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Paris (France)

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1957Birth of Isabelle SANGOUARD
1913Birth of Paul LACONDEMINE
1880Birth of Françoise Annette Eugénie PONTANIER
about 1850Birth of Albert Henri SANGOUARD
1903Birth of Germaine ROCHETEAU
1926Birth of Suzanne BERGERON
1920Birth of Raymond DENOJEAN
1916Birth of Simone SEIGNEURET
calculated 1848Birth of Cyprien Marie Claudius BRUNEL
1896Birth of Jeanne Christine DUCOEUR
1925Birth of Huguette DESROCHES
1928Birth of Michelle DESROCHES
July 1898Birth of Marguerite Pauline GALLAY
1886Birth of Antoinette CHAMPAGNON
1885Birth of Albertine DESSAIGNES
1891Birth of Reine DESSAIGNES
before 1900Death of Claude DONDIN
?Death of Anne VIGNIAUD
October 17 1786Marriage between Pierre Simon PAJADON and Pierrette SANGOUARD
October 23 1791Marriage between Pierre SANGOUARD and Anne LANGLOIS
May 22 1793Marriage between Jean Nicolas Romary GAUMEL and Claudine SANGOUARD
April 18 1794Death of Jean Marie LAPALUS
January 15 1798Birth of Brutus SANGOUARD
January 24 1814Birth of Charles Auguste SANGOUARD
March 25 1814Death of Hugues GUILLIN
August 29 1817Birth of Louis Maurice VINDRY
October 22 1822Marriage between Jean Henri SANGOUARD and Augustine MOREAU
March 1 1829Death of Pierre Simon PAJADON
May 15 1832Marriage between Philippe LESPAGNE and Marguerite THEVENET
April 1 1833Death of Joseph GEORGES
February 1 1834Death of Honoré BERARD
March 11 1836Death of Antoine Isidore GOBET
July 27 1837Death of Jean Marie GONON
March 31 1838Death of Philibert Marie CHAGNY
July 9 1839Marriage between Brutus SANGOUARD and Marie Anne Zoé BONNEJEAN
December 2 1843Marriage between Charles Auguste SANGOUARD and Marie Louise Fanny MARCHAL
April 2 1848Birth of Paul Emile SANGOUARD
May 23 1849Death of Jean Marie DURANTON
October 9 1852Death of Joseph Romain BOFFARD
May 3 1853Marriage between Louis SANGOUARD and Françoise Henriette HOLLIGER
July 28 1853Death of Marie Joséphine CHARVET
January 28 1854Marriage between Louis Edouard MOUSSE and Marie Angélique LITOT
March 16 1855Death of Antoine Marie LARGE
August 18 1855Birth of Alice Victoria SANGOUARD
September 3 1857Marriage between Jean Louis ORCEL and Louise SANGOUARD
August 28 1858Death of Benoit LAGUETTE
November 26 1862Death of Gaspard MAHUET
September 28 1866Birth of Théophile Auguste VERNET
April 2 1867Death of Françoise TARLET
July 9 1867Birth of Marie Charlotte TRIBOUT
September 23 1867Birth of Jules Marie Paul BERGERON
October 29 1869Birth of Jean Marie Louis BERTHAUD
January 20 1870Birth of Georges DELATTRE
March 15 1871Death of Joseph GUERIN
July 26 1873Marriage between Léon BIGOT and Gabrielle Françoise DEROCHE
March 12 1874Birth of Léon Jules LORON
November 22 1876Death of Pierre RENAUD
June 14 1878Birth of Jeanne Louise Marie CAMIER
April 25 1880Death of Claude DESPLACES
May 5 1880Birth of Charles Jules PONSOT
September 9 1882Marriage between Alexandre DELSARTE and Marie Antoinette ROUX
November 18 1889Birth of Alice Eugénie MACE
December 16 1890Marriage between Jean Claude LATOUR and Augustine Louise Adélaïde CLEMENT
April 27 1891Death of Mathias Louis GODARD
December 20 1891Marriage between François Paul Joseph TOURNET and Marie Charlotte TRIBOUT
March 14 1894Death of Benoite CHAGNY
March 1 1894Birth of Marie POIRIER
November 29 1897Birth of Georgette THIERRY
November 7 1909Marriage between Joanny LACONDEMINE and Léontine Augustine BLOUIN
April 21 1914Birth of Yvette PONNOT
July 11 1914Marriage between Antoine LACHARNAY and Marie Françoise LECLERCQ
October 15 1918Death of Marcelle THUILLIERE
March 3 1924Death of Marius BALVAY
December 21 1925Death of Marie Magdeleine DESROCHES
May 18 1927Death of Marc Antoine Marie de SAINT POL
September 9 1934Death of François Paul Joseph TOURNET
February 25 1939Death of Eglantine Victorine PROTAIS
September 1 1941Death of Claude DUBOIS
January 17 1948Death of Marie Charlotte TRIBOUT
December 28 1949Birth of Jean Pierre GERA
November 11 1958Death of Mélanie VAUCHER
June 18 1964Death of Marie JAMILLOUX
March 19 1976Death of Albert Jean Joseph TROMPIER
February 2 1980Death of Marius Antoine Edouard JANIN
July 25 1985Birth of Cécile GASNAULT
December 2 1986Birth of Hélène GASNAULT
September 9 1989Marriage between Alain AUFRANT and Sophie DUMAZERT
May 5 2002Death of Antoine Amédée Paul RIBOUD
October 18 2004Death of Suzanne PANAY


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