie MAGNIN
October 12 1901Death of Charles Maurice PARDON
October 13 1901Death of Joseph LAFFAY
November 18 1901Marriage between Pierre Marie CLEMENT and Antoinette TRIBOLET
November 23 1901Death of Jean Pierre JAFFRE
November 30 1901Marriage between Jean ou Jean Marie PERRET and Maria DAILLIER
December 2 1901Death of Claudine BOUCAUD
December 16 1901Marriage between Claude Marie SIRAUD and Marie Claudine LACONDEMINE
December 19 1901Death of Jeanne Marie CORNIER
December 25 1901Birth of Morte-Née BACOT
December 25 1901Death of Morte-Née BACOT
January 1 1902Birth of Claudius LAPALUS
January 5 1902Death of Marie Claudine BESSON
February 21 1902Death of Marius Benoit DESCOMBES
February 12 1902Birth of Claude Marie MALATIER
February 5 1902Birth of Marius Benoit DESCOMBES
February 8 1902Marriage between Joseph CINQUIN and Claudine LATOUR
March 25 1902Death of Marie BERTHOUD
March 26 1902Marriage between Auguste Antonin BRAILLON and Henriette MICHAUD
March 14 1902Death of Claude Marie MALATIER
March 7 1902Birth of Claudia JAFFRE
March 4 1902Birth of Marie COLLONGE
March 6 1902Birth of Jean Louis LAFFAY
March 9 1902Birth of Claude THEVENET
March 2 1902Death of Claude BAIZET
April 15 1902Birth of Marie Benoite BRIDET
April 17 1902Death of Jean Louis LAFFAY
April 10 1902Marriage between Jacques ROUX and Françoise DELORME
May 19 1902Birth of Antonine DESROCHES
May 10 1902Marriage between Jean Marie CHAINTREUIL and Marie GEORGES
June 19 1902Birth of Marie BERTHAUD
June 16 1902Death of Marie Claudine DESCHIZEAUX
June 5 1902Birth of Morte-Née BESSON
June 5 1902Death of Morte-Née BESSON
July 1 1902Birth of Jean Alfred VOUILLON
September 28 1902Birth of Louis Félix DENOGENT
November 3 1902Death of Marie BERTHAUD
November 20 1902Death of Jean Pierre LAPALUS
November 21 1902Death of Claudine JANIN
November 29 1902Birth of Jeanne Philomène VIVIER
December 14 1902Birth of Pierre Marie CINQUIN
December 20 1902Death of Marie LAPALUS
March 19 1903Death of Claude JANIN
April 26 1903Death of François JAFFRE
May 28 1903Marriage between Jean Marie LAPALUS and Claudine LAMAIN
May 9 1903Marriage between Léon Benoit ou Benoit Léon GONON and Anne Jeanne Marie DESROCHES
June 16 1903Death of Marie Rose LAMAIN
June 5 1903Death of Marie Claudine JANIN
September 27 1903Death of Claudine BERLIERE
November 15 1903Death of Etiennette ou Marie Louise Etiennette DUFOUR
November 27 1903Death of Jacques BONNETAIN
January 27 1904Death of Françoise BOTTON
March 25 1904Death of Jeanne Marie LARDY
March 4 1904Death of Françoise LATOUR
April 18 1904Death of François LAFAY
May 27 1904Death of Jacques DUFOUR
May 2 1904Death of Jeanne Marie BARRAUD
August 27 1904Marriage between Jean Marie CALLOT and ? PARDON
February 12 1905Death of Jean JUILLARD
February 9 1905Death of Jean Marie BONNETAIN
March 24 1905Death of Françoise VOUILLON
March 11 1905Death of François PICOLET
April 15 1905Marriage between Jean VIVIER and Cécile LAPALUS
May 17 1905Marriage between Jean VETEMAN and Marie DELORME
May 8 1905Death of Marie Claudine BRAILLON
June 6 1905Marriage between Claude François PARDON and Claudine BAIZET
August 15 1905Death of Jeanne Marie BAIZET
October 27 1905Death of Marie DORIN
November 4 1905Marriage between Benoit Pierre BAIZET and Maria LARDY
November 26 1905Death of Anne DESROCHES
November 29 1905Death of Marie Joséphine JUGNET
January 18 1906Death of Benoit DESROCHES
January 8 1906Death of Marie Antoinette COLLONGES
February 23 1906Death of Antoine LATOUR
March 23 1906Marriage between Pierre Marie THOMAS and Joséphine Marie VOUILLON
April 21 1906Marriage between Jean BONIN and Marie AULAS
July 22 1906Death of Joseph LACONDEMINE
July 12 1906Death of Marie DESROCHES
August 6 1906Death of Benoit TRIBOLLET
October 19 1906Death of Georges DUFOUR
February 19 1907Death of Laurent CORNIER
March 14 1907Death of Claude LATOUR
March 17 1907Death of Antoine BERTHAUD
March 10 1907Death of Marie PERRAUD
April 26 1907Death of François BONNETAIN
September 18 1907Death of Claudine DARGAUD
October 24 1907Birth of Marie Perrine LAPALUS
October 27 1907Death of Jean Baptiste TARLET
November 21 1907Death of Antoine DESROCHES
December 5 1907Death of Ursule CONDEMINE
January 28 1908Death of Henry DARGAUD
March 21 1908Marriage between Jean Marie CHEMARIN and Marie Benoite BERGERON
March 3 1908Death of Benoite Pierrette BRAILLON
April 8 1908Birth of Jean Marie GEORGES
August 18 1908Death of Joseph DESROCHES
September 12 1908Death of Jeanne Marie THOMAS
September 4 1908Marriage between Claude BONNETAIN and Marie Antoinette AULAS
September 5 1908Marriage between Antoine Claudius BESSON and Marie Louise DELHOMME
January 10 1909Death of Agathe FRISSON
April 17 1909Death of François LATOUR
June 17 1909Death of Marie Philomène BOUDRY
June 11 1909Marriage between Jean Antoine VOUILLON and Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
June 9 1909Death of Claude Jules PLASSARD
June 8 1909Death of Jean Marie LAPIERRE
August 14 1909Death of Antoinette BRAILLON
August 2 1909Marriage between Jean Claude DELHOMME and Eugénie TERRIER
October 21 1909Marriage between Pierre LACONDEMINE and Anne VERMOREL
December 3 1909Marriage between Michel DURY and Marie Antoinette CHAVANNE
December 4 1909Marriage between Jean Claude BARRAUD and Marie Eugénie CHAINTREUIL
January 22 1910Death of Jean Marie JANIN
January 29 1910Marriage between Pierre Joseph LONGERE and Catherine Françoise Léonie DARGAUD
January 1 1910Marriage between Pierre GRIZARD and Marie LATOUR
February 8 1910Marriage between Claude Marie JACOME and Mélanie JANIN
March 31 1910Marriage between Jean GENETTE and Marie CHARVET
April 25 1910Death of Etienne LAMAIN
May 30 1910Death of Jeanne Eugénie THOMAS
May 25 1910Death of Claude Marie TERRIER
May 12 1910Death of Jean Marie VOUILLON
May 16 1910Marriage between Jacques LAGRANGE and Antoinette LATOUR
June 11 1910Marriage between Jean Marie DESCOMBES and Marie DENOJEAN
June 8 1910Marriage between Jean Marie LATOUR and Célestine DELORME
October 14 1910Death of Antoine COLLONGE
November 25 1910Death of François CHARVET
February 25 1911Death of Jeanne Marie CLEMENT
February 20 1911Marriage between Claudius Antoine BRAILLON and Ernestine JAFFRE
February 18 1911Death of Louise LAFFAY
March 23 1911Marriage between Claude GROS and Jeanne Marie LACONDEMINE
April 16 1911Death of Jean Claude THEILLERE
May 5 1911Birth of Marie GEORGES
June 23 1911Event for Marie Marguerite LACONDEMINE
June 9 1911Birth of Marie Marguerite LACONDEMINE
July 2 1911Death of Claude GEORGES
October 15 1911Death of Jeannette dite Eugénie CONDEMINE
December 5 1911Death of Jean Marie DESCOMBES
January 7 1912Death of Pierre BAIZET
February 8 1912Marriage between Louis DEBORDE and Anne Hélène BERTHOUD
March 2 1912Death of Benoit DURY
November 24 1912Death of Benoit BRAILLON
December 3 1912Death of Jean Claude CHAINTREUIL
January 30 1913Marriage between Antoine MICHAUD and Marie CHARVET
February 1 1913Marriage between François FOREST and Augustine DELORME
March 1 1913Death of Claude François CORNIER
April 18 1913Death of Jeanne TRIBOLET
May 13 1913Death of Jeanne Marie DUFOUR
July 16 1913Death of Marie LACONDEMINE
August 11 1913Marriage between Claude BARNAUD and Louise DENOJEAN
September 25 1913Marriage between Léon Jean DURY and Marie BERTHAUD
September 6 1913Marriage between Antoine BONNETAIN and Marie LACONDEMINE
November 26 1913Birth of Jean Auguste FAYARD
December 23 1913Marriage between Claude Joseph AUGOYAT and Jeanne MONTJOIS
March 9 1914Marriage between Joseph Antoine RAVELLE and Lucie Benoite LACONDEMINE
August 9 1914Death of Claudine BESSON
October 10 1914Event for Françoise JAMBON
June 8 1915Death of Jean Marie BESSON
September 17 1915Death of Jean Marie LACONDEMINE
January 8 1916Marriage between Victor Jean Marcel PETIT and Benoite Joséphine BACOT
June 12 1916Death of Michel QUIRA
August 12 1916Death of Madeleine DESROCHES
January 1 1917Death of Jean Georges THOMAS
April 22 1917Death of Antoine LAFFAY
May 23 1917Death of Etiennette BRAILLON
August 21 1917Birth of Jeanne Yvonne FAYARD
October 14 1917Death of Marguerite SANGOUARD
December 19 1917Marriage between Jean Marie GIRAUD and Marie Claudine THEVENET
June 15 1918Birth of Claudia Francine THOMAS
November 4 1918Death of Benoit DELHOMME
March 21 1919Death of Claude CHAGNY
March 23 1919Death of François DESPLACES
March 26 1919Marriage between Jean Marie DELHOMME and Marie Louise ROTIVAL
June 8 1919Death of Marguerite BERTHAUX
July 5 1919Death of Louise DESBOIS
August 9 1919Marriage between Hubert JANIN and Antoinette dite Eugénie MICHAUD
September 13 1919Marriage between Jean Claude AUFRANT and Marie Léa MILLY
October 4 1919Marriage between François DARTEVELLE and Françoise Augustine BERGERON
October 9 1919Marriage between Paul Henri CORBIERE and Benoite BONNETAIN
October 11 1919Marriage between François Joseph TERRIER and Eugénie VINCENT
November 1 1919Death of Claudine DESCOMBES
December 13 1919Marriage between Benoit Nicolas PERRIN and Marie Louise JAFFRE
December 31 1919Marriage between Claude Marie TERRIER and Eléonore DUBOST
January 22 1920Marriage between Claudius Joanny PARDON and Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
January 17 1920Marriage between Joanny LAFFAY and Marie Claudine LAURENT
February 17 1920Marriage between Jean Marie CAUMAS and Francine Antonia PASSOT
April 24 1920Marriage between Benoit Philibert BAILLET and Marie Claudine AUGOYAT
April 10 1920Death of Jean JANIN
April 12 1920Marriage between Etienne Philibert BERTHOUD and Jeanne Clotilde ROTHIVAL
May 20 1920Marriage between Joseph DURY and Eugénie Germaine TERRIER
May 29 1920Marriage between Pierre PICOLET and Jeanne Joséphine LITAUDON
May 15 1920Marriage between Eugène DONJON and Marie Claudine MARIN
July 16 1920Death of Aimé DARGAUD
September 11 1920Death of Françoise GONON
October 18 1920Marriage between Alphonse ALAINE and Joséphine LAPALUS
November 6 1920Marriage between Jacques Eugène BERGERON and Marie Françoise JAFFRE
December 4 1920Marriage between Jean Baptiste ROUSSEAU and Marie Claudine MONTJOIS
February 3 1921Marriage between Jean Marie LIODENOT and Jeanne Marie BERTHOUD
March 26 1921Marriage between Jean JAMBON and Claudia GEORGES
April 26 1921Death of Philippe BRAILLON
April 28 1921Marriage between André PHILIBERT and Marie Séraphine JAMBON
June 30 1921Death of François JAFFRE
August 18 1921Marriage between Jean Francis dit Francis RAY and Jeanne Françoise PHILIBERT
January 28 1922Marriage between Auguste CREUSERAND and Philomène PASSOT
January 13 1922Death of Philiberte AULAS
February 18 1922Marriage between Jean François JAFFRE and Marthe Antoinette MILLY
March 28 1922Marriage between Francis DECOURT and Marie Louise DELHOMME
April 14 1922Death of Jean Marie VALLET
April 4 1922Birth of Marguerite JAMBON
May 29 1922Death of Jean Marie CHAINTREUIL
June 17 1922Death of Marie AUGOYAT
June 5 1922Marriage between Jean Marie LAFFAY and Jeanne Marie LAURENT
July 14 1922Birth of Jean Marie RAFFIN
July 4 1922Death of Françoise AUDUC
September 24 1922Death of Claude Marie BACOT
October 26 1922Marriage between Claude MOREL and Claudia JAFFRE
January 6 1923Marriage between Claude Marie LAPALUS and Marie DESROCHES
April 26 1923Death of Jeanne BESSON
April 19 1923Marriage between Jean Marie PERRAUD and Marie Louise Philiberte BESSON
April 2 1923Death of Jean DESPRES
April 7 1923Marriage between Benoit SARRAZIN and Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
November 3 1923Death of François JAFFRE
December 15 1923Death of Marie CHARVET
December 23 1923Death of Joseph JAMBON
February 5 1924Marriage between Jean Marie dit Alexis JAFFRE and Augustine DELAYE
March 4 1924Marriage between Joseph FAYARD and Marie BELLEVILLE
May 31 1924Marriage between Jean Victor LAURENT and Jeanne Philomène VIVIER
May 29 1924Death of Jean JAFFRE
July 21 1924Death of Pierre THOMAS
July 15 1924Death of Marie Victorine SANGOUARD
October 13 1924Death of Henriette CHANUT
October 26 1924Death of Jeanne BRAILLON
February 24 1925Death of Jean LATOUR
March 14 1925Birth of Lucien LAURENT
April 25 1925Marriage between Jean Marie GONON and Gabrielle TERRIER
May 9 1925Marriage between Philibert François DARGAUD and Antonine DESROCHES
June 23 1925Death of Edith Marie Hélène de LA CHAPELLE D'UXELLES
July 30 1925Death of Henry ADOUARD
July 18 1925Marriage between Jean Marie GILBERT and Céline LAROCHETTE
July 5 1925Death of Françoise DESROCHES
December 11 1925Death of Jean Marie RAFFIN
February 12 1926Death of Jeanne Marie LATOUR
February 6 1926Death of Joseph COMBIER
May 16 1926Death of Claudine DESROCHES
August 28 1926Marriage between Marius Victor VOUILLON and Marie Lucie dite Lucie DUBOST
September 22 1926Death of Philibert AUFRAND
October 5 1926Death of Marie Claudine LAFFAY
February 19 1927Death of Benoit CINQUIN
May 5 1927Marriage between Antoine Philibert DESROCHES and Marie Perrine LAPALUS
January 14 1928Marriage between Camille RAYNAUD and Marie COLLONGE
May 11 1928Marriage between Jean Marie DEPARIS and Marie Marthe LAFFAY
August 23 1928Death of François PHILIBERT
December 29 1928Marriage between Claude Marie DESSAUGE and Angeline JAFFRE
January 16 1929Death of Denis DESROCHES
February 18 1929Death of Etienne Marie MICHAUD
March 18 1929Death of Claudine THEVENET
April 10 1929Birth of Marthe JAMBON
October 16 1929Death of Emilien CONDEMINE
November 30 1929Marriage between Jean Marie DESBOIS and Antonia DUBOST
February 22 1930Marriage between Antoine Francis LASNNE and Marie Louise BELLEVILLE
February 8 1930Death of Philibert MONTJOIS
August 13 1930Death of Louis BERTHOUD
August 8 1930Death of Jean Marie CHAINTREUIL
September 6 1930Death of Jeanne BRAILLON
February 13 1931Death of Marie Claudine CHARVET
April 11 1931Marriage between Pierre Marie CINQUIN and Marie GEORGES
April 18 1931Marriage between Antoine ROTIVAL and Antoinette BELLEVILLE
June 17 1931Death of Jean Marie BRIDET
October 23 1931Death of Marie Claudine MILLY
March 25 1932Death of Jean GEORGES
May 7 1932Death of Jean PICOLET
June 28 1932Death of François GAUTHIER
December 21 1932Death of Etienne LAFFAY
January 11 1933Death of Jean JAMBON
August 7 1933Death of Nicolas BERGERON
September 12 1933Marriage between Marius DENOGENT and Claudia BESSON
October 6 1933Death of Marie Antoinette THORRAND
October 13 1933Death of Marie Philiberte CLEMENT
March 9 1934Death of Jean François AULAS
July 23 1934Death of Marie BERTHAUD
January 17 1935Death of Benoit SARRAZIN
February 25 1935Death of Etiennette SANVERT
February 3 1935Death of Marie Claudine CONDEMINE
March 26 1935Death of Jean Marie DARGAUD
April 11 1935Death of Marie Louise CORNIER
June 8 1935Death of Joséphine CHATELET
November 11 1935Death of Léon MONGONNEAUX
November 28 1935Death of Pierrette BONNETAIN
March 4 1936Death of Marie Antoinette CHAVANNE
April 10 1936Death of Marie Claudine BAIZET
August 10 1936Marriage between René VIVIER and Francine COMBIER
August 8 1936Death of Adèle DELEGLISE
December 5 1936Marriage between Louis Marcel BONNAY and Jeanne Germaine THOMAS
December 22 1936Marriage between Elie DESPERRIER and Marie Odile LAPALUS
May 6 1937Death of Céline LAROCHETTE
July 28 1937Death of Claudine BAIZET
March 1 1938Death of Jean Marie BESSON
May 26 1938Death of Jean Claude QUIRA
July 17 1938Death of Jeanne Marie GAUTHIER
August 24 1938Death of Pierre BERTHOUD
September 24 1938Marriage between Jean Marie ROBIN and Jeanne Yvonne FAYARD
January 23 1940Death of Jean BERARD
January 2 1940Death of Benoite LACONDEMINE
January 6 1940Death of Jean Marie ROTIVAL
February 25 1940Death of Marie LATOUR
February 4 1940Death of Elisabeth VERMOREL
March 20 1940Death of Joseph Claude BELLEVILLE
August 10 1940Death of Joséphine Marie VOUILLON
October 11 1940Death of Claude Marie DARGAUD
November 23 1940Death of Félix Marius DUMOULIN
November 29 1940Death of François DEPARIS
July 11 1941Death of Claude MILLY
July 6 1941Death of Anne PARDON
September 18 1941Death of Marie Louise BRAILLON
October 29 1941Death of Jean Marie LAROCHETTE
April 24 1942Death of Pierrette GOBET
December 6 1942Death of Marie Claudine BRAILLON
December 16 1942Marriage between Jean Marie GILBERT and Maria Marie PAUTET
December 30 1942Death of Marie LACONDEMINE
April 28 1943Death of Jean LATOUR
April 5 1943Death of Maria GIGAUDOT
October 3 1943Death of Benoit LATOUR
January 25 1944Death of Marie Emilie BESSON
February 2 1944Death of Marie Claudine BERLIERE
March 15 1944Death of Claude PASSOT
March 14 1944Death of Joseph Antoine LAFFAY
September 21 1944Death of Marie Claudine BRAILLON
September 9 1944Death of Marie Alexandrine NESME
December 21 1944Death of Claude Etienne ou Etienne Claude DESROCHES
July 19 1945Death of Philibert GUERIN
September 15 1945Death of Marie Louise DESROCHES
October 20 1945Marriage between Auguste BRANDATO and Germaine DESROCHES
January 17 1946Death of Benoite DUFOUR
February 17 1946Death of Marie DESROCHES
March 25 1946Marriage between Jean Marie GEORGES and Claudia Francine THOMAS
March 13 1946Death of Jeanne Joséphine LITAUDON
October 16 1946Death of Pierre LAPALUS
December 30 1946Death of Marie Thérèse LAISSU
February 22 1947Death of Jeanne Marie TISSERAND
February 12 1947Death of Marie Jeanne THOMAS
March 11 1947Death of Marie Claudine BESSON
May 24 1947Marriage between Jean Marie RAFFIN and Marguerite JAMBON
October 28 1947Death of Jean VETEMAN
December 15 1947Death of Joseph DESROCHES
March 17 1948Death of Anne BERTHOUD
June 11 1948Death of Claudius CORNELOUP
October 25 1948Death of Madeleine GAUTHIER
May 31 1949Death of Jean Marie Antoine DENOGENT
June 29 1949Death of Jean Claude CHAINTREUIL
June 2 1949Death of Joséphine AULAS
January 13 1950Death of Aimé FAYARD
March 25 1950Death of Louise DESPRES
March 3 1950Death of Marie Joséphine PRETESAQUE
April 4 1950Death of Joséphine DAILLY
May 10 1950Death of Claude Marie FAYARD
March 13 1951Death of Jeanne Marie LAFFAY
May 24 1951Death of Marie Thérèse DESROCHES
September 6 1951Death of Eugénie BARRAUD
October 23 1951Death of Antoine AUFRAND
November 6 1951Death of Alice PHILIBERT
December 15 1951Marriage between Jean Antoine Marie AUJOGUE and Marthe JAMBON
January 29 1952Death of Jeanne FEVRE
January 10 1952Death of Léon François RAFFIN
March 15 1952Death of Julien PICOLET
April 5 1952Marriage between Henri SANGOUARD and Yvette AUPOIL
May 31 1952Death of Jean Marie BALVAY
September 11 1952Death of Pierre Marie COMBIER
November 1 1952Death of Pierre Marie THOMAS
January 20 1953Death of Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
January 6 1953Death of Marie DESBATS
April 29 1953Birth of Josette AUJOGUE
April 28 1953Death of Etienne JAFFRE
May 11 1953Death of Benoite LATOUR
September 2 1953Death of Marie Séraphine JAMBON
October 15 1953Death of Pierre Victor MARTIN
February 18 1954Death of Jean CINQUIN
March 25 1954Death of Elise AUDIN
June 3 1954Death of Pierre Nicolas Philippe MICHEL
June 5 1954Death of Catherine DUMAS
July 8 1954Death of Maria MILLY
September 10 1955Marriage between Albert VINCENT and Marie Louise DEPARIS
March 28 1956Death of Jean LATOUR
October 8 1956Death of Alphonse ALAINE
September 26 1958Death of Jean VIVIER
January 24 1959Death of Marie Léa MILLY
March 22 1961Death of Marie Antoinette THEVENET
June 30 1961Death of Pierre CHAINTREUIL
July 10 1961Death of Jean Marie LAFFAY
March 21 1962Death of Jean THOMAS
June 20 1962Death of Jean Marie LIODENOT
June 10 1962Death of Benoit DARGAUD
September 7 1962Death of Eugénie MOISE
December 21 1962Death of Cécile LAPALUS
January 29 1964Death of Joséphine LAPALUS
May 29 1964Death of Jean François JAFFRE
August 3 1964Death of Antoine BONNETAIN
August 2 1964Death of Jean Marie DESPRES
December 28 1964Death of Claudia GEORGES
March 21 1965Death of Célestine DELORME
August 8 1965Death of Benoit SARRAZIN
October 4 1965Death of Etiennette CHARVET
July 24 1966Death of Marie BERGERON
September 29 1966Death of Louis BAIZET
February 27 1967Death of Marie Claudine BERLIERE
April 16 1967Death of Jean Marie dit Alexis JAFFRE
July 10 1967Death of Marie CHAGNY
October 20 1967Death of Jean Marie DEPARIS
March 15 1968Death of Jean Claude AUFRANT
May 30 1968Death of Jean dit Jean Marie DELAYE
May 3 1968Death of Louis Pétrus JAFFRE
August 22 1968Death of Pierre PICOLET
September 12 1968Death of Maria DESROCHES
July 19 1970Death of Louise PERRET
November 16 1971Death of Marie Claudine BAIZET
April 29 1972Marriage between Lucien MARTIN and Marthe JAMBON
May 9 1972Death of Marie Augustine PASSOT
August 12 1972Marriage between Jean Paul SANGOUARD and Josette AUJOGUE
October 24 1972Death of Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
January 1 1973Death of Jacques Eugène BERGERON
March 28 1973Death of Antoinette dite Eugénie MICHAUD
March 18 1973Death of Claudius Joanny PARDON
September 26 1974Death of Jean Pierre DESROCHES
December 14 1974Death of Laurent Victor MARTIN
July 16 1976Death of Louise Victorine JAFFRE
July 20 1977Death of Antonine BERTHAUD
September 27 1979Death of Marie Honorine THEVENET
November 10 1979Death of Pierre Marie BALLIGAND
April 18 1982Death of Augustine DELORME
September 6 1984Death of Marie GEORGES
January 13 1985Death of Jeanne Marie JAFFRE
November 27 2012Burial of Claudia Francine THOMAS


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