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Varennes-sous-Dun (France)

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calculated 1796Birth of Marie LAVENIR
1890Birth of Marie Claudine BOUCAUD
October 2 1727Birth of Pierrette FARGEAT
May 15 1739Birth of Benoite TURRET
February 10 1756Marriage between Jean BALIGAND and Pierrette FARGEAT
February 26 1767Birth of Philibert CORNELOUP
May 29 1767Birth of Pierrette BALIGAND
March 4 1769Birth of Benoiste BALIGAND
May 20 1770Birth of Louis BALIGAND
May 7 1771Death of Louis BALIGAND
December 3 1771Birth of Marguerite BALIGAND
December 8 1771Death of Marguerite BALIGAND
March 31 1774Birth of Pierrette COMTE
January 10 1775Birth of Nicole BALIGAND
December 10 1775Birth of Louise ROBELET
November 9 1776Birth of Claude BALIGAND
February 20 1777Birth of Louis BALIGAND
April 28 1778Birth of Hugues Pierre dit Pierre LARDET
July 6 1779Birth of Jeanne BALIGAND
August 8 1781Birth of Jean BALIGAND
August 8 1781Birth of Antoine BALIGAND
August 8 1781Death of Antoine BALIGAND
August 31 1782Death of Jean BALIGAND
September 9 1783Birth of Jean Marie BALIGAND
July 11 1790Birth of Benoit CHASSY
December 29 1792Birth of Claudine DUMONT
January 30 1798Marriage between Philibert CORNELOUP and Pierrette COMTE
May 22 1810Birth of Louis BALIGAND
September 7 1810Birth of Jean Baptiste CHUZEVILLE
May 15 1812Death of Pierre LARDET
July 17 1813Marriage between Benoit CHASSY and Claudine DUMONT
January 21 1815Birth of Michel CHASSY
February 24 1819Birth of Jean GINET
April 15 1824Death of Pierrette COMTE
November 5 1833Birth of Claude SEMAY
February 20 1843Birth of François BALIGAND
March 9 1844Birth of Philibert LAPALUS
April 21 1844Birth of Pierrette FAYARD
June 15 1851Birth of Guillaume MARTIN
August 3 1852Birth of Jean Marie GRIZARD
January 1 1857Birth of Philiberte RAY
March 12 1861Birth of Claude Marie GRIZARD
July 22 1870Birth of Marie Louise BALIGAND
July 22 1870Birth of Marie Léonie BALIGAND
February 7 1885Birth of Joanny FRICAUD
October 7 1899Birth of Marie Clotilde VEAUX
December 19 1921Marriage between Jules Marie Joseph MICHAUDON and Marie Clotilde VEAUX


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