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The 15 latest marriages

September 27 2019between Robert SANGOUARD 1 and Houria ABDELLI
October 12 2015between Mickaël SANGOUARD and Flore DIGUERHER
August 9 2014between Jérôme DIOT and Isabelle BRUN
November 26 2011between Jean Baptiste HYVERNAT and Emilie RAMAGE
August 21 2010between Aurélien CHAMBOST and Anne Sophie BOYER
April 18 2009between Maurice SANGOUARD and Denise Lucienne Emilienne GRAIN
June 9 2007between David DESPERRIER and Binta BALDE
June 25 2006between Cyrille LAFOND and Valérie SANGOUARD
September 24 2005between Thomas CHAFFANJON and Alexandra ZIMMER
August 13 2005between Guillaume Michel PERRAUDIN and Gaëlle SANGOUARD
July 30 2005between Christophe TOURNISSOUX and Béatrice SANGOUARD
June 25 2005between Franck Jean Luc Daniel DUCROUX and Anne Laure SANGOUARD
May 22 2005between Thierry ALGRET and Aurélie SANGOUARD
May 7 2005between Frédéric BRUN and Nathalie GOMEZ
September 25 2004between Mathieu SANGOUARD and Anne Emmanuelle FARRIOL

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