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Sologny (France)

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1906Birth of Nicolas Jean SANGOUARD
1913Birth of Marguerite SANGOUARD
1915Birth of Fernand SANGOUARD
about 1751Birth of Joseph DUTHION
about 1826Birth of Jeanne THEVENET
about 1783Birth of Claudine Jeanne BOUCHACOURT
about 1811Birth of Claudine CARRIJOT
1905Birth of Joseph FOURNIER
1905Birth of Madeleine FEUILLET
1932Birth of Gabriel FOURNIER
1935Birth of Marceline FOURNIER
1909Birth of Jeanne DELAYE
about 1870Birth of Françoise TRIBOULET
calculated 1802Birth of Claude GAILLARD
1964Event for Régine CARRIJOT
October 20 1704Event for Louis SIRAUD
December 25 1746Birth of François CARJOT
June 7 1776Birth of Jean MAZOYER
May 20 1784Birth of Reine CARJOT
March 27 1786Birth of Jean GERBAUD
October 1 1786Birth of Jean CARJOT
October 11 1786Birth of Philiberte BAUDIER
March 7 1791Marriage between Claude BARRAS and Claudine CHAGNY
December 14 1791Birth of Claudine CARJOT
February 8 1792Birth of Jean François LENOIR
May 11 1794Birth of Philippe DUTHION
April 3 1795Birth of Justine MONTANGERAND
November 27 1797Birth of Jeanne DUFOUR
December 13 1798Birth of Claudine THEVENET
July 5 1802Birth of Antoine GRANJEAN
April 28 1803Death of Reine CARJOT
May 4 1804Birth of Jean NOLY
November 21 1804Marriage between François BRUYS and Claudine Jeanne BOUCHACOURT
December 9 1804Birth of Jeanne SIMONET
August 18 1806Birth of Vincelette BERTHIER
July 8 1807Birth of Antoine NOLY
November 14 1807Death of François CARJOT
January 14 1809Birth of Claudine CHARVET
April 13 1810Death of Pierre NOLY
September 2 1810Birth of Benoit LAFOND
February 23 1813Birth of Jean CARRIJOT
September 16 1814Birth of Marie LAROCHETTE
May 10 1817Death of Jeanne Marie FERRET
January 4 1818Marriage between Jean François LENOIR and Jeanne DUFOUR
August 3 1818Birth of François CHARVET
January 18 1819Marriage between Philibert DELORME and Justine MONTANGERAND
July 30 1820Marriage between Michel CINQUIN and Marie DUCLOUX
August 17 1821Birth of Jean CHAVY
August 5 1821Birth of Jeanne CHARVET
October 10 1822Birth of Benoit TETE
September 9 1827Death of Claudine FOUILLOUX
February 26 1829Marriage between Jean MATRAY and Jeanne SIMONET
November 17 1829Marriage between Claude FICHET and Jeanne ACCARY
January 8 1832Birth of Antoine DELAYE
April 27 1833Birth of Jean NOLY
December 16 1833Death of Justine MONTANGERAND
September 17 1834Birth of Jeanne ROJEAS
January 22 1835Marriage between Jacques DONDIN and Jeanne Marie MORAT
August 12 1837Birth of Antoinette VOLAND
April 23 1838Death of Jeanne ACCARY
September 17 1838Birth of Jean VERCHET
November 8 1838Marriage between Claude FICHET and Philiberte LAFAY
October 17 1839Birth of François DUFOUR
January 25 1840Birth of Claude DONDIN
January 23 1840Death of Huguette DUMONNET
October 19 1840Birth of Catherine FICHET
November 11 1840Birth of Françoise MAZOYER
February 11 1841Birth of Georges BENASSE
March 9 1841Marriage between Jean CARRIJOT and Anne BERNOUX
September 12 1841Death of Marguerite MERCIER
November 11 1841Death of Benoite DUMONCEAUX
November 11 1841Death of Antoinette DUFOUR
August 20 1842Birth of Joseph LENOIR
January 10 1843Death of Philiberte DESPLACES
January 5 1843Death of Marie DESCHIZEAUX
April 15 1843Death of Philibert DELORME
May 22 1843Birth of Jean PROTAT
August 8 1844Birth of François MICHON
December 16 1844Death of Philiberte DURY
May 26 1845Death of Philibert CARTAILLER
March 3 1846Birth of Pierre DELORME
November 18 1846Death of Claude SANVERT
July 13 1850Birth of Jean Marie PLASSARD
October 21 1850Birth of Etienne DELORME
July 23 1852Birth of Françoise CHAVY
September 15 1853Death of Jeanne DUFOUR
April 10 1854Death of Antoine NOLY
May 25 1854Death of Jeanne Marie BENAS
October 13 1854Death of Claudine CARJOT
August 17 1855Death of Claudine MONTEL
January 14 1857Birth of Pierre VOLAND
October 11 1857Death of Jean CHAVY
June 22 1858Death of Jacqueline BIDAULT
July 11 1860Birth of Claude DESCAILLOT
October 25 1860Birth of Marie Françoise BONDIER
May 18 1861Death of Jean François LENOIR
May 26 1863Birth of Vincent LAPALUD
July 30 1863Birth of Joseph DONDIN
January 21 1864Death of Philippe DUTHION
February 13 1864Marriage between Benoit MONTANGERAND and Antoinette VOLAND
October 9 1866Birth of Benoit ROLLET
October 25 1866Birth of Benoite Marie NOLY
May 29 1867Death of Anne BERNOUX
October 30 1867Birth of Antoine ROLLET
November 21 1867Death of Jeanne GACHOT
May 13 1870Death of Claudine LARDET
July 10 1870Death of Jean CARJOT
April 27 1872Marriage between Jean CARRIJOT and Marie Antoinette BONNETAIN
June 27 1872Birth of Claudine CARRIJOT
December 4 1874Birth of Jeanne MERCIER
June 12 1875Birth of Jean Joseph CARRIJOT
February 25 1876Death of Anne MOIROUX
May 6 1876Birth of Jeanne Marie CHARVET
May 22 1877Birth of Claude LACONDEMINE
August 17 1877Birth of François CARRIJOT
September 7 1877Birth of Jean JOLIVET
October 18 1878Birth of Nicolas François Narcisse LACONDEMINE
March 31 1880Birth of Léon François CARRIJOT
October 4 1881Death of Marie Benoite BERNOUD
September 1 1882Birth of Françoise LACOURTABLAISE
March 16 1883Birth of Jean Baptiste Victor LACONDEMINE
June 20 1883Birth of Jeanne Françoise PLANCHE
January 27 1884Birth of Jean Claude CARRIJOT
January 26 1885Death of Antoine FEUILLET
September 29 1886Birth of Marie LAFAY
May 27 1887Death of Jacques DONDIN
August 14 1887Death of Pierre ROLLET
January 9 1888Marriage between Pierre Marie DELAYE and Benoite Marie NOLY
March 21 1889Birth of Jean Marie DELAYE
March 4 1890Death of Claude DESROCHES
July 22 1890Birth of Marie Claudine DESROCHES
July 7 1890Death of Jean CARRIJOT
December 22 1890Marriage between Jean Pierre Marie FOUILLOUX and Claudine CARRIJOT
September 26 1892Birth of Philibert DELAYE
September 6 1893Death of Jean Joseph CARRIJOT
January 29 1895Death of Jean dit Jean Marie DELORME
May 20 1895Birth of Joseph DELAYE
August 17 1895Marriage between Joseph VEDREINE and Jeanne Marie CHARVET
September 1 1895Birth of Marie LAPALUD
May 11 1897Birth of Marcelle DELAYE
July 2 1898Birth of Alfred Jean SANGOUARD
May 10 1899Birth of Pierre DELAYE
October 17 1899Birth of Adèle SANGOUARD
December 25 1901Birth of Maurice DELAYE
January 3 1902Birth of Alphonse SANGOUARD
February 12 1907Birth of Albert CARRIJOT
November 7 1907Marriage between Louis BLETON and Eugénie BAUDIER
March 17 1909Birth of Francine THILLET
October 29 1909Birth of Marcel SANGOUARD
May 13 1911Death of Claude Etienne CHUZEVILLE
September 25 1911Birth of Etienne THEVENET
March 25 1920Marriage between Pierre BALVAY and Lucie THOMAS
April 6 1920Birth of Marie Claudine LONGIN
April 2 1921Marriage between François DESCHIZEAUX and Marie LAPALUD
December 12 1934Death of Louis SANGOUARD
March 26 1935Death of Marguerite SANGOUARD
February 22 1936Marriage between Etienne THEVENET and Marie Claudine LONGIN
October 26 1947Death of Marie Françoise DELOR
January 23 1952Death of Pierre Marie DELAYE
September 9 1953Death of Auguste RAY
January 1 1962Death of Marie Claudine PRUDON
February 24 1962Marriage between René CARRIJOT and Jeanne FOURNIER
August 6 1964Death of Claire Marie Joseph CHUZEVILLE
January 21 1970Death of François CARRIJOT


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