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Verzé (France)

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about 1815Birth of Jeanne JACQUET
calculated 1804Birth of Jeanne BARRAUD
1920Birth of Francine VILLEMIN
calculated 1749Birth of Marie VAUPRE
about 1781Birth of François LAROCHE
1904Birth of Pierre LACONDEMINE
1907Birth of Georges LACONDEMINE
1908Birth of Jeanne LACONDEMINE
1909Birth of Joseph THEVENET
?Death of Marie DAILLIER
?Death of Marie SIMONET
March 6 1676Birth of Joseph VAUPRE
January 19 1706Marriage between Joseph VAUPRE and Guillaume BOUCHACOURT
November 20 1713Birth of Emmanuel VAUPRE
November 24 1734Marriage between Emmanuel VAUPRE and Claudine BROUTECHOUX
May 6 1777Birth of Joseph JACQUETIN
January 18 1785Marriage between Pierre MOREAU and Claudine GONON
November 24 1785Birth of Philiberte MOREAU
January 11 1797Birth of Etienne MICHELET
March 19 1799Birth of Joseph NOQUE
June 19 1807Birth of Claude FICHET
February 9 1811Birth of Claude BOULAY
March 1 1812Birth of Marie FEVRE
January 12 1813Death of Denise JOLY
January 27 1819Death of Marie GUILLIN
December 19 1831Birth of Benoit CURTENELLE
January 13 1834Marriage between Claude BOULAY and Jeanne JACQUET
February 4 1836Marriage between Etienne SANGOIRE SANGOUARD and Marie FEVRE
December 13 1841Birth of Antoinette LAMAIN
November 26 1844Birth of Claude Marie MORAT
January 18 1848Death of Claudine BRIDET
June 28 1848Death of Jeanne JACQUET
August 8 1848Death of Denis SANGOIRE SANGOUARD
August 13 1850Birth of Marguerite BOUCHACOURT
March 20 1853Birth of Philibert NUZILLAT
June 17 1854Birth of Nicolas DUTRONT
December 4 1854Birth of Joséphine CHAIX
November 13 1855Birth of Jeanne Marie DUMONCEAU
December 17 1857Birth of Jean DUMONCEAU
October 26 1859Birth of Claudine DUMONCEAU
November 5 1860Death of Jean Baptiste BURTIN
August 27 1864Death of Jeanne Denise BALVAY
April 3 1868Birth of Claude BOULAY
March 10 1869Birth of Marie BERTHIER
August 29 1879Birth of Marguerite JANIN
September 3 1881Birth of Johanny BRAILLON
July 4 1885Death of Claude LABROSSE
September 19 1885Birth of Louis LACONDEMINE
November 23 1885Birth of Marie BRAILLON
December 25 1885Death of Claude BOULAY
December 7 1890Birth of Eugène PLASSARD
March 10 1893Birth of Françoise GAGUIN
February 21 1898Marriage between Antoine DESRAYAUD and Marie Claudine TROUILLET
June 4 1900Marriage between Claude Marie LARDET and Marguerite JANIN
May 29 1901Birth of Claudine LARDET
September 24 1903Marriage between Nicolas François Narcisse LACONDEMINE and Marie Louise MORIN
February 21 1911Marriage between Louis LACONDEMINE and Françoise GAGUIN
September 8 1913Marriage between Etienne AUFRANT and Marie Antonia BOULAY
November 5 1914Marriage between Henri PRIME and Maria GOY
November 9 1926Marriage between Paul FORESTIER and Françoise CURTENELLE
November 26 1958Death of Antonia CLEMENT
April 23 1960Death of Joanny DESROCHES
May 20 1962Death of Benoit SANGOY
January 29 1971Death of Jean Claude Louise René dit René MICHON
March 5 1974Death of Julienne JAMBON


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