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Vergisson (France)

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calculated 1783Birth of Marie PELLETIER
about 1790Birth of Jean Salomon PROTAT
about 1802Birth of François CHAINTREUIL
calculated 1815Birth of Pierrette DUMOULIN
calculated 1785Birth of Marie PROTAT
calculated 1798Birth of Marianne PROTAT
1909Birth of Louise SANGOUARD
August 1728Birth of Claude BRUYS
about 1690Birth of Pierre MOIROUD
1906Birth of Ernest LAPALUS
1909Birth of René BRAILLON
September 28 1665Death of Etienne COMBIER 2512
January 3 1687Birth of Benoit MOIROUD
September 17 1692Event for Marie BRUY
February 17 1711Marriage between Jean PONCET and Marie BRUY
February 7 1713Marriage between Pierre MOIROUD and Anne ROLLET
June 8 1713Birth of Jean PROTAT
November 12 1719Birth of Elie Jean BRUYS
December 19 1729Death of Hély BRUY 636
February 21 1740Marriage between Jean PROTAT and Catherine GUERIN
June 12 1748Death of Anne ROLLET
August 7 1758Birth of Philibert PROTAT
February 8 1785Birth of Jean Marie MOREAU
February 1 1785Marriage between Philibert PROTAT and Marie MOREAU
April 3 1786Birth of Georges LAROCHETTE
August 18 1788Birth of Françoise PROTAT
October 14 1788Death of Jean PROTAT
March 19 1789Death of Marie Anne LAMBERET
April 30 1792Death of Catherine GUERIN
September 19 1792Birth of Henry PELLETIER
January 31 1795Birth of Jacques CHAINTREUIL
June 26 1795Birth of Claudine DUMONT
November 10 1795Birth of Joseph PROTAT
January 13 1800Birth of Jean Marie CHAINTREUIL
June 14 1800Birth of Anne PROTAT
July 7 1802Birth of Claudine PROTAT
November 22 1802Birth of François Clément CHAINTREUIL
May 18 1804Birth of Philiberte Françoise PROTAT
November 27 1805Marriage between Pierre LESAIRE and Françoise SANGOUARD
February 8 1806Birth of Philibert PROTAT
March 8 1807Birth of Claude Antoine CHAINTREUIL
May 5 1809Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
June 28 1811Death of Jean SANGOUARD
November 13 1812Birth of Françoise DUMOULIN
January 13 1815Marriage between Antoine DESROCHE and Françoise SANGOUARD
April 26 1822Death of François SANGOUARD
January 13 1827Birth of Marie Anne CHARVET
November 14 1837Birth of Pierre Marie GAY
December 28 1840Death of Claudine SANGOUARD
September 20 1845Birth of Marie CHARVET
October 29 1848Birth of Françoise CHARVET
January 9 1851Birth of Benoite PELLETIER
February 10 1853Marriage between Etienne MYARD and Marie CHARVET
January 26 1854Marriage between Joseph SANGOUARD and Pierrette CHARVET
April 15 1854Birth of François LENOIR
December 3 1854Birth of Jean SANGOUARD
September 27 1855Birth of Marie Magdelaine GALLAND
January 22 1856Death of Marie JUILLARD
September 19 1858Birth of Marie Joseph SANGOIR
November 8 1858Death of Claudine DESRAYAUD
January 20 1860Birth of Philibert MOREL
March 24 1864Death of Jean SANGOUARD
November 11 1864Marriage between Marie Joseph GALLAND and Marie CHARVET
December 18 1865Birth of Jean Marie SANGOUARD
November 8 1867Death of Philibert SEIGNEURET
January 9 1868Marriage between Marie Joseph GALLAND and Stéphanie Marie MOREL
November 24 1870Birth of Claude Marie CLAIRET
February 23 1872Death of Marie MOREL
November 28 1872Birth of Catherine BLETON
January 19 1873Birth of Benoit DUCOTE
March 12 1875Birth of Jean Marie DUCOTE
August 23 1876Birth of Marie Claudine CHARVET
May 29 1879Birth of Claude THEVENET
June 4 1879Birth of Albert Jules MOIROUD
July 15 1879Death of Pierrette CHARVET
March 14 1883Birth of Joseph BALVAY
October 28 1883Birth of Marie SEIGNEURET
September 4 1886Birth of Jacques GALLAND
December 24 1886Death of Benoite SANGOUARD
September 6 1887Birth of Joanny SEIGNEURET
September 22 1891Birth of Claude Marie GARDETTE
May 14 1892Birth of Jeanne SANGOUARD
July 25 1894Birth of Benoit Joseph DUCOTE
May 29 1896Birth of Marie Antoinette SANGOUARD
March 24 1898Marriage between Charles BRAILLON and Catherine BLETON
December 14 1901Birth of Claudine DESRAYAUD
July 27 1902Death of Joseph SANGOUARD
December 18 1904Death of Jeanne Claudine BENAS
May 6 1919Marriage between Ernest Eugène FAYARD and Charlotte ALACOQUE
October 22 1919Marriage between Pierre Marie DESRAYAUD and Angeline Marie JOSEPH
December 1 1923Marriage between Paul Marie DEPARDON and Jeanne Claudine RIBOLLET
February 19 1942Death of Louise BALVAY
November 30 1943Death of Angeline Marie JOSEPH
February 6 1952Death of Mariette JAMBON
November 17 1953Marriage between Joseph ROLLET and Cladie MEUNIER
February 2 1963Death of Marie Hélène JOSEPH
January 15 1967Death of Henriette BALVAY
June 18 1969Death of Alphonsine CHAINTREUIL


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