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Verosvres (France)

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about 1721Birth of François GUILLOUX
about 1776Birth of Catherine LAPALUS
1625Birth of Benoite DELAROCHE
about 1654Birth of Jeanne NOLY
about 1683Birth of Marie AUDUC
about 1690Birth of Marie AUDUC
about 1691Birth of Nicole AUDUC
about 1693Birth of Françoise AUDUC
about 1715Birth of Nicolas AUDUC
about 1715Birth of Marie AUDUC
about 1751Birth of Benoite AUDUC
about 1764Birth of Joseph DARGAUD
January 1772Birth of Margueritte DARGAUD
September 1765Birth of Claude BONIN
February 1774Birth of Jean DARGAUD
November 1759Birth of Claude AUBAGUE
1822Birth of Jeanne Marie BESSON
calculated 1830Birth of Claudine AUBAGUE
calculated 1770Birth of Claude Joseph AUDUC
calculated 1799Birth of Denise AUCLAIR
1886Birth of Jean GUILLOUX
calculated 1821Birth of Catherine TRIBOLET
calculated 1776Birth of Claude SAVIN
calculated 1820Birth of Nicolas SARRAZIN
calculated 1782Birth of Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
about 1867Birth of Jean Marie FOUGERAT
about 1860Birth of Marie Pauline BONIN
about 1841Birth of Michelle LARGE
1881Birth of Fanny LARGE
calculated 1808Birth of Joséphine PEROUSSET
about 1837Birth of Antoinette BONIN
about 1719Birth of Antoine THOMAS
about 1694Death of Jeanne NOLY
?Death of Philibert FOREST
?Death of Benoite DARGAUD
April 1 1655Birth of Toussaint AUDUC
April 22 1689Birth of Pierre AUDUC
May 4 1692Death of Jeanne BONIN
September 28 1692Marriage between Jean GUILLOUX and Françoise BARDOUILLARD
May 12 1693Death of Jean GUILLOUX
June 20 1693Death of Benoite DELAROCHE
January 13 1694Death of Louis AUDUC
June 8 1694Marriage between Philibert DELAROCHE and Gilberte DUSAULZE
August 29 1694Birth of Louis THOMAS
May 10 1696Birth of Gilberte dite Philiberte GUILLOUX
October 17 1702Death of Pierre BONIN
June 20 1703Marriage between Pierre AUDUC and Jacqueline GUILLOUX
August 2 1703Birth of Louise AUDUC
July 30 1708Birth of Antoine DUSSAUGE
April 4 1710Birth of Toussaint AUDUC
March 23 1711Birth of Claude AUDUC
February 4 1712Marriage between François PHILIBERT 266 and Françoise AUDUC 267
March 30 1713Birth of Toussaint AUDUC
October 25 1714Birth of Jeanne THEVENET
January 8 1715Birth of Gilberte AUDUC
February 4 1718Birth of Benoite GUILLOUX
September 6 1721Marriage between Thomas GUILLOUX and Antoinette REGNAUD
August 1 1722Birth of Pierre AUDUC
May 23 1723Birth of Georgette AUDUC
March 8 1726Birth of Marie Philiberte PLASSARD
November 5 1726Marriage between Thomas GUILLIN and Gilberte dite Philiberte GUILLOUX
May 22 1727Birth of Claudine THOMAS
September 18 1730Marriage between Claude AUDUC and Gilberte AUDUC
February 22 1731Death of Pierre AUDUC
August 3 1732Birth of Jean AUBAGUE
March 10 1734Marriage between Louis BONIN and Benoite AUDUC
June 2 1738Marriage between François DARGAUD and Benoite GUILLOUX
November 27 1742Marriage between Jean DUPAS and Georgette AUDUC
January 13 1744Birth of Marie Jeanne AUDUC
April 24 1747Birth of Pierre AUDUC
June 29 1747Death of Jeanne BONNOT
July 31 1753Birth of Toussaint AUDUC
October 29 1753Birth of Nicolas AUDUC
December 13 1753Death of Jacqueline GUILLOUX
November 22 1754Death of Claude AUDUC
May 6 1755Birth of Jean GUILLOUX
February 17 1759Death of Toussaint AUDUC
January 27 1761Marriage between Claude MICHEL and Marie Jeanne AUDUC
September 29 1763Birth of Jeanne Marie LAGROST
February 7 1764Marriage between Jean DELORME and Marie AUDUC
September 19 1765Death of Louis THOMAS
March 24 1767Birth of Jeanne DECROZANT
March 31 1768Event for Pierre AUDUC
June 21 1768Death of Marie DUPAS
September 29 1771Birth of Jacques AUBAGUE
April 17 1779Death of Louis AUDUC
July 14 1780Death of Philippe GONNAUD
March 10 1782Death of Catherine LAROCHETTE
May 2 1782Birth of Joseph DARGAUD
April 10 1783Birth of Jacqueline CHANUS
March 2 1784Event for Philibert DELORME
October 28 1784Birth of Marie DARGAUD
February 7 1786Marriage between Jean Louis PLASSARD and Jeanne DECROZANT
June 23 1786Death of Gilberte AUDUC
May 12 1787Birth of Marguerite CARETTE
April 20 1788Birth of Jacqueline ou Catherine THEVENET
March 1 1791Marriage between Jean GUILLOUX and Jeanne Marie LAGROST
March 7 1791Marriage between Claude BONIN and Margueritte DARGAUD
April 30 1793Marriage between Jacques AUBAGUE and Catherine LAPALUS
August 12 1793Birth of Jean DARGAUD
January 17 1795Birth of Benoite BONIN
January 5 1795Birth of Joseph AUBAGUE
January 17 1796Birth of Marie DARGAUD
September 23 1796Birth of Jacques LAROCHETTE
September 8 1796Birth of Magdelaine AUBAGUE
October 7 1798Birth of Jean AUBAGUE
January 15 1799Death of Antoine THOMAS
January 2 1799Birth of Marguerite DARGAUD
December 28 1800Birth of Marie AUBAGUE
February 10 1801Death of Jean CARETTE
May 24 1801Death of Antoine DARGAUD
August 14 1801Death of Magdelaine AUBAGUE
December 31 1801Birth of Jean Marie DARGAUD
September 26 1803Birth of Claude AUBAGUE
August 27 1804Birth of Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
February 2 1807Birth of Jeanne GUITTAT
March 23 1807Birth of Pierre DARGAUD
December 28 1807Birth of Benoite BONIN
January 28 1808Death of Françoise MORIN
November 11 1809Birth of Jean DARGAUD
January 10 1810Birth of François BRIDET
March 7 1813Birth of Jeanne Marie CHARVET
March 30 1814Birth of Jean BONIN
February 2 1816Marriage between Joseph AUBAGUE and Marie DARGAUD
May 26 1817Death of Jeanne RENAUD
May 1 1817Death of Jeanne LACONDEMINE
June 26 1817Death of Jacqueline CARETTE
June 1 1817Death of Claude BONIN
February 19 1818Birth of Jacques AUBAGUE
March 10 1818Death of Pierre BONIN
September 20 1820Marriage between Claude BESSON and Françoise DESPERRIER
November 17 1821Birth of Antoinette LAPALUS
September 24 1823Birth of Jean Marie DUPASQUIER
January 9 1824Marriage between Jean AUBAGUE and Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
March 28 1824Birth of Benoite AUBAGUE
May 21 1825Birth of Pierrette AUBAGUE
June 13 1826Death of Jean GUILLOUX
November 15 1826Death of Benoite LESCHERE
January 12 1827Death of Jeanne Marie LAGROST
January 11 1829Death of Noël VERNUS
March 23 1830Death of Benoite AUBAGUE
March 10 1830Birth of Benoite AUBAGUE
June 10 1830Birth of Benoit BONIN
May 21 1831Birth of Marie AUBAGUE
October 6 1831Death of Louis GRIFFON
March 28 1832Birth of Marie Etiennette CHANUS
May 5 1832Death of Catherine LAPALUS
July 30 1833Death of Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
June 13 1834Birth of Jeanne Marie AUBAGUE
February 19 1835Death of Jean JAFFRE
February 15 1835Marriage between Claude CHATAGNIER and Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
July 11 1835Birth of Claudine AUBAGUE
July 11 1835Birth of Marie Louise AUBAGUE
August 18 1835Death of Pierrette DELORME
August 1 1835Death of Marie CORTAMBERT
September 23 1835Birth of Pierre DUTRONC
June 29 1836Death of Claudine AUBAGUE
January 4 1837Birth of Claude LAVIGNE
November 2 1837Birth of Jeanne DUTRONC
March 14 1840Death of Jacques DUBOST
June 7 1842Death of Joseph DARGAUD
April 19 1843Birth of Françoise DEVANDE
January 19 1844Death of Jeanne DUSSAUGE
June 13 1844Birth of Marie BONIN
July 8 1844Death of Pierre LARDY
October 6 1844Birth of Marie Pierrette DEVANDE
March 30 1845Death of Margueritte DARGAUD
June 1 1846Death of Jean Marie DARGAUD
July 19 1846Death of Jeanne Marie AUBAGUE
November 4 1846Marriage between Denis BESSON and Jeanne Marie LITAUDON
March 26 1848Death of Joseph FAILLANT
March 5 1848Birth of Jeanne Marie DARGAUD
April 5 1848Birth of Jeanne Marie DEVANDE
June 27 1849Birth of Françoise DELORME
September 12 1852Birth of Louis GUILLEMIN
October 8 1853Birth of Jacques CHATAGNIER
May 19 1854Death of Marie AUBAGUE
June 21 1854Birth of Marie LARONZE
July 31 1854Birth of Pierre NAVOIZARD
July 1 1855Birth of François Antoine BILLONNET
August 12 1855Birth of Antoinette GUILLEMIN
May 2 1856Death of Benoite BONNETAIN
July 28 1856Birth of Jean Pierre BONNETAIN
December 6 1856Birth of Jeanne AUBAGUE
December 8 1856Death of Aimé LARDY
January 23 1861Birth of Etienne BESSON
September 24 1861Birth of Marie Claudine ROCHET
May 30 1865Birth of Jean Baptiste DAUVERGNE
February 1 1868Birth of Jeanne Marie Antoinette BONIN
April 5 1868Birth of Marie Louise THOMAS
July 31 1869Birth of Jean DUSSAUGE
October 14 1869Birth of Philomène DANJOUX
November 8 1871Birth of Colette LARONZE
December 11 1872Death of Françoise JAFFRE
February 5 1874Birth of Pierre Victor MARTIN
May 3 1874Marriage between Jean Marie LAPALUS and Marie LARONZE
August 19 1876Birth of Louis Joseph Alfred DURAND
October 10 1876Death of Pierrette AUBAGUE
May 13 1879Birth of Jeanne BESSON
June 28 1885Marriage between Joseph CORTAMBERT and Jeanne Marie Antoinette BONIN
October 2 1885Birth of Jean Marie LUQUET
January 1 1887Death of Henriette THEVENET
February 6 1891Birth of Marie Pauline CORTAMBERT
February 28 1894Death of Etienne BESSON
November 3 1906Marriage between Jean Pierre LAROCHETTE and Jeanne Marie MONTEL
May 4 1907Marriage between Benoit GRIZARD and Fanny LARGE


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